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Extra Activities For You To Try

Roald Dahl Activities


Which Roald Dahl books will you read or listen to this year? 


Try writing book blurbs or book reviews about them.


Why not try retelling the stories yourself (perhaps from the viewpoints of different characters)


or write other stories using the same characters? 


You could even take characters from different books and put them all together in a story!


Mrs Turner's daughter made this amazing Roald Dahl cake for World Book Day.



You could try designing your own cake based on a children's book. 

What ingredients would you use?  (You could have a sensible and a silly version!) 


Have a look at the activities at

Here's a book review template that you can use


Look after your Wellbeing by trying some of the ideas on our new Wellbeing for Children page. 


If you would like some ideas for staying calm, you will find activities and videos to help you here.

Other things to try


     You can even begin to learn a language!  

  • Read some of the great history, geography and science books on Curriculum Visions. (You wrote the login in your BHBOAE.) Why not memorise some facts to impress people or copy some of the pictures for us to look?
  • Learn some of the tricky Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 words that are in your BHBOAE.
  • Develop your drawing skills with Rob Biddulph.
  • Ask your parents to have a look at the ThinkUKnow website to help you learn how to keep safe online.
  • Look at the Real PE and Oak Academy websites to help you keep active.  The login details (and many more ideas) are on our Get Active page!  
  • Remember that you can access Purple Mash from home. It has lots of fun educational games.


Make a Quick and Easy 8 Page Mini-Book From One Piece of Paper