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How exciting!


Foresters Garden Buildings have been this morning (16th October) to deliver and erect our new Forest School shed.


This will allow the children to be more independent with choosing equipment they want for their activities, like the mud kitchen equipment, buckets, string, rope and drain pipes which we sometimes forget to take every session!

The shed has been bought with some of the money that PTA gave last year to support Forest School. So a big thank you to PTA as well as all of you for supporting the PTA - these things really do help us in school.

Thank you also to Mr and Mrs Harraway who donated the slabs for the base.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Year 3 - Rotation 1, Autumn 2018

We started to talk about how lots of creatures will soon be getting ready to hibernate over winter and what we can do to help. Lots of the bug houses in the copse have broken or rotted so we need to make new ones.  Like Year 1, we learnt about the elder tree and how we can use it to make bug houses. We found out that the pith, which is spongy, can be poked out to make hollow tubes. We have used the saw, had time for exploring, choosing our own activities, having fun with the mud kitchen and of course putting up the swings.

Year 1 - Rotation 1, Autumn 2018


This rotation we have been busy looking at how the copse has changed over the summer and as we move into autumn. We have been tidying up some of our planters and transplanting some of the calendula to other planters around school. The calendula we transplanted last term has done really well! We started to talk about how lots of creatures will soon be getting ready to hibernate over winter and what we can do to help. Lots of the bug houses in the copse have broken or rotted so we need to make new ones. We made twig bundles to put in our new bug houses. We have also been learning about the elder tree and how we can use it to make bug houses. We found out that the pith, which is spongy, can be poked out to make hollow tubes.

We have used the hand drill and saw, had time for exploring, choosing our own activities, having fun with the mud kitchen and of course putting up swings.

Below you will find pictures from school year, September 2017-July 2018 

Year 1 listened to a story by Helen Cooper called ‘Deliicious’. It was about trying new things as well as eating things that are ‘nutritious’. We thought about what vegetables we could use in our own soup. The children suggested lots of vegetables such as courgettes, butternut squash, parsnips, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers.

During our 2nd session, the children prepared the vegetables but peeling, cutting, slicing, chopping and dicing. (When they weren’t preparing vegetables they were threading, finding out about capacity, building their own structures). We made the soup in our 3rd session and tasted it with some whole meal bread. Most of us preferred the blended version to the chunky veg version!

Year 4 Balancing fun and using a hand drill

Year 4 shelter building

Year 4 knapping, toasting bread and making Stone Age paint

Year 3 making Stone Age paint

Year 1 and Year 3

We have been using our new fire pit to make toast. We talked about how the bread changes when it is cooked. It wasn’t as easy as using a toaster because we had to think about fire safety as well as not burning our toast!



Year 3 - Stone Age Art


Today we started to talk about how people in the Stone Age created art. We talked about the evidence it gives us, showing how they hunted and with what, as well as what animals they hunted.

We thought about how they would have made their paint, how they could have made different colours and what they mixed their paint with to make it 'slippy' in order to spread it better.

We enjoyed using our new fire pit so that we could have some burnt wood (to use as charcoal) to crush and add some oil to make a black paint. 

As a bit of fun we tested it and ended up with our first ever Forest School tattoo!! In the time we had left but some of us had a go at drawing with the paint using sticks. Naomi's horse was fantastic! George was inspired to make his own Stone Age spear.

We will continue to make paints next week so don't forget if you have something you think you could use like blackberries you have picked or some different coloured mud/stones bring them in to make some paint.

Our new fire pit.

Year 1 were first to see our new fire pit in action (bought with money the PTA have given to Forest School).

Now the weather is turning colder, it will be great to keep us warm on chilly days, but today we were thinking more about our Fire and Ice topic (as well as reminding ourselves about our fire safety rules). 

We used our senses to use different adjectives and verbs to describe how the fire looked, moved, felt and smelt. Lots of great vocabulary was used.

We talked about what the fire looked like when it started, what happened when Miss Brimble blew into it and how it changed as we added more wood. 

Of course we had to have hot chocolate and biscuits around the fire before we had some exploring time.


2nd October. Ahlberg Class

We are learning how to be safe at Forest School. We practised carrying/dragging sticks safely as well as rolling tyres and balancing.


Some of us have done Forest School before and suggested making a fire. We worked together to make a big bonfire.

27th September - Year 1.

Today was our school photo morning so we needed to be smart and clean - not how I would normally describe us at Forest School! As a result, Year 1 did lots of activities inside. We learnt lots of amazing facts about hedgehogs and learnt about words such as nocturnal, hibernate, prey and predator. We learnt about hoglets (baby hedgehogs), threats to hedgehogs and how we can help them, particularly by asking adults to check any bonfires before they are lit as hedgehogs think they are a great place to hibernate.

We then used blocks to make hedgehog homes and balance trails as well as practising knot tying, peeling carrots and using lots of natural materials to make pictures.

Archaeolgists in the making!

In class, Year 3 and 4 have been learning about archaeologists. We talked about how archaeologists find out about the past and record it. The children learnt about teamwork, perseverance and patience as they did a 'dig'. They set up a grid system so they would know where they made their 'finds' and used tools such as trowels, paintbrushes and toothbrushes to find and clean them. There was lots of discussion about what the items could have been as well as how they may have been left there and who may have used/owned them.




More photos to follow.

