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Day 5 - Muddy


I hope you have enjoyed your week's activities. The photos have been amazing and they really do make me smile to see you all enjoying the activities at home. I hope you have been keeping up the daily tasks of making your bed and washing up just like you would have done at Escot - I'm sure your parents would love it if this continued long after this week finished!


Now today you would have been getting muddy, very, very muddy in the swamp and there would have been shrieks as you foot sunk just a fraction and you would have helped each other through it all. I have spent the week pondering over how I can replicate this for you at home and the short answer is I can't but you can get some mud under your toes if you wish. Speak to parents and see if there is a patch of your garden you can dig up a bit to make some mud (add water) or alternatively put some soil and water in a bucket or tray and put your feet in it and feel the sensation of mud oozing through your toes. If none of this is possible and you still want to try it then you can make your own mud, Amelia and I did that today at home. Mix cornflour, cocoa powder and water to make an oobleck mixture. I imagine flour would work instead of cornflour.

I have put some photos below of Amelia and I trying it; she put her toy animals in the mud and then washed them all; I dipped my toes in and it was a great sensation.


If you don't want to get muddy or you don't have the opportunity to do this it is absolutely fine as it is just one way I could think of trying to replicate your Friday experience. Whatever you decide to do have a lovely weekend and next week is half term so no home learning will be set so you can just chill and find your own activities and I will be back after half term with some more activities and challenges for you.

Our mud at home

Our mud at home 1
Our mud at home 2
Our mud at home 3
Our mud at home 4
Our mud at home 5