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Farewell to Bishop's Hull


I can't quite believe that the term is over and we have reached the end of this academic year.  There have been many highlights this year; our netball team becoming County winners; our Year 6 production of Treasure Island; the visit of the dome in April, the Community Concert at Castle; two fantastic residentials - Year 4 to Kilve and Year 6 to Escot;  - the list is almost endless.  I just want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of the pupils, parents, staff and governors who have supported me this year - and over the past four years.  I have loved being here and becoming part of the Bishop's Hull family.  Thank you for making me feel so welcome.  I am sure that Mike Turner will take the school from strength to strength and I look forward to continuing to be part of that journey as I lead a school within our cluster.  


Once again, thank you all.  

Mrs White - over and out.  

There's No Place Like Home


Today, we enjoyed getting together as a school and celebrating all of the different ways that classes have taken this title and developed their learning in different ways.  Children in reception have been looking at minibeasts and their habitats; in Year 1 they have done a range of things from studying different homes from across the world, constructing houses from mobilo and drawing plans of the indoors of houses; Year 2 have looked at differences between living in Britain and living in Africa - producing beautiful art work of the African savanna; Year 3 have painted pictures of the Wizard of Oz influenced by the work of Monet and Van Gough as well as writing poems about home and school; Year 4 have been learning about rivers and the UK, creating information leaflets and framed paintings; Year 5 have completed an in-depth project about Blue Tits and have made simply wonderful books and paintings to demonstrate their learning; and finally Year 6 have created sketch books to display their Inch Project where they have produced an inch-sized drawing every day for a month.  We were all blown away by the variety and quality of the learning which we saw.  Well done everyone!

Rocktopus Came To Bishop's Hull


Today we had the great pleasure of welcoming a rock band to our school.  Rocktopus came and worked with all of our children to write and record original songs.  These were performed during the day by the children and are being made into a CD as we speak!  These will be available for families to purchase at only £5 - 20% of the proceeds come back to school!  There are a few photographs below to give you a flavour of the day.  

SpArts Week - Day Three


Today we had a visit from the instructors at Vivary Park who run the high ropes course.  They came armed with lots of team building activities and challenges for the children to try.  They all rose to the challenge and worked really well as teams - having lots of fun along the way.

SpArts Week Day Two - Haidee Hughes Leads us in Active Art!


Whilst Years 5 and 6 were doing daft things on four wheels, the rest of the school went up to the church hall to create giant pieces of active art.  Our Year 3 pupils drew around each other on long sheets of paper, and then the children found different active ways to paint the figures.  Some used hands and feet, others wrapped their feet in bubble wrap, some rolled balls and hoops.  The end results were superb and we look forward to displaying these around the school very soon.  Massive thanks to Haidee for an inspirational day!

SpArts Week Day Two - Richard Parker - Inline Skate Champion Comes to Town


What fun we have had today!  Richard Parker (son of Mrs Parker, one of our regular supply teachers and a past member of staff) came to visit us.  He led a very exciting assembly where he talked about his journey from being at our primary school and not particularly achieving well in sport, to finding the right one for him - skating.  He then did a demonstration for us.  The children kindly volunteered me to be jumped over!  This was slightly terrifying!  Then they volunteered Mrs Cooper to join me, and finally Mrs Payne!  Thankfully he cleared us easily.  Our Year 5 and 6 pupils then had the opportunity to have a go at skating.  We were really impressed with their resilience and determination.  Well done to all.  I think that many of them would love skates for Christmas!  Huge thanks to Richard for a highly inspirational day!

SpArts Week - Day One - Talent Show Heats.


The heats of the Bishop's Hull talent show happened this afternoon.  We were thrilled with the number of children who were willing to take part in the heats and we have some fantastic winners.  Here are just a few photographs of some of the contestants.  Well done to all who were involved.  A special gala performance from the winners will take place next Tuesday morning.

SpArts Week day one..... Inter-House Competition


SpArts week got off to a strong start this morning with our Inter-House competitions.  Children across Key Stage 2 competed with their house in football, netball or tunnel-ball rounders.  Mendip were triumphant in both netball and football whilst Quantock rolled their way to victory in tunnel-ball rounders.  We were so impressed with all of our players - with some coming through as real stars who have not played in many teams before.  Well done to all!

Winners of the Somerset Environmental Youth Award. 


It was a great pleasure to attend the Bath and West show on Friday to collect our award as Somerset's winners of this award.  This was awarded in recognition of the superb work that Tracey Brimble has done to develop Forest School at Bishop's Hull.  Thanks to all for the good wishes and messages of support which have been received and well done to the children who spoke to eloquently to the judges when they came to visit.  

Messing about on the river!

Barmy Bushcraft

Disaster in the maze

An afternoon foraging

Saxon Day

After a night of (a little) sleep, we have become Saxons for the day.  This morning we have worked in the forge, used a pole lathe, ground flour and made bread and mixed daub with our feet to continue work on an authentic Saxon home.  After lunch we are going in a foraging walk to discover what the Saxons would have eaten from the woodland.  

Hazel yurt exploring the park

Year 6 have arrived safely at Wildwood Escot

Year 1 and 2 Explore the Museum


Yesterday, Year 1 and 2 went to the Museum of Somerset to learn more about being archaeologists.  They spent time looking at the different artefacts on display, digging for buried objects and making their own clay pots.  As always, we were really proud of their behaviour on the trip and of how interested they were in all of the new learning.

A wet-but-happy walk on the Quantocks.

Some fun from this afternoon!

More First-Day-Fun from Year 4 at Kilve.

Year 4 Learning to Shoot.

Year 4 have arrived safely at Kilve and are enjoying the sunshine!

A Miracle in Town


Today, the children have performed A Miracle In Town for the first time.  Pupils in Reception provided the dancing, pupils in Year 1 were the actors and those in Year 2 performed the narration.  All of the children sang beautifully and the huge audience enjoyed it hugely.

There are some photographs below to show the lovely performance!

To Give and To Receive

On Friday in our sharing assembly, we thought about the joy of both giving and receiving.  We have been very blessed as a school to receive a gift of cooking equipment from Lakeland in Taunton.  Mrs Fleming wrote to them a few weeks ago to say that our cookery equipment was no longer fit for purpose and Lakeland were very kind and donated us an induction hob with pans, a mini oven, a steamer and lots of other utensils.  We are so grateful to them for this kind donation!


In the same assembly, representatives from Love Musgrove's MRI scanner appeal came to receive the cheque for the money raised by the children's Fun Run back before the summer holidays.  The children raised an astonishing £2,151.70 !  


