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6th - 8th January

Wednesday 6th January 2021


In your learning pack, you will find an information sheet entitled 'Robins'. Read the sheet carefully. Then read the sheet again highlighting the words below.











Write the date and the title 'Robins - Vocabulary Work’ in your writing book. Don't forget to use a ruler and underline both the date and title. 

Write each word and then use a dictionary to find out what the word means.


1. moult -  to cast off or shed feathers


Create an information sheet about robins 

In your pack, there is an A4 piece of paper with a picture of a robin. Use this sheet to write on. Use your very best handwriting. You might like to draw faint guidelines. You could vary the size of the guidelines so that information you think is important stands out in large letters. Add illustrations to make your information sheet colourful and appealing. Click here for further information about robins.


Facts about Robins

Facts about Robins


Today we are learning about prime numbers. You will need the 100 Square in your pack. 

Watch the video. Complete the activities and highlight the prime numbers on your number square. 


Aut5.8.4 - Prime numbers activity


Ask if you can read  to an adult for some of the time. Don't forget to record EVERYTHING you read in your BHB of E.


Listen to Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo. 

This story is about a brave little robin.  It has beautiful illustrations and wonderful poetic vocabulary. It is a treasure on my bookshelf.

Mrs Payne




Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo - Children's Stories & Poems

Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo - Illustrated by Kerry Hyndman

Thursday 7th January


Today we are starting with a reading comprehension activity. In your pack you will find an extract from the book 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It is called 'The Robin'.

Answer the questions on the sheet provided. When you have finished, the sheet can be sandwiched or stuck into your Reading Comprehension Book. 

I will provide the answers on Friday.




To find your list of spellings to learn for the week, click on the Spelling Star on our Morpurgo Class page.  We are learning about words with silent letters.

In your RWI books, complete

Spelling Zone

Dots and Dashes

Word Changers 

NOTICE that the words limb and climb look as though they should rhyme, but they don't. The letter i in limb makes the short vowel sound i. The letter i in climb makes the long vowel sound igh.


Prime numbers

Watch the video. Then complete pages 14 - 17 in your White Rose book.





Aut5.8.5 - Prime numbers

When you have finished , check your answers. 




Last term, we learnt about continents and oceans. Can you remember how many there are and their names?


Test your knowledge on this interactive game here, here and there's more here.

When introducing our topic on Ancient Greece, we looked at finding countries in Europe. Can you find Greece on a globe or a map of Europe?


In you home learning pack, you will find a map of Europe and an activity sheet asking you to list the country names. The first letter is given so have fun and see how many you can remember!

(Don't write on the sheet just yet.)


Here is an interactive game to help you check your knowledge.


Now use an atlas or the web-pages to help you name the countries. Take care with your spelling.


Have you visited any of these countries? Do you know anyone who lives in other countries in Europe? You could label your map with this information e.g. My cousin lives in France.







Friday 8th January


Waitrose, in 2016, launched a Christmas advert about a robin making its way home. Inspired by the supermarket's advert, Michael Morpurgo created an action packed story. Open the document to read a quote from Michael Morpurgo. There are also some more facts  about Scandinavian robins.


Waitrose Christmas - Coming Home

Agency: Adam & Eve DDB Director: Sam Brown Production Company: Rogue Films Sound Engineer: Jon Clarke & Anthony Moore

Watch the video.

Watch the video again. However, this time pause it on images of the neglected shed.

Write the date and title 'The Shed' in your book.

Write as many words and expanded noun phrases that you can think of to describe the scene. Ask people at home to join in. Who can suggest the best adjectives?

e.g.            a snow-covered, frozen landscape                  the derelict, wooden shed         a damp, rotten roof     some gaping holes


 Click here to remind yourself about expanded noun phrases.


Square Numbers

Watch the video. Then complete the Square Number pages.

Aut5.9.1 - Square numbers

When you have finished, check your answers.

Times Table Rockstars

Please use TT Rockstars for at least 15 minutes each day.

Work hard to improve your skills. Remember the more you work on your times table recall... the quicker and better you will become. I will log onto TT Rockstars and look at how you are doing next week.


Please finish Unit 1 RWI Spelling. 

Remember - your spelling list is on the SPELLING STAR. This weekend learn your spellings. Write each word out in your book. Use blue for vowels and red for consonants


We are going to investigate materials and their properties. All materials have properties. This means the things about them you can measure that can be different to other materials. Different materials are good for different jobs based on their properties.


To find out about types of materials click here.

Materials And Their Properties

For our first activity, we are going to look at scientific vocabulary. Look at the document below. Can you match the word with its meaning? Write the date and title in your book. Then write each word and what it means.


e.g. ABSORBENT - soaks up water

If you want to choose a material for a job, you need to know about its properties. 

For your second task, click on the document below. Write the title. Complete each sentence stating why the material is the best one to use.


We have decided to give your yellow workbook a name. It is now officially called ... Lockdown Learning

Please write your name and this title on your book.

All work (except for White Rose Maths, RWI Spelling  and reading comprehensions) should be recorded in your Lockdown Learning book. Please use a glue stick to stick in any worksheets.

At this moment in time, you should have the following things in your Lockdown Learning Book:

  • robin vocabulary work
  • robin information sheet
  • country names
  •  expanded noun phrases
  • science vocabulary
  • materials to suit the job

Don't forget to present your work neatly. Underline dates and titles. Try not to miss out pages or waste space in your book. We can't wait to see your books when the lockdown is over.




The Robin Comprehension - Answers