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21st -25th September

Please use Times Table Rockstars for times table practice and Spelling Shed to practise spellings. Passwords are in your BHB of E.

Remember to read every day and record your reading in your BHB of E.


Identifying the place value of digits in five digit numbers


 Luvakass is an alien. He is staying on Earth. Can you help him to punctuate his postcard home?

Write out his postcard message and punctuate it correctly. Also, correctly punctuate the address.

Tim Peake

On 15th December 2015, British astronaut, Tim Peake, left Earth to spend 173 days on the International Space Station. Click below and find out about his mission.



1. Draw a place value chart  Hth Tth Th  H T O

Roll a  1-6 die.

You can decide where to put the number on your place value chart.

Keep rolling until you have filled  in the chart and created a six-digit number.

Write the number in words.


Repeat this activity until you have created 10 different numbers. Take care with spelling.






Watch the video below. 

Please write some hand washing instructions. Don't forget to use imperative verbs.

Wash Your Hands