Well done to all of those involved in preparing for the fun run and thank you again to Lakeland for their kind gift.

Creating Remembrance Day Poppies in Year 5

Book Week Finishes with a Flourish


We have had great fun this week celebrating all things books with our annual book week.  The week has been spent studying different traditional tales and we finished the week with our own special re-telling of Cinderella.  All pupils had the chance to learn a ballroom dance and enjoy the ball together.  

A Journey Through the School


Towards the end of last term, the whole school enjoyed sharing the same book - Journey by Aaron Becker.  Each class produced some amazing pieces of writing and art work.  We started this year by having this work on display and also by looking as a whole school at the follow up book - Quest.  We hope you enjoy these as much as we have.


Celebrating Harvest


What a wonderful time we had together on Thursday morning as we met to celebrate Harvest.  Each year group had worked hard to prepare a song, poem or information linked to Harvest.  Year 1 performed a song complete with actions, Year 2 performed a Julia Donaldson poem about a nut tree, Year 3 sang to us about wanting to be farmers, Year 4 performed a class poem, Year 5 made us all think about the impact intensive farming has on the Rainforests and Year 6 performed some poems which they had written themselves.  The children and families joined together to sing some Harvest favourites as well.  Thank you to all who came to join with us, and to the Church and Reverend Phil for being so welcoming.  

Welcome back to the start of a new academic year.

I hope that you have all had a lovely summer break.  The children have come back amazingly well and seem full of energy and positivity for the year ahead.


We have welcomed two new teachers this term.  Lucy Cooper will be working in Year 6 alongside Mrs David for the whole of this academic year.  Mrs David is expecting her first baby and will be leaving us at some point before Christmas.  In the meantime, the two teachers will work together to give the best transition possible for the pupils.  Lindsay Heyward has joined us in a temporary role, supporting Mrs Norrey as she starts to return to work following her head injury.  We are really lucky to have found two such experienced and talented teachers to join our team.  Thank you to the children and parents for making them so welcome.


Hopefully your children will have come home and talked a little about our new key words - Ready, Respectful and Safe.  These have replaced our previous code of conduct and will hopefully be a little easier to both remember and implement.  We have made it clear to children that this is our expectation for all pupils, it is something that we can all achieve.  We are looking though, for those who go over and above this expectation in some way - for those pupils who Seriously Impress us.  We have a new section of the website where we will be sharing and celebrating those pupils.  Follow the link below!

A Great End to a Super Year


There has been quite a gap between my last blog and this one - we have been so busy it has been hard to find the time to do more than keep all of the wheels turning.  From sports days to fun runs, from house championships to the sinking of the Titanic - this last half term has been filled with so many additional events and opportunities for our children.  Despite the intense heat, we have seen the children throw themselves into these activities with a great deal of humour, fun and energy and we have all enjoyed watching them try out new things.  Thank you to all of the staff who have worked to provide these opportunities and to the parents who have come along and watched.  Have a super summer break and we look forward to seeing you all in September.  

Year 6 - a last (muddy) hurrah! 


What an amazing week! We have had such fun, learned so much and enjoyed each others company so much.  To finish this fantastic week, we had fun in the swamp! 

Being fed to the wolves!

This afternoon's task was to provide an enrichment for the wolf pack.  I did ask if we were allowed to just put a few children in to the enclosure however it is apparently not legal to give the wolves live prey.  Instead, the children wove willow balls and then filled them with grasses and herbs.   Once they were made, we went with one of the wolf keepers and watched as the 'toys' were thrown into the enclosure.  The wolves loved this, grabbed them and had a great time investigating them.  We have finished the evening with a lovely camp fire and reflected on their week.  Tomorrow? We swamp walk! 

A Morning of Animals

This morning we have spent time learning about the wolves, wild boar, wild cats and otters.  We alsa spent time in the wetlands area looking for much smaller creatures living in the pond areas.  This afternoon we are hoping to learn more about the red squirrels and we plan to make some enrichment toys for the wolves.  The rain has held off so far!  Fantastic! 

Year 6 go foraging and deal with a plane crash! 

This afternoon was spent learning about what Anglo Saxons ate and used from the woodlands around them . They tasted sorrel, nettle, lime and the sap of sticky weed.   This evening was spent dealing with a plane which had crash landed in the maze.   Whilst paramedics dealt with the injuries, the accident investigation team were tasked with finding out who was to blame.  They finally discovered that the pilot, Zebie had flown the plane too low and was to blame for the crash.  One angry passenger, Jakob caused many difficulties whilst Shakira, another passenger, missed her wedding as a result of the crash!   Thankfully no-one was permanently injured and all involved are now recovering with hot smores around the fire.  

Year 6, A Saxon Morning

Although it is only midday, we have had an amazing day already.   Staff are pleased to report that we needed to WAKE all of the children at 7am, everyone is much happier!  We have spent this morning experiencing life as Anglo Saxons.   We have made things in the forge, cut wood, dressed up, got muddy, been in the stocks and much more.   Here are a few photographs for you to enjoy.

Year 6 Go to Escot - day 2.

I will say very little about last night - just to say that they will all certainly sleep better tonight!  Today they have enjoyed a day of fire-lighting, zip-wiring, den-building, marshmallow-toasting, tyre-swinging and finally beaver-watching.   I had to head back to Taunton for most of the day but was met by very happy children on my return.  They all send their love but want you to know that they are having a wonderful time.  

Year 6 Go To Escot - day one.

Well, it is 8:45pm and the children are enjoying an end to their evening around the campfire.   What a day that have had!  Before I came to sit in the bushes, the only spot that I could get a decent wi-fi signal, I asked them to tell me what had been the best part that they wanted me to let you all know.   The list was huge.  Some said the maze; others said the drop slide.  Some said the water fight; other said meeting the wolves.  Some mentioned the pirate ship; others mentioned the night walk.   Several said 'everything!'

As adults, we have enjoyed their enthusiasm, their sense of humour and they way they have got stuck into every activity.  Hopefully they will get at least a little sleep tonight.  Tomorrow, we will be den building.  

An Unexpected Visitor in Singing Club


On Friday 13th April, our Singing Club were joined by Martin Parker from the Taunton Festival.  Our singers had performed in the festival back in February and came a very respectable 2nd in a field of 7 choirs.  On Friday however, Martin came to present the children with the Shirley Mason Cup.  This cup is awarded after the dust of the festival has settled, to the performance (out of all 423 performances which took place over the week) which the organisers had enjoyed the most.  They decided to award our choir with this special cup, particularly for their performance of One Brick At a Time from the musical Barnum.  Martin commented on the children's evident enjoyment of singing, on the quality of the singing, the excellent performance of the actions and passing of bricks.  If you would like to see a video of this song, follow this link or head over to Bishop's Hull TV to watch it.  We are really proud of this cup - do pop into the school office if you would like to see it.

