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23rd - 26th February

A belated HAPPY 10th BIRTHDA

 to Keisha and Jay who reached double figures during half term.

Also, a belated 'Happy Birthday' to Poppy.


Tuesday 23rd February



Words ending in -ibly and -ably

adjective adverb                                 
comfortable                                comfortably
reasonable reasonably
suitable suitably
horrible horribly
sensible sensibly
responsible responsibly


To turn -ible and -able adjectives into adverbs, we replace the -le ending of the adjective with -ly




In your Lockdown Learning Book, write the title 'Adverbs'.

Write sentences  using each adverb on the chart above.

Remember! An adverb describes a verb (an action or doing word).



Multiplication and Division

Complete Multiplication and Division A (see the document below). If you find the questions tricky, you may prefer to try Multiplication and Division B instead. You may print the document off or write your answers to the questions on the squared paper provided in your packs. 



Today we are going to investigate how to convert mixtures into pure substances. There are so many ways to separate mixtures. You will need salt, water and a spoon for this lesson. Don't forget to write the date and title in your Lockdown Learning Book.

Click here for today's lesson.

Wednesday 24th February


Watch the video and then complete the work on pages 2 - 5 in your Multiplication and Division book.

Spr5.1.1 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit

If you were unable to collect your Maths book, you can use this worksheet. Books can still be collected from the hall (side door ) today.



Complete WORD CHANGERS in your RWI book.



You will need your Collins English book.

GREEN GROUP Please complete the work about ADVERBS on pages 90 and 91.

RED GROUP Please complete the work about FRONTED ADVERBIALS on pages 96 and 97.



Today we are going to be investigating sea water. We will find out how to separate a mixture of salt, sand and water. If you want to carry out the  investigation, you will need sand, salt, water and a spoon. If you don't have sand at home, don't worry. You will be able to watch the investigation.

Click here for today's lesson.

Thursday 25th February


Complete DICTATION and FOUR-IN-A-ROW in your RWI book.


Please look in your pack for the reading comprehension entitled 'Teddy's Bear'. Read through the text carefully and then answer the questions in your Reading Comprehension book. Don't forget to look at the READING STAR and read the tips for tackling a reading comprehension.


Watch the video and then complete pages 6 - 9 in your Multiplication and Division book.

Spr5.1.2 - Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit

Hopefully, you will have all collected your workbook. Here's the worksheet if you need it.


Have some fun and sing. Put a smile on your mum or dad's  face and sing to them one of these uplifting songs.

I Heard A Blackbird Singing

Brighter Day Tomorrow

Click here. for the words and music.



Today, we will be learning about Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

Bar Mitzvah is a 'coming of age' ceremony for boys and Bat Mitzvah is the ceremony for girls.

Click here to watch a film about the ceremonies.

Click here to watch another film which gives more information about Bar Mitzvah.

Answer these questions in your Lockdown Learning book:

What is a yad? Why do you need it?

Why is it important to read the Torah in Hebrew?

What does it mean to 'come of age'? What responsibilities may come with this?

Friday 26th February




Watch the video and then complete the work on pages 10 - 13 in your Multiplication and Division book.

Spr5.1.3 - Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit


Please complete CHOOSE THE RIGHT WORD in your RWI book.


Today we are going to investigate how we can separate river water into separate substances. 

Click here for the lesson.



Just before half term we looked at how the artist Giacometti captured movement in his sculptures. We drew some stick figures.  Look at your stick figure drawings. These few simple lines can show, movement, action and how a person is feeling. 


Today we are going to try and create a sculpture of a person. Use your stick figures for inspiration. Perhaps,  somebody at home might offer to be your model and strike a pose?. 


You will need a pen, scissors and some tin foil. 


Click on the document below and follow the instructions.

We would love to see some photos of your work.

For those who are interested and would like to keep exploring figures, you could try using air drying clay.


YES! Next week is book week.


To get in the mood, I would like you to click on the link below. You will find some wonderful author/illustrators. Watch their videos. They will read their story and then explain how they went about illustrating it. You do not have to watch every video (unless you want to). Select two or three author/illustrators to focus on. Make sure that you watch the video where they tell their story, and the video where they show how they illustrated it.


In your Lockdown Learning Book, please write the date and title 'Author/Illustrator'.

I would like you to explain which author/illustrator you particularly admired. Explain why. Did their story grip you, entertain you, make you chuckle? Were you fascinated by the way they illustrated their work? Did you like their illustrations?


Click here and enjoy.