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Ahlberg (Reception)

Welcome to Ahlberg Class!




Our classes are named after authors (people who write books)!

Our class is named after Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

Allan wrote the stories and Janet illustrated (drew pictures) them.


Have you read any of their books?


See how many you can read. Perhaps you could tell us if you have any of their books at home?




Chinese New Year


We have been learning about China and the Chinese New Year celebrations. We have written facts about The Great Wall of China and built walls in our independent choosing time, learnt about pandas and learnt about Chinese New Year. Ask us about how each year came to be named after an animal!


We have enjoyed learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Ask us what colours are special for Chinese New Year.


We especially loved learning about the dragon and dragon dances! We made our own dragon by printing shapes on a large cloth and attaching lots of coloured paper. We investigated different sounds percussion instruments can make, then we used them to make the music for our own dragon dances.







We were especially lucky to be invited by Mr and Mrs Liao, (Leven’s Mum and Dad), to be invited to a Chinese feast at their restaurant, Mei’s in Taunton. We were all very excited, including the adults! 

Mei’s put on a fantastic spread for us and lots of the children tried things they weren’t sure about at first. We had noodles, prawn toast, rice, chicken balls, spring rolls and prawn crackers, washed down by water and squash. 


Watching the children eat their food, it was clear to see how much they enjoyed the whole experience. 


We all had a fantastic time and felt very full when we left, but it wasn’t quite over - we still had to pass the ‘amazing’ waterfall in the entrance to Mei’s which caused even more excitement!!


Have a look at the photos below to see us enjoying ourselves. There are also some others on Mei’s Facebook page.


HUGE thank you to Mr and Mrs Liao for generously organising this experience and also to their staff for giving us a wonderful time. We are sure it is something the children will remember for a long time.


Spring 2018


In the first half of this term we will look at how people celebrate special times, in particular we will be learning about Chinese New Year, how each year became named after an animal and the customs that are followed. 


After half term we will be focusing more on the whole school topic - Pioneers. 

We will ‘travel the world’ in the footsteps of one pioneer in particular. Watch this space to find out more. 


We have been learning how to use a hand drill in Forest School.

Autumn 2017


To begin this half term we will be getting used to being in school and our new classroom routines.


We will be trying lots of new things and trying hard to listen, share and get along with each other!


Later this half term our topic will be 'Fire and Ice'. We will be learning about colour mixing and at Forest School we will learn about fire and fire safety.


We are enjoying sharing our 'All About Me' bags and learning things about each other.












If you would like some ideas about E-Safety please click here

Apps that may be useful.


These are some some apps that Ahlberg Class have been using during Computing lessons.

It would be great if your child could use them at home too.


Monster Hunt - improves memory skills




Hairy Letters - phonic practise



Jigsaws 1,2,3 - problem solving with puzzles



Drawing Pad




Teach Your Monster to Read - there is an app you can purchase but if you have access to a computer/laptop it can be used for free.


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Please remember that you are welcome to pop in and see us before or after school. If you are unable to come into school you can get in touch via the school contacts page.