A Wonderful Morning of Music


We have just come out of the hall from a fantastic morning of music provided free of charge by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  Three of their musicians came and presented a lively and interactive concert to all pupils and staff based on the theme of Animals.  We enjoyed listening to a flute, french horn and (my personal favourite) a double bass.  The children listened beautifully, joined in when asked and then thought of some really interesting questions to ask.  The musicians commented afterwards about the quality of the questions - they were particularly interested in Patrick's question - 'do you ever get frustrated when you're learning your instrument.'  I will upload some photographs below very soon.

Last lot of Snow Pictures

Here are a few more of your snow pictures for you to enjoy.  As I do this, the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for Sunday so you never know - we might get a little more!

Beautiful Snow Angel

Still image for this video

Mrs Hayes completes her homework in style!

Still image for this video

Snow Fun

What an amazing response we have had already to the homework task set - to go outside and enjoy the snow.  Here are the photographs which have been received so far.  

Mrs White completes her homework.

Still image for this video

Mrs Fielding completing her homework

Miss Jennings and Lily-Rose completing their homework.

Mrs Derbidge takes it one step further and recreates Stonehenge in ice!

Mrs Waller’s dedication to football is not diminished by a bit of snow!


As I type this, I am looking out of my study window and into the eye of a bit of a storm.  We are already cut off here (foothills of Exmoor) and sources closer to the school assure me that there are at least a few flakes on the ground!


We never make the decision to close the school lightly - our intention is always to remain open when safe and practical to do so - but today (and from what we understand - tomorrow) the weather has defeated us.


As a result of this, we have made the decision not to open tomorrow - Friday 2nd March (ironically, the second day of Spring!)


As this is the second day of proposed closure, I would like to suggest that your children complete a little homework to compensate for the lost time in school.  Please could they complete the following:


1.  Dress up warmly - coat, hat, gloves, welllington boots etc.

2.  Go outside and enjoy the snow; make a snow angel; build a snowman; sledge down a slope; throw a snowball at a friend, a parent, a grandparent even....

3.  Take a few photographs and email them to so that we can celebrate your snow-day fun on our school website.  


See you on Monday - weather willing!  



Rachel White

Last Activity Before Heading Home

A Beautiful Frosty Start at Kilve Today

I think it was a little muddy yesterday!

The Dragons of Kilve


For part of today, the children have been enjoying making Dragons together.   We hope you enjoy these few photos of the children being so creative.

What a Beautiful Day!

This is the view from the top of the Quantocks where the children have been enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!

Arrived and having great fun


News just in from Kilve this evening is that the children are having an amazing time.   They’ve had their first afternoon of activities followed by a hearty meal and they are now on their way out to experience the ‘night hike’; a favourite part of the Kilve experience.  The aim is to wear them out so that all get at least a little sleep on their first night.  More to follow tomorrow.   

Pioneer Day

This term's Quest is Pioneers.  We spent the day on Friday 12th January discussing all sorts of different people who had been the first to do something, find something out or invent something.

Lots of children came dressed up as a Pioneer that interested them.  We had a huge variety from characters like Isambard Kingdom-Brunel to Coco Chanel, from Florence Nightingale to Mary Anning.  There are a few photographs below to give you a taste of what we all enjoyed.  

The Bells Ring Out


We had a packed hall yesterday morning and again last night for the KS2 Production of 'The Bells Ring Out'.  The children presented the Christmas story through a selection of 9 songs and choral poetry.

The children sang their hearts out and performed beautifully.  They had so many song words to remember as well as their lines but they did this so well.  Huge thanks to all of the teachers for working so hard with their classes and special thanks to Mrs Norrey for co-ordinating and conducting it so well.  

Key Stage One steal the Show


Yesterday afternoon we had our first Christmas performance of the season and what a show it was!  The children presented the traditional Christmas story as a bedtime story for two excited children on Christmas Eve.  As their mum told the story, it came to life around them.  Our Year 2 pupils narrated the story really well, remembering their lines well and saying them really clearly.  We all enjoyed the moment when a toddler in the audience also pronounced his sister's lines confidently - clearly having heard them a lot at home!

Our year 1 pupils performed the acting parts really well, remembering where to go and what to do.  We all enjoyed the grumpy camels and the King who declared that her Sat Nav was tired.

Pupils in Reception danced really well as stars, angels, travellers and excited children in pyjamas.   

All of the children sang their hearts out - what a lovely afternoon we all had.    Well done to all of the children and teachers who worked so hard to make the show a success.  I am really looking forward to seeing it again this evening,

Environmental Art

Thank you for all who took part in our Blue Beacon challenge last week to create a piece of art work, or a tool or anything really, from the materials that you could find out in your garden or in the park.  These beautiful creations were sent in.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  Well done to all involved, your 20 Dojo points have been added!


A Bucket Full of Kindness

Our 'Every Child Included Ambassadors' met last week to talk more about their Think Kindness campaign.   Together, we read a book entitled 'A Bucket Full of Kindness' which they then decided that they would like to share with the rest of the school.  The simple idea of the book is that there is an invisible bucket inside each of us.  When our bucket is full, we feel happy and content.  When it is empty we feel sad and lonely.  We talked about how our buckets are filled by the nice things people say, the kind things they do or even simplest of things like smiles.   We also discussed that sometimes people dip into our bucket and remove those good feelings by saying or doing unkind things.   We discovered that dipping into someone else's bucket does not fill our own, but filling someone's bucket means that ours gets filled as well.   


We then shared this story with the school and discussed its meaning.   To keep this fresh in our minds, the ambassadors have come up with a super idea.  They would like to place a bucket of kindness in the hall.   In it, they would like pupils to post messages saying how someone has shown them kindness.  These messages are not about themselves, but about what others have done for them.  At the end of each week, I will look inside the bucket and chose an example to share with the school.  

The person mentioned will be awarded a Kindness Leaf, to be added to our achievement tree along with our Golden Leaves.


We are really proud of what our ambassadors have achieved so far and look forward to seeing how this new initiative takes off.  

Book Week Fun

We had a fantastic week enjoying all things firery in our Book Week this year.  To tie in with our Quest this term of Fire and Ice, we based our week in school around Dragons.  Classes explored stories and poems about Dragons during the week which came to an exciting climax when we were joined by the local author, Beth Webb, on Thursday.  She spent time with KS1 looking at her book Junkyard Dragons and then explored her book 'The Dragons of Kilve' with KS2.  

