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This term our new Quest is Pioneers. In Year 5 and 6 we are focusing on the Stuart period and the developments and events that occurred during the period. Next half term we will move our study to a local event of that period - The Monmouth Rebellion. An exciting event that took place in and around Somerset.


We started off our term by coming to school dressed up as pioneers from the past and present. In our class we had Captain James Cook, Emmeline Pankhurst, Neil Armstrong, Elizabeth Blackwell and Marie Curie to name a few. Everyone had clearly thought a lot about their own pioneer and what they had done to effect our world.


At the end of the first half term we watched the film Hidden Figures, about three mathematicians who worked for the American Space Programme. These women fought gender and racial barriers to become key figures in the Space Launch. We all thought it was a great film and very inspirational.

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Pioneer Day January 2018

Goldilocks Vs. The Three Bears


One morning, we returned from our usual PE lesson to find a crime had taken place in our classroom.


We investigated the crime scene and found a broken plastic chair, with its legs badly bent; a small white bowl with the remains of some porridge oats; and two fine, long blonde hairs that had been sealed by the CSIs.

As we continued our investigation we interviewed three witnesses to the crime: Mr Bear, Goldilocks and Sam Bear (aka Baby Bear). They each had an interesting version of the story to tell (and some seriously questionable accents?!?)


We thanked our witnesses for their time and set about writing up our crime reports.


Crime Report


Suspected break-in at the Three Bears Cottage, Fairy Tale Woods.


At 9:30am on Wednesday 24th January I was called to the Fairy Tale Woods for a suspected break-in. Mr Bear reported that a fair-haired girl was found resting on Mr Bear’s son’s (Samuel Bear) bed. The girl fled at the scene.


I arrived at Mr Bear’s property at 11:30am – exactly two hours after the crime. I was led by Mr Bear and his wife into their dining room when I was horrified to see three bowls of porridge that had clearly been tampered with. Mr Bear informed me that when he came back from their walk he found that his and his wife’s porridge had been touched by somebody. I investigated the two bowls of porridge and discovered that someone had tried the porridge and spat it back in the bowl.


I continued my investigation into the living room when I saw a broken chair. It’s legs bent. It was clearly broken by force. Mrs Bear had said when she came he found the chair broken and had been moved into the middle of the room. I also observed that Mr and Mrs Bear’s chairs had been tipped onto the floor.


I was then led up the stairs to the bedroom to see the mess the suspect had made . the beds were in a state of disgust, the pillows were out of place and the duvets on the floor. Mr Bear said that, that is where they saw her. Mrs Bear said she made the beds earlier this morning and was appalled.


HQ later told me that they had caught a fair-haired girl running through the forest in the opposite direction.


S.G.T Reed

Sergeant Benjamin Reed


The following week, the court case of Goldilocks vs. The Three Bears was held at Fairytale Crown Court- our suspect, Goldilocks, was found guilty of the crime of criminal damage but not guilty on the count of breaking and entering the property (we think Sam Bear might have left the door unlocked). Her punishment was to spend a year making the Bears porridge for breakfast every day and to save up her pocket money to buy Sam Bear a new chair.

Goldilocks - the suspect                                                                                                    The Three Bears Family -the victims.





We've been playing maths games with year 5 after they created them for homework.


This term we are continuing to revise different areas of maths but we need you to keep working on your quick recall and arithmetic.


Let's see which of you will be top of the leader board on Times Table Rockstars - can you beat the person off the top spot this week?






We know this is looming and so here are some suggestions of sites you might like to look at for revision or example questions.


BBC Bitesize

Vocabulary Ninjas (SPAG questions)

TT Rockstars (remember we don't have the apostrophe anymore)


My Maths