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Morpurgo (Year 5)

Welcome to Morpurgo Class

Mrs Payne and Miss Jennings









We learnt about rocks and fossils when Mrs Donaldson, from the Museum of Somerset, led a class workshop.


Thank you to Castle School and the Young Sports Leaders for organising a fantastic morning of cricket, rounders and golf. (Wednesday 26th April)

This term our quest is 'Heroes and Villians'.

Linked to this we will be learning about Ancient Greece!

Click on some of the websites below to find out more:

Click on History, Ancient Greece

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Espresso has a section on 'Greece' too!

Today we had the SPACE theatre company in to talk to Year 5 and 6 about being safe online. The class watched a play which dealt with staying safe online, keeping personal information safe, passwords and how to report any problems they may be faced with. The children really enjoyed it and got a lot from it.

Celebration of the River Tone


We have been learning about the River Tone and the wildlife that lives along the River Tone. We have recently welcomed into class the Somerset Wildlife Trust, an environmental charity set up to look after wildlife and wild places. We learnt about some of the exciting nature based events that are happening over half term and created some willow lanterns.


Our class have been invited to take part in the River of Light Event on Saturday 18th February. The children need  to gather at

5.00 pm at the Brewhouse Theatre, to collect their beautiful fish lanterns. Mrs Payne will be there, but children should be accompanied by a parent who will take responsibility for them. At 5.30pm the children will walk with the procession to Goodlands Gardens where they will meet a second stream of children processing from the Castle Green. The two procession 'streams' will merge and swirl together creating a river of light. The procession will finish with music on the green and a fire and light performance.


It should be a wonderful experience, and we hope that as many members of Morpurgo Class as possible will be able to take part.




Heroes Day! Who is your hero?

Christmas Highlights

Book week/ Roald Dahl fun!

Morpurgo Class gave a rib tickling performance of ' The Porcupine'. You will find the poem in Roald Dahl's book 'Dirty Beasts'. 


It was great to see so many children dressed up as a book character. A fun day was had by all.


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Can you use the internet safely? Try this quiz!


In Computing the children continue to consider how to keep themselves safe when working online or using their mobile phones. It is something that we believe is very important and the children regularly have time to reinforce their knowledge of the ways to ensure they stay safe and happy whilst enjoying time on the computers. An excellent site for both children and parents is the Think U Know site. The web address is and it is well worth a visit.


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