On Friday all pupils were invited to come dressed as a character from a book or a poem that linked with Fire and Ice.  We were so impressed by the range of costumes that were created.  Thank you so much for all your efforts to get your children dressed up.  Assembly on Friday saw the staff re-telling the story of Zog.  This may appear on Bishop's Hull this space!  There are a few photographs below for you to enjoy.


Mad Lib Madness!

My writing group in Year 5 have been having great fun this week finding out about Mad Libs and how they word.  The basic idea is that you are given a list of word types and you have to chose a word which fits that category.  You then slot those words into a text - creating a funny story.  


Today, we have a go at writing our own Mad Lib for you to enjoy.  If you want to get involved - you need to get a pen!


Now - chose a word which fits with each of the categories underneath.  Once you have your list, download the PDF below and insert your chosen words in the gap.  Then enjoy your silly story!  




Story One Story Two
adjective adjective
noun adjective
number adjective
plural noun noun
noun number
adjective plural noun
plural noun adjective
plural noun noun
plural noun adverb
adjective verb
person adjective
adjective place
common noun past tense verb
adjective adjective
  plural plants
  name of person
  name of person
  name of person


When you have written your list of words above - download the story and use your list to fill in the blanks. Enjoy the silly result!

Freedom Challenge

Thank you to all of those who sent in an image for our Freedom challenge this week.  We had asked for families to think about what Freedom meant to them and to try and capture this as an image.  We have been thrilled to see the range of ideas which you have come up with.  Have a look at the slideshow below!


Thank you so much to all of those who came to celebrate Harvest with us this morning.  The children sang and spoke beautifully in a huge variety of different ways.  From thinking about Hedgehogs during the Autumn season to hearing about how eating your 5 a day can keep you healthy; from singing about the Harvest table to hearing about Harvest traditions around the world.  The service started with this poem by the writer Henry Birtles:

Let's gather as a band of one, in symphony across the land

To thank our Lord for harvest reaped and gratefully as one let's stand

To think of those, for all their toil who've readied plough, who've nurtured soil

The farmers in the fields, the cold; the hardened hands, the fens, the wold

So many aspects of a life, a challenge most will never know

For we in houses snugly sleep, whilst in the biting winds and snow

The men and women of their earth prepare a ground for springtime seeds

That one day will produce our bread, our milk, our food, our daily needs

Ask farming poeple what it's like and though the job is one they chose

It takes its toll; the troughs are long and cold and deep

The flattened barley, mssing sheep and so much more that blights their show

But on and on they go, until that day of days has come

The tractor's parked, the combine's quiet; the crop is in, the Harvest done.

Freedom Challenge

Today saw the start of a new month and therefore a new value in school.  This month our theme is Freedom.  We began today by thinking about what freedom means to us.   The BBC recently asked photographers from around the world to send in photographs which they felt epitomised freedom.   We looked at a selection in assembly today - these are shown below.    I have challenged the children to do the same.  Take a photograph, draw a picture.... anything which means freedom to them.  Parent are really welcome to participate in this as well.   I will post photographs and images here as they come in.   In the meantime, here are the images that we looked at in assembly today.   I hope you find them inspiring.   


Fire and Ice Entry Point - The Phoenix

To kick start our new quest 'Fire and Ice' we had a whole school Art Attack.  Every child in Y1-6 created two hands.  One was created using ice cold colours, and the other using hot colours.  In assembly yesterday, we heard the legend of the Phoenix, of it's beauty and its ability to rise from the ashes.  

Then in the afternoon, each class came into the hall to place their own hands on the floor and created this amazing Phoenix.  Follow the link below to Bishop's Hull TV where you will find a time-lapse video of the Phoenix being created.

Huge thanks go to Mrs Pollard for organising us all so beautifully.

Welcome to our new starters.

Our new Reception pupils have settled in really well already.  School started for them on Thursday morning and it was lovely to see so many of our new and existing parents coming in for coffee and cake after drop off.  It was such a lovely opportunity to chat and get to know each other a little.  The children are enjoying their morning sessions, exploring the school and their new environment and getting used to the routines of school.  We have been really impressed with them already.  Well done Reception!

What an Amazing Start to Term


Well school started back with a real treat for our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.  We were invited to ride from Bishop's Lydeard to Minehead on a steam train and then return again - being pulled by the Flying Scotsman!  We had a wonderful time looking at all of the countryside and villages that we passed by and waved at hundreds of people who had turned out to see such a famous train.  There are a few photographs here for you to see and a couple of videos on our Bishop's Hull TV page.  Our challenge now is to continue this term in the exciting way it started!

Farewell to a great Year 6

We said goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 group on Friday 21st July.  As with each group that leave, they did it in style and took us back through their time at Bishop's Hull.  Many fond memories were shared from nerves on the first day to their favourite things about each year group.  We all enjoyed seeing their baby photographs,  they all looked so cute!

This year the children had asked me to say a little something about each of them as they came up to collect their leaving gifts (as I believe Mr Bullock used to do before me.)  I had a little fun with them though as I gave them each a wind-up toy which was chosen especially to go with an aspect of their personality or with something that had happened whilst we were on camp.  I hope that it is something they will remember.


Year 6 finished by sharing a medley of songs from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - a brilliant performance from this talented bunch.  Follow the link below if you would like to see it.  


Bon Voyage Year 6 - we will really miss you!

Living as a Saxon

Today saw us head over to the Saxon Village and spend time exploring all sorts of different activities.  Laurie spent most of his time in the forge with Matt, making a Saxon broach, ring and necklace.  Oli decided that he'd like to be an apprentice blacksmith as soon as he is old enough.  Isobel and I were captivated by the pole lathe which we used to create a wooden ball and skittle.  These precious items, along with some silver coins will be coming back to school with us tomorrow.  We were also taken on a tour through the woods, being taught about the plants that the Anglo Saxons would have eaten - why they ate them and what they tasted like.  Some of us tried eating nettles, sniffing lemon balm, stroking the marshmallow plant along with other types of plants. 

Our evening has seen us trying to solve a plane crash dilemma in the maze and we have finished the evening with a campfire.  The children have seen this blog and have told me off for not mentioning one of their favourite things about the camp.  We have a resident cat called Tigger.  He is an elderly cat of about 13 who lives down at the camp throughout the summer months.  Most of the week he has been asleep either on my bed or on Harry's and is often seen waiting in the kitchen around breakfast time - hoping that there will be some left over bacon for his breakfast.  All of the children have enjoyed his company.

