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If your child is self-isolating, please explore the below links for activities and ideas to support your child's learning at home. Even if your child is not self-isolating, you may like to use these activities to practise skills at home.

Physical Development - Fine Motor Skills

Provide opportunities for your child to develop the muscles in their fingers, hands and wrist and practise making marks. By taking part in pre-writing activities, that support fine motor muscles they are developing their fingers and hand muscles to eventually hold a pencil and form letters. Any activities that involve your child making small movements with their fingers are brilliant. They could include: making models with Lego, clipping pegs onto a washing line, using keys to unlock padlocks, threading pasta onto string etc.


Reading & Phonics

  • Enjoy some of your favourite stories or maybe try some new ones by scanning the QR codes below.  



  • Use the Phonics Play games to practise blending phonics.

  • Try some of the free e-books on the link below.


  • Use these games and videos to practise your counting, numeral recognition, subitising (instantly recognising a small group of objects without counting) and/ or spatial reasoning.