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Extra activities

Summer Term activities:

Plants and Growing


Have a look at why plants start to grow in Spring:



Can you draw and label what plants need to grow?


Click on the link below to label the different parts of a plant:



Espresso have lots of fun clips to watch and activities to take part in. 

Remember your username is student3792, password (clue Christmas) t****y










Click on Bishop's Hull TV to listen to Mrs Payne's stories, which is your favourite?


Click on the Get Active page for lots of activities to keep active.









Kenya photos


We have also been finding out about the seven continents of the world.  Do you know any of them?

Click on the song below to help learn them.


Seven Continents Song


We have been finding out about Autumn. 


Look out your window, what has happened to the trees? 

Go on a walk and see if you can collect some conkers or acorns.  How many different colour leaves can you collect? 


Click on the link below to watch a clip about Autumn:


Autumn BBC clip


There are some lovely craft activities on the following website, why not have a try at a couple:


Autumn Crafts


There is a lovely Autumn story you can read together, click on The Little Acorn.  Read it together with your child.







The Acorn Story

After half term we will be finding out about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night.


Click on the links below to some fun activities:


Activity Village