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A message from the Chair

A warm welcome to 'news and information' from the Governing Body.

We are a group of people made up of school staff, parents and members of the wider community whose function is to provide support and challenge to the management team of our school.  We concentrate on 3 main areas – school ethos, improvement of the educational outcomes for our pupils and ensuring the budget is spent wisely.

Most of our work is done at committee meetings however, there are many other ways in which we are involved with the management of the school. I would like to take this chance to share with you what we have been up to recently.

  • OFSTED – as part of the inspection in May 2014, Ofsted interviewed the Governors to ensure we are doing our jobs properly (as listed above). Our rating as Governors has risen from “satisfactory” in 2011 to “good” in 2014.
  • Major Incident Contingency Plan – this is a plan of action that is put into place if a serious incident should occur at school. Two Governors have written this plan which has now been approved by the full Governing Body.
  • SFVS – These initials stand for School Financial Value Standard. This is an annual review required by the Local Authority that makes sure our financial knowledge and policies are at a good standard. Together with one other Governor, I have recently completed this for 2015.
  • E-safety Accreditation – to obtain our recent accreditation a Governor was needed for interview. Lisa Wheal was happy to attend and answer the necessary questions.
  • Year 6 SATs – Governors are requested annually by the Head Teacher to oversee these tests.
  • Governors are always looking to find additional money for school based projects. Recently we obtained grants from two different sources which helped towards the provision of the play equipment on the Reception playground.
  • Regular Visits – Governors are regularly performing visits to see for ourselves the hard work put in by the teaching staff and the impact it has on our pupils. My most recent visits have been to spend an afternoon in each of the four FS/KS1 classes. I have dates booked to visit all four KS2 classes before Easter.
  • Headteacher/Chair meeting – Mr Bullock and I meet every month to discuss the current position of the school and any action the Governing Body need to take between our normal committee meetings.
  • As you will be aware, at the end of this academic year Mr Bullock is retiring from his role as Head Teacher after 16 years at the school. Therefore, much of my time in the spring term was spent organising the interview procedure for recruiting our new Head Teacher for September 2015. Interviews took place on 2nd and 3rd March and Mrs Rachel White was appointed. She will spend time getting to know the school with Mr Bullock in the summer term.    

I hope this information is of interest to you and helps to explain why we are here and what we do. I look forward to updating you with other news and information as it occurs.

Don Carter – Chair of Governors 2014-2015