Our first 3 week rotation for Year 1 and Year 3 started with lots of jobs we could see needed to be done. Last year we managed to get hold of some large truck tyres with the intention of using them for planters. We were excited to see that all the leaves we collected for our leaf compost bin last year have made some great leaf compost that we could fill the tyres with. We talked about how collecting the leaves have helped us in lots of ways - helping to keep School tidy and safer as the leaves can be quite slippery; saving us money as we won't have to buy compost; less 'road miles' as we have collected them on site so better for the environment as well of course as being great exercise and fun to collect!


The children decided which areas of school could do with some more colour and so 2 tyres were moved to the grass area outside the library. We were surprised how heavy the tyres were, but they were great fun to move. It took a lot of compost to fill them as we had to make sure we pushed it right into the rim of each tyre. It took several wheelbarrow loads and a few buckets to fill each one! As we were using our homemade compost quite quickly we also took the opportunity to tidy up and collect more leaves. We need to make 2 new leaf compost bins so we had to bag them and leave them in the copse until we have made them.


We were here were lucky to have several plant and bulb donations as well as some new gardening tools from parents as well as a car boot full of plants from Avery's Nursery. We are really pleased with our efforts. 


Lots more photos to follow!






Picture 1 Plants donated by Avery's Nursey

Year 4

Year 4 have also been learning about archaeology and took part in 'a dig'.

We started to collect and tidy up lots of leaves that were starting to blow everywhere. We bagged them in the first 2 sessions, ready to put in the new leaf compost bin we made in session 3. Last year after we noticed rubbish left around school, Maddie suggested we had litter pickers. They arrived the morning of our 2nd session so some of us have been busy organising our own groups and tidying up litter. A surprising amount of rubbish was picked up! Good job everyone!

Year 2

We have also been thinking about our ‘Fire and Ice’ topic. We used dragon puppets to tell stories and inspired by our Phoenix Entry Point, we worked together to make a large land art picture of a bonfire using our logs and the leaves we collected before we bagged them. Lleya suggested a dragon could have started the bonfire so she got one of the dragon puppets to blow the sparks. We sat around our bonfire pretending to toast marshmallows! Our last session was in Book Week – with the theme of dragons. We were asked to get into groups of 3 or 4. Miss Brimble gave each group a dragon. We had to fulfil a quest: name our dragon, make a lair for it and give the dragon’s lair a name and tell the group 3 interesting things about our dragon. Miss Brimble kept reminding us the lair would need to be rain proof. We wondered why she kept saying it would have to pass the test – until a watering can appeared part way through the session! We had predator traps, alliterative dragon/lair names, dragons that could fly to the moon and back in 2 seconds and dragons that could breathe fire and ice. As much as Miss Brimble loves dragons, she wasn’t too sure about the dragon that could breathe fire over 100 teachers at a time!

Great questions asked at Forest School

Great questions asked at Forest School 1 Is Forest School about getting your hands dirty?

Forest School Autumn Newsletter 2016

We have been learning to spot and identify some British garden birds.

We have been learning to spot and identify some British garden birds.  1 Amelie brought in a bird nest for us to look at.
We have been learning to spot and identify some British garden birds.  2 Bird spotting

We have planted some bulbs.

We have planted some bulbs. 1
We have planted some bulbs. 2
We have planted some bulbs. 3

Making decorations for our Christmas tree.

More Forest School Fun.

Thinking of buying waterproofs or wellies?

I have arranged with Mountain Warehouse (Taunton branch) for 10% off purchases. 'Vouchers' have been sent home. If you have misplaced yours, please pop into School and ask for another one. 


Happy shopping!!

Miss Brimble

We are really excited to be starting Forest School!!


Tomlinson and Dahl Classes have had their 'introductory' lesson.


In true fashion of Forest School our very first session with Tomlinson Class was 'rained off' in spectacular style due to thunder, lightning and torrential downpours on and off! The children were fabulous in the classroom though. They were all brave enough to take part in the 'feely bag' activity, putting their hand in, without looking to feel and describe an object. They used many different adjectives to describe their objects.


Cadie gave us a super idea for making Christmas decorations so watch this space coming up to Christmas!! (It's not that far away now!!)


Fantastic speaking and listening everyone, well done! I know they can't wait to get outside next week!


It's surprising how two days can be so different! Dahl Class were lucky enough to have a beautifully warm, sunny day for their introductory session. We went out into the copse to search for 'interesting' objects.


We have many 'eagle-eyed' children!! They found many interesting things from interesting leaves to part of a bird's egg, part of a tennis ball to burnt sticks as well as ants carrying small bugs to their nests and lots of little creatures.

Today we came back into class to talk with a partner about our objects (normally we will stay outside). Some pairs created super stories around their objects.

Clare even used her burnt stick to draw a picture! It's amazing what you can find doing Forest School!!


Watch this space - I'll upload more photos soon!!


Picture 1 Finding Creatures.
Picture 2
Picture 3 Washing up after snack time.
Picture 4 Ladybird's feet tickle!
Picture 5 I like this item best.
Picture 6 Collecting objects - so carefully placed!
Picture 7
Picture 8 I've made a rainbow of colours.
Picture 9
Picture 10 I found a ladybird.
Picture 11 Look what I found!
Picture 12 A very hungry caterpillar!

A Grand Design - Forest School Style! 

Dahl Class helped to make our first Forest School project - a leaf compost bin!

We looked around the copse for good places to make it. We had fun collecting

leaves with the help of Miss Brimble's and Miss Taylor's new 'favourite' machine - the leaf blower! 


1, 2, 3, where are you? Can you spot who's hiding in the copse?

1, 2, 3, where are you? Can you spot who's hiding in the copse? 1

What will bring a smile to your face on a Tuesday afternoon? Make a giant leaf pile and jump in!


Dahl Class enjoying their leaf pile.