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Home learning for Thursday 17th June 2021

Thursday 17th June


Hello everyone!  We weren't expecting to have to do this again, but hopefully it will only be for a very short time!


We hope you were able to enjoy the sunny weather yesterday. 


I have taken the caterpillars home to look after and will update photos if anything changes!




This week we are revising the 'oa' sound and the different ways of writing it.


Click on the link below to take you to an activity you could print off or complete on a whiteboard or paper.







We have started sharing Oi Frog! and Oi Dog! by Kes Gray in school.  We have been talking about our favourite pages and listening out for all the rhyming words.

Click on the link below to listen to Oi Cat!:




When you have listened to it, talk about your favourite page and character. 

Choose your favourite page to draw and write the question and answer to match.

Don't forget the question mark!






In class we have been practising our doubling. Can you double numbers to 10? We found that double 6, 7, 8 and 9 are the trickiest. We can double numbers to 5 using our hands but we need to spend a bit of time practising doubling from 6-10.

Practise doubling using objects around the home eg lego, dice, teddies!


Have a go at this game on ICT games to help you practise.


Don’t forget Hit the button too!


If you are confident at doubling to 10, try doubling to 15.



We have been talking about animal groups this week, can you play the guess my animal game with your family? 

Write an animal on a piece of paper and get your family to ask yes/no questions to see if they can guess it!


Watch the clip below about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores:


BBC Clip


When you have watched the clip, have a go at sorting the animals into the venn diagram.  If you haven't got a printer then you could draw your own animals.





Please remember to use Tapestry to send in any of your home learning for us to see, or if you would like to drop us a message to say hello!