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It was hard to say goodbye to everyone yesterday, not knowing when we will all be back together again. 


I am aware that everyone's situation is different and , while some people might welcome some extra family time at home, others will be facing significant challenges.


The home learning suggestions below are just that - suggestions. Please use them as a resource and a support , not as something which has to be followed rigorously. I will put general guidance at the top , then week by week suggestions below. 


Look after yourselves and hope to see you all soon. 


Mrs Perks 

General Suggestions for Home Learning


Go back through your Bishop's Hull Book and re-read some of the texts we have shared together this year. 


Revisit our spelling lists to check that you remember the spelling patterns. Can you put some of the words into sentences ?


Check out the list of Year 1 and Year 2 words in the back of your Bishop's Hull Book. Can you use these to write sentences ? 


Use the ideas for maths home learning shared at parents' evening ( link below).


Use your passwords for Purple Mash and Maths Shed / Spelling Shed to get creative and / or practise some skills.


Read lots and talk about what you have read. Over the coming days I will be posting new texts and links to online reading sites. 


Get outside if you can and notice how the weather is changing and the signs that spring is on the way ! 








Don't forget to look on the Forest School webpage for forest school type activities you can do in your home and garden.

Lots of them are 'off screen' ideas.

Links to some of our favourite online maths and literacy  games. 






We will no longer be doing the Year 1 Phonics Check, but phonics skills are very important as the basis for reading.

This generator allows for practice of real and nonsense words:





And here, with thanks to a teacher colleague, is a wide collection of links covering different subjects and stages of learning.

Week 3. Beginning Monday 30th March Missing You All !

Still image for this video
Mrs Perks is going to put learning suggestions on for the whole week so you can dip in and out of activities, pursue the things that interest you and repeat activities ro reinforce learning as it suits you. Remember all the links at the top of the page too.

Week 3   I am Strong Like a Tree

With thanks to Big Life Journal

Check out the trees made by the children who had to be in school last week.  You can see them on Bishop's Hull T.V.. 

Could you make your own 2d or 3d tree and write the things that keep you strong on the roots ? 

What can Ruby do about her worry ? Click on the picture to listen to this lovely bed time story and you can  find out. Can you answer the questions about the story ? 

1. What things did Ruby love to do? 

2. How did Ruby feel as the worry grew? 

3. How did the worry change Ruby’s life? 

4. What is the worst thing that you can do with a worry?

5. Why did Ruby sit next to the boy?  

6. What is the best thing that you can do with a worry?  

7. How did the worry disappear?

And here are a lot more links to stories with questions to explore

And now for some texts you can read yourself. The Starfall site has animated texts at different reading levels, from Learn to Read to I'm Reading. 

My favourites are The Greek Myths. 



New Spellings  or and aw 

Can you practise these words by looking at them really carefully then  covering them up and trying to write them ?

Can you put them into sentences ? Some of you will also be able to practise getting your full stops and capital letters in the right places. 


short  worn  storm  morning


saw   draw   straw   lawn


  Maybe you can investigate other or /aw words and other ways of making the same or /aw sound.  



Take care with your handwriting. Try to keep letters on the line and space words clearly.

Take care with your handwriting. Try to keep letters on the line and space words clearly.  1

Here is a lovely writing activity which I got from my daughter who is doing this with her children. It is a Jar of Hope in which you write notes to help you look forward to the things you want to do when things get back to normal. Ask a grown up to help you find a safe container for you to use, then you will be ready to start filling it with your plans.

Marvellous Maths

Can you complete the sentences below and then investigate some of your own. Remember how we used jottings in class to help us understand 2 digit numbers. 




Use this place value pieces screen to help you investigate 2 digit numbers. Can you make different 2 digit amounts using the tens and ones pieces ?


Here is a link to one of our recent "finds" which we were enjoying in class , a fun smoothie game to help with quick recall of number facts. Start with the easier challenges and work your way up.


How about making yourself a pairs game to help you practise your number facts (+ and - ) within 10, then 20 .






Picture 1

Use the link below to help you learn the months of the year in order and talk about what usually happens in each month. 


Week 2 Wednesday 25th March to Friday 27th March 



I hope you have been able to enjoy some of the sunshine this week.

Have a look at the weather forecast for the days ahead, What changes might you see ? 

See if you can notice changes over the coming week.  Perhaps you could even make a weather map like the ones the forecasters use on the news.


Have you been joining in with Joe Wicks' free P.E. sessions this week ? I managed about 15 minutes this morning and am going to try to do more tomorrow. They are a good way to keep fit while we are at home.





When we were in school we were looking at the text below and thinking about singular and plural nouns, in particular animal names. I have listened to my daughter's advice and saved it as a pdf rather than a word document. Most of you also have a copy of it in your Bishop’s Hull Book. Can you read the text and notice how the verbs (doing words) change as the nouns change from singular to plural ?


We started making our own lines to add to the poem. Can you add your own lines, following the pattern, and write them carefully ? They don't have to rhyme. I was inspired to write some lines of my own today , after seeing a bee, a robin and some finches in my garden. I have turned them into a short spring poem. If you enjoy watching birds have a look on Year 5's Morpurgo Class page  at Mrs Payne's updates on the blue tits in her nesting box. 








Picture 1

Can you investigate singular and plural forms of words ? 


The videos below will help to get you started. 


The Plural-a-tor


The Plural Song



I hope you are getting on well with learning number facts within 10. 


Keep going with them, so that you know them by heart without having to work them out.


Here is a link to one of our favourite games for practising our recall of number facts.


Can you explain why you know a particular answer is right or wrong ?

Week 2  Monday 23rd March and Tuesday 24th March 



Have you heard that Audible are providing free children's books to listen to while the schools are closed ? Listening to stories helps children develop, not only their listening skills, but  their vocabulary, imagination and understanding of language. I am sure you will find something you will enjoy. See the link below: 



Do you know all the pairs of numbers which equal 10 ?

If you do - how can you use those to help you with pairs to equal 20 or 30 ?


Use this game to help you remember your addition facts within 10. Or ask someone to test you by saying one number and getting you to say the matching one e.g. 6 - 4. 


Quest  Wonderfully Made 

We have been thinking about maps, why they are made and how we use them for different purposes. We made our own maps in class. The clickable map below helps you to explore different continents, countries and oceans become familiar with where they are. You might like to create your own map of a real or imaginary place.








Week 1 beginning 16th March - Support for those learning at home: spellings, text for the week and maths home learning suggestions.

Welcome to the page for Donaldson Class and Year 1 

Which of Julia Donaldson's books have you read ? Why not try a different one ? We have lots in class which you are welcome to borrow.

Which of Julia Donaldson's books have you read ? Why not try a different one ? We have lots in class which you are welcome to borrow.  1

Royalty and Rebels Day

Royalty and Rebels Day  1

Our Quest for the Autumn term was Royalty and Rebels

Our Quest for the Autumn term was Royalty and Rebels 1