It is hard to believe that this is our last night.  We have had a wonderful week.  The instructors, Scott and Laura have been amazing and the children have been wonderful.  We hope to be back at 2:30pm tomorrow ready to tell you all about it, have a long hot bath and then a long sleep!  Once again - over and out!

Fire, Fire Fire!

In a change from the planned programme, today we went off site - not because there was a fire - but to learn how to build fires safely for ourselves.  We headed up to a woodland away from the Park but still part of the estate.  There we found a wonderful Forest School site (Miss Brimble had better not see it or she might get grand ideas!)

Here we built shelters in groups then tested them for aesthetic appeal, strength and how waterproof they were.  The last element was the most fun to test as you will see from the photographs below!  After a lovely lunch around the fire, we all made bread dough and got marvellously sticky in the process.  We then left these to rise as we built our own fires.  When our fires were going well, we wrapped our dough around a stick and cooked it gently over the embers.  The end result was delicious.  We had such a perfect day that none of us wanted to leave and so we stayed later, only getting back here in time for tea.

Our evening has been spent playing up in the park, seeing a resident beaver by the lake and then ending the night with another campfire before story and bed.  Lights are now out - and all are settling down, ready for another exciting day ahead.

Over and out.

A little bit of sleep. a lot of rain, a ton of fun!

Year 6 did well at sleeping - particularly the boys who were first to sleep and last to wake.  We set off early to a local stream to find what creatures live in the stream locally.  We had lots of fun finding creatures and identifying them.  Many of us got our feet wet paddling while some chose to stay dry on the bank.  One young lady (who would prefer to remain nameless) was heard saying, 'I haven't wet myself, I just accidentally sat down in the river!' Much to the amusement of all!

As the rain came in, we headed back to the park to find out more about the wild animals living at Escot - all of whom once roamed freely in Great Britain - and some which still do.  We watched the otters being fed and found out about them from their keeper; we fed the wild boar, found out about the Lynx, heard more about the wolf pack and even saw red squirrels.  Finally the weather drove us inside and we finished the evening with 'Escot's Got Talent' and a story before settling down.  All is now quiet here as the children settle - ready for their exciting Living History Day tomorrow.


6 arrive at Camp Wild - Escot Park

Well, we are here!  We have settled into our Yurts, have had a super time exploring the park and have been well fed.  As I am typing this, I can hear the children singing songs around the campfire as well as the beautiful bird song which is surrounding us.  We have all met the beautiful pack of wolves who now live in the park (safely behind an enclosure) as well as otters, wildcat, lynx, boar and owls.  We were joined during our evening meal by a few chickens, a peacock and a peahen complete with her 4 chicks.  A truly beautiful first day.  Once this has loaded up successfully, I shall head back down to help celebrate Jennifer's birthday with some cake.  We are all looking forward to some sleep!  (Perhaps we will not all achieve this on the first night!)  Over and out for tonight.

Website Developments

As with all types of technology, our website is frequently changing and updating to meet the needs of Parents, pupils and to fullfil our statutory obligations.  The company who host our website have added a new feature for us 'Bishop's Hull TV'.  Here you will be able to view videos which we have uploaded for you.  These might be from recent productions, from class work or as an aid for home-learning.  Please let us know if you have any ideas for what could be included in the future.


Our first Video is of Eloise Reed in Year 1 reading 'A Squash and a Squeeze' by Julia Donaldson.  Please go to 'children' then 'Bishop's Hull TV' to find it.


Another feature which we could add, should parents want it, is an app which parents can download.  This would then allow the school to send out push notifications to remind you of key events, changes to sports fixtures etc.  Parents would be able to join groups within the app such as 'Rowling Class' or 'Football Club' or 'Sports Fixtures' which would ensure that Parent's only received notifications which were relevant to them.  We would really like your feedback on whether this would be a useful feature to add to our site.  Please follow this link to leave feedback on this issue.  Thank you.

Election Fever

This week's Blue Beacon contains details of Year 6's election contest.  Groups of pupils have created their own political party, have decided on the key issues that are facing the Country today, and written manifestos to try and convince you to vote for them.

Please follow the link below to our Survey Monkey site where you can make your choice.  Remember, each vote placed earns your house 20 bonus points!


A Summary of Each Party

Super Shared Story


Year One have been looking at the story of 'Too Much Talk' by Angela Shelf Medearis.  This tell the story of unexpected objects beginning to talk and is lots of fun to join in with.  Once the children knew the story well enough to be able to re-tell it with confidence, they decided to twist it and change it and make it their own.  We call this aspect of the process 'innovate'.


I was thrilled to read this innovated story which the children wrote collaboratively and which captures our school brilliantly.  


One day a teacher at Bishop’s Hull School started to mark some maths books. As she was marking a book said to her “you did not make me and you did not buy me, but here you come to write all over me !”


“Aiyee!” screamed the teacher. She ran and she ran up the corridor and down the corridor. She ran until she reached Miss Harman’s classroom.


“Why are you running up the corridor and down the corridor?”asked Miss Harman.


“Well”, said the teacher. “My maths book talked to me.”


“Oh,” said Miss Harman, “that can’t happen.”


“Oh yes it can,” said her computer.


“Aiyee!” screamed the teachers. They ran and they ran up the corridor and down the corridor. They ran until they arrived at Miss Heaney’s classroom.


 “Why are you running up the corridor and down the corridor ?”asked Miss Heaney.


“Well”, said the teacher. “My maths book talked to me, then Miss Harman’s computer talked.”


“Oh,” said Miss Heaney, “that can’t happen.”


“Oh yes it can,” said the smartboard.


“Aiyee!” screamed the teachers. They ran and they ran up the corridor and down the corridor. They ran until they arrived at Mrs. White’s office.


“Why are you running up the corridor and down the corridor?”asked Mrs. White.


“Well”, said the teacher. “First my maths book talked, then Miss Harman’s computer talked, then Miss Heaney’s smartboard talked”


“Talk, Talk, Talk,” said Mrs. White. “Too much talk. Books don’t talk. Computers don’t talk. Smartboards don’t talk.  All this foolish talk will disturb the school. Go away before I report you to the governors.”


So they all ran away.


“Imagine,” said Mrs White, a talking book! How can that be ?”


“So true,” said her desk.” Whoever heard of a talking book?”


“AIYEEEE!” screamed Mrs. White and she ran up and down the corridor and was never seen again.


The May Fayre Comes to Town


Apologies that this blog is later than planned, we were struggling to get the website to upload!


