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We have been looking at the Poem Dark by Tony Mitton. We had to create an idea of Dark as a character and what it would be like, we have also written a story linked to that character - the challenge was to keep it to 200 words (very tricky). We have also written our own poem about Dark but praising the dark for all the great things it provides for us and allows us. Check out some of our work below. 



Dark Helped

By Poppy


Sat on the chair,

Staring at the stars.

Dark helped.

Laughing and giggling,

Looking at the campfire’s glow.

Dark is the reason why..

Laying on the grass,

Gazing at the firework’s magic.

Dark assisted.

The sun will always come back tomorrow,

But for now, you have Dark.


By  Naomi


Thank you darkness

for everything you have done

for everything you have shown 

for everything you do.

But where do you go when light is at its brightest?

Under the floorboards?

In the attic?  

Where do you go? 

Thank you darkness

for helping us to get to sleep 

for showing the stars and the moon.

Thank you darkness

for filling that gap:

the gap where there is nothing to see or do.

For showing us the planets

and helping us to look at them clearly.

Thank you darkness

for helping us and animals 

to do things secretly 

without anyone knowing.

Thank you darkness 

for everything you have done 

for everything you have shown

for everything you do.

Thank you.    


In Praise of Darkness

By     Josh


In  the  darkness I can see

The  moon  and stars 

Are  bright  and gleaming.


In  the  darkness I can see

Lots of  fireworks

Loud and colourful


In  the  darkness I can see

Gleaming torchlight

Finding hiding friends



As he walked in you could see the terrible posture. He was wearing all black but it was all torn and ripped.. His hair was scruffy and his nose was crooked. It felt like you were being sucked into a black hole as he stared at you with his cold, soulless eyes. As he spoke the words seemed to jitter around him before it reached you. It almost felt like the words didn’t want you to hear them… You may be wondering who I’m talking about. The man I’m talking Dark.


By Will

In Praise of Darkness



Dark is a friend
He allows us to see fireworks, so colourful and bright
He lets the stars shine all their beauty at night
He allows animals to come out and play
He gives us darkness at night when it’s been light all day
He allows us to play fun games with a light
And his darkness helps us to get to sleep at night
So you see, Dark is a friend
And if he has upset you, he will always make amends

Under the bed , inside the wardrobe ,

For dark is there whether like it or not , 


Close up your eyes and it’s inside your head ,

For dark waits more patiently for night time to call it ,


Thank you dark for all you do , 

And after all dark is there for you !





Dark, a gloomy fade of horror and nightmares. It doesn't speak   much but still does nothing, the short figure would wear old unfashionable clothes with holes and dry smelly bird poop stains. Although dark is scary and although dark is bad it will always help you in some way. Whether you want to cry with tears dripping down your sorrowful face, dark will do nothing, it won't interrupt how you're feeling but nor will it help you, so you see dark isn't actually bad it just brings out all your fears and worries because you think dark is horrifying but if you realize that the shadowy fade is actually not all that bad you never know your uncomfortable evil dreams might go away.


by Thom

Darkness - You are Great

By Morgan 


You are so quiet, still and calm you help us drift to sleep, 

oh darkness you are  great.


Big and bold, bright and loud you make fireworks stand out, oh darkness you are great.


When the world is busy and full of stress, you help us relax by bringing an end to the day, oh darkness you are great.


You help people if they get chased by allowing them to hide in your darkness, you make them feel invisible, oh darkness you are great.


Shining and twinkling high up in the sky, the stars stand outs because of you, oh darkness you are  great. 


The owl hoots, the bats fly around, the foxes scavenge and badgers come out to play. Nocturnal animals couldn't survive without you, oh darkness you are great.



Blonde, frizzy hair neatly coiffured to reveal a skinny, cheerful face. Round black eyes, set concealed within their sockets, watch delightedly over the haven they've rarely felt at home at for so long.

Tribal marks resembling a lightning bolt under his left eye marks his skills in combat but, more importantly leaves an amusing memory of deceased loved ones.


This is the face of Dark, a true genius among werewolves. He stands oddly among others, despite his hefty frame.


There's something enthralling about him, perhaps it's his unfortunate past or perhaps it's simply his goodwill. But nonetheless, people tend to ask him for favours, while secretly training to become more like him.


By Lenny

The Dark


Some people hate the dark,

But I think it’s quite cool.

It makes a campfire all the more enjoyable.

It helps set the scene in a Shakespeare play,

It makes staying up fun. Yipee, Yay!

The dark lets us sleep,

That’s why I love it a heap.


Jacob G



Darkness makes the stars shine bright 

and makes the moon light up the night.


Darkness makes things hard to find

but lets you sleep and rest your mind.


Soothing, calming darkness lies

waiting until night to rise. 


Darkness is there at the start and end

with you always like a best friend.