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Morpurgo (Year 5)

Welcome to Morpurgo Class

Mrs Payne and Miss Jennings





Mrs Payne teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; Miss Jennings teaches on Thursday and Friday.

 Mrs Adams will be in class all week.


We have PE with Mrs Fielding each Wednesday. It is useful if PE kits are in school every day.


A busy day at Bristol Zoo learning about the things all animals need and how best to care for our pets.

Taking  inspiration from a photograph, we have written some poetry. 



I sprint down to the silky, shimmering, blue sea,

Shrieks of a gull, passing by, bombard my ears.

I step onto the flat, wet sand.

My toes dip into the freezing water.


I am a solid block of ice

about to crack into a million pieces.

I run as fast as a cheetah,

to grab my fluffy, yellow towel.


Sophie Paskin



The sea is a magical creature,

Nibbling my toes and licking my sandy feet,

Inviting me into its aqua cave

full of slimy seaweed and beautiful coral.


Laura Al-Guwary




The Country Dancers performed beautifully at the May Fayre. Well done everybody!

Year 5 Striking and Fielding Event

We spent a morning at Castle School taking part in striking and fielding activities. The events were led by the Year 9 Young Leaders who coached the children and gave them lots of  encouragement. Many thanks for an enjoyable morning.




We are looking forward to writing play scripts this term. We will be designing a puppet theatre and using our puppets to create an exciting show. Let the cameras roll!




Michael Morpurgo: A Lifetime in Stories

Opens 17 March to 7 July

Picture 1
Picture 2


Morpurgo Class visit the Museum of Somerset

Many thanks to Geoff Flower and the rest of the staff at the wonderful Museum of Somerset. Morpurgo Class had an informative and enjoyable day learning all about the Civil War and the Monmouth Rebellion. Our town has such a rich history. We found evidence of past battles on the walls of the Museum (which was once Taunton Castle). We looked at artefacts and documents. Great fun was had re-enacting scenes from the Monmouth Rebellion. After learning that people used to bury their most valuable possession during times of war, we used clay to make our own Bishop's Hull hoard of coins. 

HALF TERM HOME LEARNING What a delight to come into school and be handed such fabulous home learning. Everybody has risen to the challenge and used their artistic skills to recreate key people from the Monmouth Rebellion. Isabelle has iced an image of Monmouth on her homemade giant cookie. Laura has produced a King James II doll. As well as observational sketches and paintings, some fantastic collage work has been created. It has been so good to hear that family members have shared expertise and ideas. Well done Morpurgo Class.

SPRING TERM 2018 - Pioneers

 a pioneer (noun) explorer,   leadertrail-blazerforerunnerpathfinderfounder

 to pioneer (verb) be a leader, lead the way, blaze a trail, start, discover, invent, create, develop





Pioneer entry point


Still image for this video

Board Games


We spent a session with Year 6, enjoying the maths board games we  designed as home learning. We had great fun testing their multiplication and division knowledge - we even let them win from time to time!



Don't forget to find some suitable jokes to add to our class joke book. Remember they must use word play. We will share them when we return. 

Read as much as you can. Why not visit Taunton library? There are some wonderful fiction and non-fiction books to borrow.

Learn those multiplication facts! We will carry on with our Table Olympics after the holiday.We look forward to seeing the wonderful games you create over half term. We will play them in class to help improve our times table knowledge.






Take time (thyme) to help each other.

We had lots of fun playing  with words during our Harvest Service but the advice given was serious. 


Lots of jokes are based on word play. Words can be fun! Look at the jokes below.


 I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but I knew eventually it would come back to me.


He didn't tell his mother he had eaten the glue.

His lips were sealed.

Just the Ticket!

What an exciting first day! Once on board the Flying Scotsman, the glorious 'West Somerset' landscape unfolded before us.  As the train chuffed along the track, puffing out swirls of smoke and sooty particles, people gathered along the route waving and smiling.


The Flying Scotsman steam engine was built in 1923. It pulled passenger trains from London to Scotland. In 1934, it was the first locomotive in the world to reach 100 miles per hour. Before steam engines, it took 15 days to travel from London to Edinburgh on horseback. The Flying Scotsman did it in 8 hours!

Full Steam Ahead!


  Our 'Quest' this term is 'Fire and Ice'. Our quest begins with the rare opportunity to travel on the 'Flying Scotsman', one of the most famous railway locomotives in the whole world.

We look forward to seeing you all on the first day back.

Autumn Term - Fire and Ice

During the Autumn Term we are on a quest to find out about Taunton - historically and geographically.

For instance ....Do you know when electricity was first introduced to the town?

Has the River Tone ever iced up or the town centre ever flooded?


We will also investigate Bishop's Hull and how the village has developed over time.


During Science lessons we will be increasing our knowledge and understanding of electricity.


Miss Jennings will be focusing on 'The Life and Teaching of Jesus' in RE.


Read as much as you can everyday. Read to yourself. Read aloud to somebody at home. There are so many fabulous story books and information books for you to discover. Why not visit the local library and see what you can find?


Our first class story of the year is 'The Fox and the Ghost King' by Michael Morpurgo.


Keep practising your multiplication facts at home as this will help you in other areas of maths.

Maths this term will include number and place value, calculations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, area, perimeter and time .


Have you discovered some of these useful maths websites?


 * Don't forget the espresso site can be used by you at home! *

       Your pupil username is student3792

       Your password clue is Christmas.




Can you use the internet safely? Try this quiz!


In Computing the children continue to consider how to keep themselves safe when working online or using their mobile phones. It is something that we believe is very important and the children regularly have time to reinforce their knowledge of the ways to ensure they stay safe and happy whilst enjoying time on the computers. An excellent site for both children and parents is the Think U Know site. The web address is and it is well worth a visit.


Enjoy lots of activities and extend your learning by visiting Purple Mash.

Purple Mash is an ever growing online creative space especially for learners aged 3 - 11. This award winning site is filled with hundreds of fun educational activities in the form of projects, games, apps and tools. Being hosted online, you can access Purple Mash and your saved online files wherever you are and whenever you wish.

To log on from home, click on the purple log in tab

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