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Day 3 - Saxon Village


Day Three at Escot would be our Living History day in the Saxon Village so today we are going to be going back in time to the Saxons from 410AD to 1066AD.


If you want to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons then check out these pages

National Geographic

BBC Bitesize


Meanwhile, we would be dressing up as an Anglo-Saxon - see me dressed up below, making bread, writing our names in Saxon runes, designing and making jewellery in the ironmongers workshop and stomping in mud to help build a round house as well as playing some traditional games like skittles.


So I have found a Saxon recipe for bread which you can try and make (if you have any flour left) and see what that would taste like. I have also found a Saxon roundhouse you can try to build, you can also write your name in Saxon runes - check out mine below; can you see the similarity between their letters and any of ours? If you are feeling particuarly authentic you could write it on a piece of wood. You can also design a piece of jewellery and if you are feeling very artsy you could try making your design out of cardboard or tin foil.


As always, I love to see your photos and hear how you are getting on. If you and your parents are happy for your photos or videos to be put on the website then just say in your email and I can add it straight away.


Hope you have a great day.


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