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Tomlinson (Year 1/Y2)

Welcome to Tomlinson Class!

The Summer Reading Challenge at the Library is called Mischief Makers. Here is a link.

Forest School - having fun preparing, cooking and eating soup!

We have enjoyed painting Picasso inspired pictures this afternoon!


 * Use the espresso site at home to help with learning to tell the time! *

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       Your password clue is Christmas.


Our new Quest for this term is...




Do you know any pioneers?


We are looking at pioneers who have explored Antarctica.  Click on the links below to find out about Scott of the Antarctic and the Ice Maidens:



Ice Maidens

We have had a creative few days making vehicles! Ask us about wheels and axles.



Fire and Ice


In Tomlinson Class we have enjoyed learning about Drogons!

We are now finding out about 'The Great Fire of London'.  What facts can you find out?

The Great Fire of London house building and diary writing

We have enjoyed making houses from 1666.  Come into the classroom and take a look at our display!


The Year 2s have also written diary entries of people who may have witnessed The Great Fire of London.  Please come in and read our fantastic pieces of writing.

September 2017


Welcome to a brand new year!


To kick start the year, Tomlinson and Rosen Class discovered a golden egg in the Copse!  We have carefully brought it inside to look after.

Watch this space to see whether it hatches!

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