What a fantastic time we had on Saturday 29th April at our 'Almost May Fayre'.  There was so much for families to do and enjoy together!  The afternoon started with the Country Dancing, including the May Pole this year.  All of the stalls then opened and families got involved with Hook A Duck, the stocks, the coconut shy and many other traditional fair games.  Thanks to all of our Year 6 who came and helped run their house stalls.  Thanks also to Gary Pearce who ran our sports section again - this was really popular with many of our children taking part.  

Thanks to the pupils who designed my Hero Headteacher costume - I hope that they enjoyed seeing the results.  I certainly enjoyed having the excuse to ride a motorbike into school and onto the playground!  

This was the final event for our current PTA, many of whom are standing down this year after many years of amazing service.  Huge thanks to the fantastic team!    If we want more such wonderful events next year, then a new team will need to come forward to support those members who are able to continue.  Could this be you?

If You Go Down to the Woods Today......


To celebrate the beginning of our new Quest for this term - 'What a Wonderful World' - 210 children and around 25 adults walked down to Netherclay to explore.  The children were paired with an older or younger pupil to encourage talk and discussion about what they saw.  The children responded really well to this and it was lovely to see the older pupils really supporting the younger ones.  Here is a selection of photographs so that you can see a little of this super afternoon of learning.


Fun on a Monday


Each Monday afternoon, I have great fun with Year 5 and Year 6 as we are working on a blogging project.  Each class has devised their own fictitious scenario and are writing their own blog alongside a class blog.  

Year 5 have based their writing on 'The Secret Life of Pets'.  Here is their opening blog:


We have been piecing together evidence of what our pets have been doing whilst we are out.  We are aware that some of our pets have watched 'The Secret Life of Pets' and we are concerned that it might have influenced them to be disobedient.  We are also concerned that they may be leaving the house during the day while no-one is at home, they might get caught and taken to a pound as though they were stray or they may be pet-knapped!  


We have attached a miniature CCTV camera somewhere on each of our pets so that we know what they get up to.  It will show where the pets go, what they are doing and who they are spending time with.  If they get lost, we will know where they are.  


You may think this is funny - but to us - this is a serious matter!  If you would like to hear more on this subject, keep reading this blog and those of the rest of the class.


(This is a fictitious blog - no animals were harmed in its writing!)


Year 6 have based their's on 'The Secret Life of Year 6'.  Here is their opening blog:


The children in Horowitz class (Year6) may seem normal, but don't be fooled!  Each and every one of them is something else in disguise.  May it be spies, wizard, cats, dogs, super-heroes - or something else.

This morning, the people of Taunton turned on their television sets to discover their heroes relaxing with a cup of tea.  What on earth had happened? Where had the villains gone? As the children watched, the televisions started to flicker and all of a sudden the TV villains popped out of the screens and into people's living rooms across the town.


In each and every house, the villains told the inhabitants, 'We have escaped from our prisons!  We are free!'  Without warning, the villains barged out of the houses, taking the televisions with them,  and rampaged through the streets.


What this town needs are super children.  Where will we find them?  How will we make contact with them?  Will they help us?


Read our blogs to find out more!


Both classes would love you to visit their blogs and leave them a comment or two.  To find them go to :Children :Blogging :Children's Blogs and then chose a class.  Please be aware, all comments will be approved before they go live.  Thank you!

Year 4 let loose at Kilve

Our intrepid Year 4 pupils set off for Kilve yesterday and have been busily involved with all sorts of activities.  Mrs Fielding contacted me today to say...."Storm Doris has been a  bit blowy but not enough to affect activities! Fab walk and awesome shelter building have happened alongside lots of creative clay work. The children love it here and are excited with everything, I would like to say we're missing school but that would be a lie!"

Here are a couple of photos!

Singing Club Triumph!

On Thursday morning, 68 excited children set off for the Taunton Festival of Music and Drama.  They were singing in Queens College Theatre along with 5 other local choirs; Bishop Henderson, Kings Hall Junior Choir, the Pyrland Choir, the M and Ms and Queens College Junior School Choir.  It was a wonderful morning of music with all of the choirs performing at a very high level.

Our children remembered everything that had been asked of them and performed beautifully.  They sang 'Knock, Knock, Knock.' which is a lively song telling the story of the wolf waiting outside Grandma's house trying to get in.  Our year 4 and 5 singers played the part of a very sinister wolf, whilst our Year 3 and6 pupils were suitably dreamy as Grandma.  The second song played tribute to the late, great Leonard Cohen with a poignant version of his Hallelujah based on the events at Easter.  The children dealt brilliantly with this tricky song and sang it with passion and feeling.

The whole performance was watched by an adjudicator who then gave every choir feedback.  Here are a few quoted from our feedback sheet, 'your blend and diction were very good indeed', 'you sang with commitment and musicality', 'you watch your conductor and concentrate at all times so that you are always together', and finally, 'Well done - a very fine and organised choir.'  We were thrilled with these comments alone.  Although this was a great morning concert in itself, it was also a competition.  The adjudicator then said that the choir she felt was the best was us!  The hall erupted as our pupils were so excited by that news.

We have since had many lovely comments from the audience and from the other schools taking part, congratulating our pupils on their wonderful performance.

We could not be more proud of each and every one of our young singers.


Below is a photograph taken at the moment that Grandma realises that it is the wolf at the door!

Writing in style!

Our Year 6 writing group were busy this morning, writing phrases to describe three dull everyday objects - a chair, clock and shelf.  They then turned these into three short free-verse poems.  I was really impressed by what they produced in just 20 minutes and thought I would share them with you.


Gamelan Trip with Year 4

Today, I had the privilege of attending the Gamelan workshop with Year 4.  This was an opportunity which was fully funded by 'Action Track' and was a rare opportunity to play an Indonesian Gamelan.  The children were fantastic, listening really carefully, learning the names of the various groups of instruments and then playing with great respect and care.  Nick Brace from Action Track mentioned how impressed he was that Year 4 pupils had played with such concentration.  Mrs Fielding, Mrs Norrey, Mrs Taylor and I were all very proud of both their playing and behaviour.  Well done Year 4.


Hero Day

To launch our new whole-school quest - Heroes and Villains, we have had great fun dressing up as our heroes.  I have been amazed by the huge range of heroes that the children have chosen, we have Doctors, Nurses, Coastguards, Mounted Police, Astronauts, various Grandparents, Teachers, Midwives, Mummies, Daddies, Dancers, Footballers, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Batwoman, our favourite Teddy Bear.........the list goes on!  We even have a 'Mrs White' which made my day as you can imagine.  Thank you all for helping your children, finding costumes and talking with them about heroes.


