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During the last week of the school year, we usually have planned events and plenty of fun. Unfortunately, we are not going to be together.sad

What shall we do?surprise

I thought it would be rather special if you could arrange an end of Year 5 picnic to enjoy on Friday 17th July. Choose a stunning location and sit down with your family. Raise a glass of lemonade and think of your classmates.smiley

Planning a picnic requires good organisational skills. Check that you have permission from your parents and ... get started!yes

 Here are some things to consider.

  1. Who would you invite? 
  2. Where would you have the picnic?
  3. Do you have a back-up plan if it rains?
  4. Apart from food, what would you need to take with you?
  5. Could you make some decorations?
  6. Will there be games?
  7. What food and drink will you have?
  8. What would you like people to wear?
  9. Could you create your own thrilling toppings and fillings for sandwiches?
  10. Perhaps your parents will give you a budget for the picnic. Use your local supermarket website so that you can check all the prices of items you wish to buy.

When I am planning something, I usually find that making a list helps.


On Friday, I will be having my picnic and thinking of you. You’ve been a wonderful class and I have enjoyed our time together. When you return in September, you will be the eldest in the school. I know you'll live up to the expectations and responsibilities that are ahead. You are all very special.