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Home learning for Monday 21st - Thursday 24th June 2021

Monday 21st June


Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a good weekend.



Today, use your spelling list in your Bishop's Hull Book of Everything to test this week.  Let us know how you do!


New words – please click on your colour group for this week’s spellings (Your colour group is at the top of your new spelling sheets each week). 

Read through them, can you think of a sentence for each one?  Write one or two.



We’ve been really enjoying the different Oi stories over the past couple of weeks! 

Choose one of the Oi stories to listen to from the selection below:



Do you have a favourite story? 


Can you make a list of 5-10 animals and write a rhyming word to match? E.g.

Sheep – jeep

Mouse – house


I wonder if you found some words easier to rhyme than others, a bit like in 'Oi Duckbilled Platypus!'


Today we are continuing with our doubling. Watch the video and answer the questions on P18, 19 and 20.

Don’t worry if you can’t print it out, you could simply write the answers on paper.









Today, I’d like you to go on a mini beast hunt!  Download the checklist below and see how many bugs you can find.


Did you find them all in the same places? 



Tuesday 22nd June




Today, log into Espresso using the link below:

Username – student3792

Password – t****y (clue – Christmas)


Play the sorting game with ai, a-e and ay words.



Using your list from yesterday, use the speech bubble sheet below or draw your own speech bubbles.

Remember to use question marks and exclamation marks.  Can you add a picture to go with each?







Watch the video about growing in our world.


Talk about the video with a grown up and then complete the two activities below.

Wednesday 23rd June



If you need a reminder of the ay, a-e or ai sounds then watch the videos on Espresso.  Then play the matching game, following the link below:





Make equal groups- Grouping

Watch the video and carryout the worksheet on P21, 22 and 23.











Today we are going to think about the beginning of the stories and the reasons the animals give.  Look at the page below:



Can you fill in the missing words in the activity?



Look at The Woodland Trust which tells you all about minibeasts.


Watch an episode of Minibeast Adventures with Jess:


Today, look at the PowerPoint below about the different parts of an insect.

Can you draw your own detailed drawing of your chosen insect?  It could be an ant, beetle or bee.


If you would like to follow a tutorial, then watch the step by step video below:

There are lots of different ones if you don’t want to draw an ant.

Thursday 24th June



You have been practising ay, ai, and a-e this week so have a go at some of the games below.


Against the clock-


Buried treasure-

Or you could practise all the sounds in Phase 5-



Make equal groups- sharing

Watch the video and carryout the worksheet on P24, 25 and 26.












Have you listened to all the Oi Frog stories?  If you haven’t, scroll back up to Monday and have a listen.


Today, I’d like you to review one of the books.


Either print out and fill in the boxes or write your on a separate piece of paper.

If you are writing your own, use these questions as prompts:

  • What is the story about?
  • What did you like about the book?
  • What was your favourite page and why?



God and the Covenant - Lesson 6 - Jonah - Make good choices

How do people in your family feel if you make bad choices? How do they help you to think about what you have done? How do you put things right?

The story of Jonah shows how God loves everyone and wants them to make good choices.

Watch the Bible in pictures animation video here.-

I wonder … how do you think Jonah felt now? … What does this story say about how God feels when people do bad things? Does God stop loving them?


Task: Draw a picture from the story