The children have visited two different classes this morning, heard about the teacher's heroes and then talked to each other about who they have come dressed as and why.  We look forward to our parade at the end of the day today.  See below for a slide show of photographs.

Who is your Hero?

On Thursday of this week, our pupils have the opportunity to dress up as a Hero.  I have been so interested to hear pupils discuss who they are coming dressed up as.  I know that one young lady is coming dressed as a coastguard, another as a nurse and a few as police men.  I am sure that we will have some fictional characters as well, I wonder how many of us wanted to be Wonder Woman, Cat Woman or even Hong-Kong Phooey when we were younger?  (Perhaps I am showing my age a little too much there!)


There has also been a great deal of discussion in the staff room around this theme.  We made the decision as a staff not to dress up this time, we did not want the children to think that we were turning the idea into a joke, but we also realised that it was going to be tough as adults to pin point a hero, particularly challenging to narrow it down to just one.


I spent time reflecting on this over the weekend and decided that my hero was my Grandad.  Walter Frank Childs was a real character, completely eccentric and individual but the sort of man who would do absolutely anything for anyone.  I remember at the age of around 7, being taken into the back garden and shown how to strip down the engine of a petrol mower - he certainly didn't believe that such things were only for boys.  I remember my parents not being quite so thrilled when my brother and I tried out our knowledge on the mower at home!  There are many, many stories that I could bore you all with, but I would not want to stop you reading this page!


The reason why he is my inspiration though, was that he always clung fast to his beliefs and ensured that he never wavered from them.  He was, I suppose, a 'ronseal' character.  He did exactly what he said he would, responded to everyone in the same gentle but determined way and showed compassion to everyone.  


I wonder who inspired you?  

Grand Designs Gallery

What an amazing end to the term!  I loved seeing all of the work that they children have been doing over this Quest.  From a pile of shoes inspired by 'The Elves and the Shoemaker', to group paintings of Egyptian Art; from beautifully detailed pictures of Egyptian Gods to Mayan Headdresses, the children have clearly demonstrated how much this Quest has inspired them to design wonderful things.  I love Receptions Paw Patrol house, they have put so much thought into creating it.  


All of the classes had the opportunity to come and visit the gallery during the afternoon and we were then overwhelmed by how many parents, grandparents and friends came to see it once school had finished.  Huge thanks to the children for all of their work, and huge thanks to the staff for mounting and displaying all of this work at the end of a very busy term.


A Nativity with a Difference

Forget being the 'third lobster' in the Christmas play, our pupils had the opportunity to be part of the cast of 'Lights, Camel, Action' and become stars in the Strictest of ways!

Our Strictly Come Dancing inspired show was a real hit this week, with pupils pulling off performances that dazzled the parents as well as the judges.  The amount of enjoyment that the pupils got from this was evident as they tangoed and pirouetted their way across the stage.  Huge thanks to all the staff for their input, to Mrs Turner for her fantastic set design and of course, to Mrs Norrey for pulling the show together beautifully.


Nativity Season Begins!

With the school term ending so early in December this year, our Nativity Season kicked off in magnificent style - in November!  Undeterred by this, the pupils sang their hearts out as they told the traditional story through the eyes of the Census takers.  Mrs Norrey, our Maths Lead was very impressed by the amount of counting required throughout the performance.  Our Reception pupils were fantastic at dancing, our Year 1 pupils performed the roles such as Shepherds, Census takers, Kings and the Holy Family whilst our Year 2 pupils narrated the story beautifully.


Many thanks to all of the adults who worked together with the pupils to make this such a lovely event.  Special thanks must go to Mrs Perks for writing the script and for pulling the whole thing together.  Well done to all!


Dress Up Day - Dahl Style

Well, this time last year, I spent the day as Cruella De'ville, trying not to make children cry and generally being nasty.  This year - I have been equally horrid as Miss Trunchball, I am concerned about what may await next year!!!  To be honest, it is always more fun playing the part of a baddy though!  I was a little concerned that many of the parents said that they had guessed I would come as this character - whatever must they think of their headteacher?


We had a great day, check out this week's Blue Beacon for just a few photographs of the amazing costumes and outfits that the children wore today.  Thank you to all the parents who worked hard to make these amazing costumes.

Our visit from James Carter

I am sure that lots of children came home from school on Tuesday, full of the the fun they had with James Carter.  He talked to everyone in assembly, reciting poems, making children laugh and playing a variety of instruments.  He then worked with the teachers in KS1, giving them ideas of poetry to write with their classes, and did poetry and editting sessions with Years 4 - 6.  We finished the day with a performance in the hall of the poems that we had written.  Please scroll down to find some videos and transcripts of the poems.  We really hope you enjoy them!

Alex's Wolf Haiku


Under gleaming moon

Crunching twigs below wild paws

Red eyes stab cold night

Clare's Animal Kenning


Can you guess which animal Clare is hinting at here?


Blood lover,

Light hater,

Scare giver,

Life taker,

Meat eater,

Ink maker,

Weird creature,

Dark dweller,

Scary fella,

Of all the hunters I'm the best,

I'm a ...shh... have you guessed?

Tomlinson Class

Still image for this video
Tomlinson class wrote this super poem about animals. There is a great rhyming structure within this - can you hear it?

Rowling Class Kenning


Rowling Class wrote this Kenning together linked with their Quest which is all about the Egyptians.


Mummy makers,

Tomb builders,

Food takers,

Gold guilders,

Ra believers,

Roman haters,

Gem lovers,

Heiroglyph creators,

Paper sellers,

Nile dwellers.

Rosen Class

Still image for this video
Rosen class wrote their poem all about different animals. I love how clearly they all spoke and how confidently they remembered their poem.

Krissha from Horowitz Class


Krissha wrote this amazing poem all about the impossible gifts that she would give to her dad.


These are the gifts that I would, if I could, give to you:

A pinch of silver stardust from the corner of space or even a block of bismuth

The purest of peridots or a great taste of summer.

From the end of the rainbow, a blinging pot of gold

Or maybe a dark secret never to be told.


A shining scale from a mermaid or even a large dragon wing bone,

Crimson red feathers that came down from heaven.

The brain of a scientist to make you even more clever.

A touch of immortality or a soothing song of spring,

The happiness of Christmas, the joy of being loved.


A handful of beauty, a pinch of good luck

Wonderful happy spirits, a fluff of sky-high clouds


These are the gifts that I would, if I could, give to you..

Year 1's Poem

Still image for this video
Year 1 wrote a poem about different animals and their characteristics. They even managed to incorporate some maths into the poem!

Sam's Animal Kenning


Can you guess which animal Sam is hinting at here?


