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Homelearning for the Easter Holidays



There is no reading comprehension this week..



During the holiday, read at least 8 times.  Log in and read on Epic at least twice.  Let's try to get our next Epic badge!


Remember to record your reading in your BHBOAE.  Lots of you are forgetting! You will get housepoints for what is recorded.




Practise the Jumping Orange Words and the words with -sion that you got wrong in Speed Spell.  See the 'Spellings for this week' page.



We have begun to look at the 7x table.  Practise it using the cards that I have given you and I will also set some activities on Mathshed



I would like you to create something based on Ancient Egypt.  It could be a poster, a piece of art, a model, a powerpoint, a song or a video. Anything you like.  Please don't bring it in.  Instead, send it to me at the learning at home address.  We will upload your projects to the webpage so please be careful with things that may be copyrighted.