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  Summer Term


 Phased Return to School

Thank you to all who have let us know what you have decided about returning to school. I will do my best to keep supporting those of you who are going to continue learning at home in any way I can. Please inform the office, giving us a week's notice, if your child hasn't yet been in school but you are planning to send them back. This helps us plan, as we are trying to keep desks distanced in the classrooms and space is limited. Keep using to get in touch about learning. If you write Mrs Perks or Year 1  as part of the subject I can quickly spot that it is for me. The timetable for the returners is below. 

Each child has been allocated a group. That way we keep a space available for each child. 

Mrs Perks and Mrs. Lawson will be teaching on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Fielding and Mrs Fleming on Thursday and Friday. 

Week 1


Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D


Week 2   onwards


Group A

Monday and


Group B

Group C

Thursday and


Group D



Summer Term Week 10


Let's think about herbs and spices this week and sharpen up our geography knowledge while we're at it. 

What are herbs and spices ? Which ones do you use in your food at home ? 


Follow the links below to find out more about where in the world herbs and spices come from. The Tesco clip will give you some historical background too. 




 You might like to use the interactive map below  to find out where different countries are. Can you zoom in and find Taunton ? Can you find other places you know about ? Clicking on the green push pins will tell you which herbs or spices are grown in those places. 


Our text for the week is a song which continues the geography focus. Can you use a map to find the places named in the song ? 



We will be using some herbs to do some printing and observational drawing this week in school. You can still have a go at the drawing  if you don't have real herbs to look at. You could find pictures online and try drawing the shapes of the leaves carefully. Follow the links below for ideas. 




For our spellings this week we are going to be changing word endings again. These words are adjectives. Think about how you would use them when comparing objects. You might like to look at the maths link below from BBC Bitesize. 


tall   taller   tallest                       small   smaller   smallest   




  We continue with White Rose Maths Week 10. Don’t worry if you can’t print off sheets for the maths. Doing the maths practically is the most important part. The children in school are also enjoying challenging themselves using the games below. This week I have added in a couple of money related games which we will be using. 














We now have a repertoire of favourite dances which we are using in school. Open the PDF file below to find some you would like to try. 



P.E. Ideas from SASP

There is also a personal challenge record sheet.

Investigating Habitats: How many different ones can you spot ?

General Suggestions for Home Learning


Go back through your Bishop's Hull Book and re-read some of the texts we have shared together this year. 


Revisit our spelling lists to check that you remember the spelling patterns. Can you put some of the words into sentences ?


Check out the list of Year 1 and Year 2 words in the back of your Bishop's Hull Book. Can you use these to write sentences ? 

Use the ideas for maths home learning shared at parents' evening 


Use your passwords for Purple Mash and Maths Shed / Spelling Shed to get creative and / or practise some skills.


Read lots and talk about what you have read.  I will continue to share new texts and links to online reading sites. 


Get outside for your daily exercise if you can and notice seasonal changes and all of the living things in your area.  


Check out the Wellbeing page, following the link below. 








Links to some of our favourite online maths and literacy  games. 






We will no longer be doing the Year 1 Phonics Check, but phonics skills are very important as the basis for reading.

This generator allows for practice of real and nonsense words:





And here, with thanks to a teacher colleague, is a wide collection of links covering different subjects and stages of learning.

Don't forget to look on the Forest School webpage for forest school type activities you can do in your home and garden.

Lots of them are 'off screen' ideas.

What did we learn in our autumn and spring Quests ?

Royalty and Rebels Day

Royalty and Rebels Day  1