Fish lover,

Human hater,

Fair giver,

Life taker,

Action maker

Meat eater,

Deep-dark dweller,

Feared fella

Of all the animals, I'm the best

I'm a .....shh..... have you guessed?

Louisa's Poem

Still image for this video
Year 6 wrote poems about impossible gifts. Things that no-one could really have but would love to be able to give someone. There were many beautiful and moving things that Year 6 wanted to give - here is Louisa's poem to give you an idea.

Harvey's Animal Kenning


Can you guess which animal Harvey is hinting at?


Food lover,

Cold hater,

Cuddle giver,

Walk taker,

Lovely eater,

Mischief maker,

Funny creature,

Home dweller,

Cool fella,


Of all the animals I'm the best,

I am .....shh.... have you guessed?

Book Week starts with a Noise!

Yesterday saw the start of our book week.  This year we are all following a poetry focus and will finish the week with a celebration of the life of Roald Dahl by dressing up as characters from his books and poems.  To kick things off, our singing club performed two songs from an adaptation of one of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes - Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

As always, the children sang brilliantly and the whole school enjoyed this special treat.  You may like to share the poem as a family (if it new to you - it has a super twist at the end!)  Watch out on Friday to see another Revolting Rhyme courtesy of the staff!

Roald Dahl

As soon as Wolf began to feel
That he would like a decent meal,
He went and knocked on Grandma's door.
When Grandma opened it, she saw
The sharp white teeth, the horrid grin,
And Wolfie said, 'May I come in?' 
Poor Grandmamma was terrified, 
'He's going to eat me up!' she cried. 
And she was absolutely right. 
He ate her up in one big bite. 
But Grandmamma was small and tough, 
And Wolfie wailed, 'That's not enough!
'I haven't yet begun to feel 
'That I have had a decent meal!' 
He ran around the kitchen yelping, 
'I've got to have another helping!' 
Then added with a frightful leer, 
'I'm therefore going to wait right here 
'Till Little Miss Red Riding Hood 
'Comes home from walking in the wood.' 
He quickly put on Grandma's clothes, 
(Of course he hadn't eaten those.) 
He dressed himself in coat and hat. 
He put on shoes and after that 
He even brushed and curled his hair, 
Then sat himself in Grandma's chair. 
In came the little girl in red. 
She stopped. She stared. And then she said,

'What great big ears you have, Grandma.' 
'All the better to hear you with,' the Wolf replied. 
'What great big eyes you have, Grandma,' said Little Red Riding Hood. 
'All the better to see you with,' the Wolf replied.

He sat there watching her and smiled.
He thought, I'm going to eat this child.
Compared with her old Grandmamma
She's going to taste like caviare.

Then Little Red Riding Hood said, 
'But Grandma, what a lovely great big furry coat you have on.'

'That's wrong!' cried Wolf. 'Have you forgot 
'To tell me what BIG TEETH I've got?
'Ah well, no matter what you say, 
'I'm going to eat you anyway. 
The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers. 
She whips a pistol from her knickers. 
She aims it at the creature's head 
And bang bang bang, she shoots him dead. 
A few weeks later, in the wood, 
I came across Miss Riding Hood. 
But what a change! No cloak of red, 
No silly hood upon her head.
She said, 'Hello, and do please note 
'My lovely furry WOLFSKIN COAT.'

Food Mayan Style!

Over the past week, pupils in Morpurgo and Horowitz classes have been making flour tortillas in the style of the Ancient Maya Civilisation.  The smell has wafted from the square all around the building making us all feel extremely hungry.  They have then eaten their creation with a tangy tomato salsa and guacamole sauce.  I had the privilege today of being brought my own tortilla complete with dips.  It was delicious!  For those of you who would like to try this at home the recipe is as follows!

400g Flour

1tsp. Baking Powder

1/2 tsp. salt

300ml warm water

3tbsp olive oil


  1. Mix flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl
  2. Mic the oil and warm water together then add to the mix above
  3. Stir together until all ingredients are well combined and form a dough
  4. Kneed for 2-3 minutes on a floured surface
  5. Divide the dough into 8 balls and roll each one out to the size of a dinner plate.  (The dough will shrink when resting)
  6. Warm 1 tsp of oil over a medium heat and cook each tortilla for 1 minute each side.  (Each side should just start to brown on any raised areas.)
  7. EAT!

Grand Designs

Yesterday we spent the day building shelters and dens as part of our new whole-school quest - 'Grand Designs'.  The children designed these first in class and then gathered all sorts of bits and pieces together from home in order to build their shelters.  The whole school arrived on the field and it soon looked like a festival site as colourful shelters appeared across it.  When it came to lunch time, I didn't feel it was right to leave all of the fun and so our lovely lunchtime staff pulled out all of the stops to enable us to eat lunch in our shelters.  I know that the children learned a great deal about structures, about working together as a team and had a huge amount of fun along the way.  I hope it was a day that they will remember.  Here are a few of the photographs taken on the day.  Have a look at our photo frame in the office area to see more.  This week's Blue Beacon challenge will be to create another Grand Design of your own.  Another den perhaps, or something entirely different that you can construct!  Bring or send in a photograph to achieve your bonus house points.


Fun with Brazil Class

Today I have had the great pleasure of spending a day teaching in Brazil class.  We have been exploring the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We began by telling the story using a group of bears and then wrote a description of one of the characters.  Then we got out the KAPLA blocks and created different sized chairs, beds and porridge bowls for the bears.  There are some photographs showing you our fantastic creations.  We also spent some time learning the Three Bears Rap - if you have a child in Brazil class, you might like to ask them if they can remember any of it for you!



Kilve - Day Four

What a fantastic day we have had today and what wonderful weather!

We split into two separate groups for the day.  One half headed down to the beach to look in the rock pools for crabs, anemones and other creatures.  They found out about the history of smuggling and ate ice creams in the Chantry.


The other half headed up to an abandoned quarry to take part in a real-life simulation.  The children were given roles and told that there had been a plane crash with 10 live casualties.  There were a team of paramedics and a team of accident investigators who needed to deal with the casualties and find out what had happened.  I was so impressed by how well all of the children entered into this, stayed in role and sustained it for a substantial period of time.  They have asked to complete another similar piece of drama back at school so we need to get thinking of something else to surprise them!


It’s hard to believe that this time tomorrow we will all be home – in fact – many of them may already be asleep by this time!  We have had a fantastic week.  They have all been willing to challenge themselves, to try new things, to survive without Mum or Dads, and to join in with everything that they were presented with.  Members of the public and the instructors here at Kilve have complimented us on their beautiful manners and good listening.



We have all been so proud of all of our young people.