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Grammar and Reading Comprehension




It is really, really important that you keep up with your reading both at home and in school. Reading opens so many different worlds and helps you learn new vocabulary, imagine different worlds and characters and can also teach us new things. Find a genre or type of book that you enjoy reading and please keep reading. 


Have you got a library card? If so you can download RB Digital onto a device e.g. a tablet or smart phone and register with Somerset County Council for free access to hundreds of online books, audio books, comics and magazines. Maybe you'll find something new that you like to read. 


Why not try some of these reading comprehension sheets below. They are more of the 60 second reads we have been doing in class - can you read the text in 60secs? 



As we go through year 6 we will look at lots of new terms in grammar but for now we are revising lots of the things you have already been taught in word classes. 

What is a noun? What are the different types of Nouns?  What is a verb? What does an adverb do? What are adjectives? 

BBC Bitesize has some good revision guides for this. 


Why not have a go at some of these?