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12th - 16th October

Remember to read everyday and record your reading in your BHB of E.

Click on the MATHS STAR  and use some of the useful websites to improve your mental maths skills.




Reading Comprehension

Our class shared read this week resulted in lots of gasps of astonishment. Read through the text below carefully and find out why.

Afterwards, complete the questions. Remember to refer back to the question when you answer. 

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Questions

Find out more about these incredible birds of prey.

Secretary Bird hunts for, then finds, kills and eats a snake in Tanzania -- in 1 minute!

Bald Eagle


Greek Myths

Listen to the Story of Arachne the Weaver.

1. Write a list of adjectives to describe Arachne.

2. Write a list of adjectives to describe Athena.


Tricky words

1. twelfth      There's an elf in twelfth

2. environment    Ron likes the environment

3. vegetables      Please get some vegetables

4. believe            Don't believe the lie

5. library             There's a bra in the library  

6. piece                A piece of pie


Write a sentence for each word on the list.

Design  posters to hang in your bedroom. Each poster should include the spelling and a memory trick. Here's an idea for a poster.




Please get some vegetables.


Why do we have day and night? What happens to the sun at night-time?

Click below.


Day and Night

  1. Draw the Earth and Sun. Shade the dark side of the Earth on your diagram. Write day and night on the correct side of the Earth.
  2. Describe how day and night are caused.