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Remote Learning For Week Beginning 4th January

Happy New Year Everyone! 

It's such a shame that we can't all be together at the moment, but we can keep connected through the webpage and 

email account.  It would be great if you could send in photos of the things you have been doing to keep learning! Let me know if you're happy for me to put them on the webpage.


Spend a bit of time looking through your pack this week and think about how the activities can help you - especially with those targets we set ourselves of improving our spelling, handwriting and tables.  I can't wait to see the progress you make!  Remember, you've done so well at improving your handwriting and tables - keep practising for those pen licences and 25/25 tables scores!


Wednesday 6th January


Today we will be learning to multiply by 10.  


1) Begin by warming up with this Supermovers routine.  You were really good at it in class!


2) Watch the video below about x 10. Remember that you may need to stop it and listen to parts of it more than once because it may go a bit fast for you in places! 


3) Answer question 1-7 in the Multiplication and Division workbook that we have put in your learning resources pack. If you haven't got it just yet, catch-up on the questions tomorrow. Remember to write the date and draw traffic lights using a rulersmiley!


4) If you have time, log in to Mathshed to practise your mental maths. 


Multiply by 10





Read for at least 15 minutes.  Remember that Mrs Payne would like some book reviews (written in your own words) for the website.   I will ask you to write some soon so keep reading!





Adding the suffix -ly


We can add the suffix -ly to make an adverb.  


  • sadly
  • nicely
  • rudely
  • slowly
  • finally
  • physically



We swap a y for an i before adding -ly.


  • happy  → happily
  • sleepy  → sleepily
  • cheeky  → cheekily
  • bossy  → or bossily
  • angry → angrily
  • heav → heavily
  • hast → hastily
  • cosy  → cosily



When a word ends with -ic, we add -ally instead of -ly.  


  • magic → magically
  • comic  → comically
  • frantic  → frantically
  • heroic  → heroically
  • dramatic  → dramatically
  • automatic  → automatically



This week's words will help you to include fronted adverbials in your writing!


Watch this Espresso clip to remind yourself what a fronted adverbial is.  Try the quiz that goes with it.  (You will need to use the login in your BHBOAE).


Now, find out what these words mean

  • hastily
  • frantically
  • comically
  • dramatically and
  • heroically.


Use them to write sentences with fronted adverbials.  Remember to use your best handwriting!



PSHE: Keeping Healthy


Why is it important to keep our hands clean?

Why do we need to brush our teeth regularly?

Why is it important to have an active lifestyle?


Draw a mindmap or poster showing me everything you know. 



Thursday 7th January



1) Re-watch yesterday's video.

2) Make sure you have finished questions 1-7.

3) Do questions 8-11.

4) Mark your answers.

5) Colour your traffic lights.

6)  Log in to Mathshed to play the x10 game I have set.



Over the next few weeks, you will be learning about rocks.


1) In your exercise book, draw a mindmap showing what you already know about rocks.  Think about

  • where you see them
  • the names of some of them
  • how they are made
  • how some rocks are different to others
  • what they are used for.


2) Look at the Powerpoint below.


3) Over the next few days, write the names of some rocks that you find in your home, garden and in the places that you go for your exercise.  Perhaps you could draw them too.  Then sort the types of rock into natural and human-made.




Read for at least 15 minutes. Can you find a paragraph or page that you can read to someone in your most expressive voice?



Open your RWI book at page 15 (Unit 4).

Do Spelling Zone and Dots and Dashes.

(Answers below.  Sorry for the delay - the RWI site was very busy so it took me ages to get in!)



Open your lovely, new purple English book at page 4.  

Do questions 1-6 today.


(The answers are in the back of the book, but please challenge yourself by not looking at them!  Perhaps ask an adult to check your work or wait until we have finished the whole test.)

Friday 8th January






Read for at least 15 minutes. Write down any -ly words that you find in your reading today.  I wonder if you will be able to use them in your writing soon.




Open your RWI book at page 16.

Do Word Changers.  (Answers below.)  

Do Words to Log and Learn.  Write the words in your BHBOAE (Week beginning 4th January).



Open your lovely, new purple English book at page 4.  

Do questions 7-12 today.  (You don't have to do it all at once.  Have a break half-way if it helps!)


(Use the answers in the back of the book to mark your test.)



I've set you some x10 questions and a quiz on Mathshed.  I'll have a look at your scores next week.


Geography/Weekend Learning

Next week, we will continue our work on rivers and will link it to our writing so that we create a leaflet about the journey of a river.


Today (and as your weekend learning), can you create me something that will help us all to learn about the rivers near us?  It would be great if you could find-out about The Tone (if you haven't already) or about any rivers that might be in the Blackdowns, Mendips, Brendons or Quantocks.  You could focus on the rivers in your House - the hills I mean, not your home ! 


You could say the places they start, flow through and end; you could write about the wildlife in and near them or you could give us some fascinating facts.  I don't mind how you present this.  You could make a normal poster, a lift-the-flap poster, a leaflet, a book, a mindmap - whatever you like!  You choose what suits you best.  Please email me what you've done and let me know if you'd like it to go on the web.


Just a warning though...I will only be able to put your work on the website if it has photos you have taken and everything is written in your own words - you mustn't copy any sentences exactly - or if you put the web address or book that you copied the information from.  It's because of copyright.  You know how I'm always going on about that!



1) Each week, try to send me at least one email letting me know how you are and how you've got on with the activities. Thanks to all of you who have already been in touch.  It's good to know you're safe, well and finding the resource packs useful.

2) Remember our last day together when we talked about how important it is to know that someone is thinking about us and cares about us?  Is there anyone in our class you can send a lovely message to or have a quick chat with? (Make sure your parents are with you to help with any calls.)

3)  Please try to get some fresh air and do some relaxing things this weekend.  Perhaps play a boardgame, sing a song, draw a picture, do some yoga, do some gardening, cook something...  I'll know you'll have some great ideas.


Take care fabulous people!


Mrs Norrey  


Maths videos for lessons that are coming up...

Multiply by 100

Divide by 10

Divide by 100

Use the webpages here to help you practise number bonds and tables facts.