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Dahl (Year 4)

Welcome to Dahl Class!


Which Roald Dahl books have you read?


Which is your favourite?  Why?


Which Roald Dahl books would you like to read this year?




The Spring Term's Quest is Here Be Treasure!





Our Topic for the Spring Term


We will be learning about the treasures of Ancient Egypt

What can you discover about The Nile, pharaohs, gods, mummies

and Howard Carter?   Be ready to share your research with us.




Have you used these maths websites?  They're great fun!


Click here

to learn more about how to stay safe online and on your mobile.



Purple Mash 

Remember that you can access Purple Mash from home.

It has lots of fun educational games. 

 To log on from home


1) Click on the purple log-in tab


2) Click on the My School tab

Local Authority is Somerset

School is Bishops Hull Primary


Now enter the Purple Mash username and password that you have been given.  Enjoy!



Homelearning should be written neatly and in pencil. Please can all straight lines be drawn with a ruler. Please can mistakes be erased or have a straight line drawn through them. Thank you.




Your Bishop's Hull Book of Almost Everything will go home with you each day and will contain words that you have found difficult to spell during our Read, Write Inc lessons. Please practise them at home.  


 Maths activities are set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Thursday please. 


Sometimes we will ask you to do something linked to our Quest or topic.  You will write the details about these extra pieces of homelearning in your Bishop's Hull Book of Almost Everything .


Contacting Us


If you would like to contact us about any of the information on this webpage, Mrs Norrey is usually available in the classroom from 8:50am to 9am and from 3:30pm to 3:40pm.  Mrs Fielding will usually be available at these times on Mondays.

James and the Giant Peach Wikki page - Dahl have been working on producing a 'Wikki' style page about this film, here are a few examples.