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14th - 18th September

Please use Times Table Rockstars for times table practice and Spelling Shed to practise spellings. The passwords are in your BHB of E.

Remember to read every day and record what you read in your BHB of E.


 Numbers to 10,000

Watch the video and complete the worksheet


Rounding to the nearest 10 

Watch the video and complete the worksheet

Rounding to the nearest 100

Watch the video and complete the worksheet

Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and  1,000

Watch the video and complete the worksheet

Numbers to 100,000

Watch the video and complete the worksheet



Read for at least 20 minutes each day. use your BHB of E to record what you have read. If you finish your book, please write a short review.


Ask your parents if you can follow a recipe and cook something. You might be allowed to make some bread, biscuits or cakes. You might prefer to make a healthy milkshake or some cheesy scones. It is your choice.

Follow each instruction carefully. When you have finished, write out the recipe neatly. It would be great if you could take a photo to show me what you have made.

Happy Cooking!

Instructional Writing

 Instructions Game

Play a game where you have to give instructions to someone at home. Your partner will have to follow your instructions word for word.

Can you give precise, clear instructions.


How to put on a jumper

How to make a sandwich

How to travel (blindfolded) from one end of the room to another.

How to draw a particular picture. 

Imperative Verbs

An imperative verb is one that tells someone to do something, so that the sentence it is in becomes an order or command.

Imperative verbs are often called bossy verbs because they tell someone to do something.


Fetch me some water.

Catch the ball.


Please write some sentences that start with an imperative verb. They should be sentences that might be said at home.

1.  wash

2. carry

3. bring

4. pick

5. switch

6. tidy

7. clean

8. sit


Can you think of some more?




Plural spelling rules

For most nouns we just add 's' to make them plural





If a word ends  s,  sh,  ch,  x,  or z, you must add es to make it plural.


church - churches 

fox - foxes

buzz - buzzes

wish - wishes

bus - buses


Please learn these spellings

Write a sentence for each plural word on the list.

address - address

beach - beaches

watch - watches

lens - lenses

suffix - suffixes

itch  - itches

eyelash - eyelashes

fizz - fizzes

virus - viruses

flash - flashes




Watch the two videos below. What have you learnt? Write some sentences.

Constellations: Connect the Dots in the Sky!


What Are Stars?