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Homelearning for 23rd September


Homelearning is set on a Friday and should be handed-in by the next Tuesday.




Spellings: Adding the prefixes mis-, in- and dis-


A prefix is a group of letters that we add to the front of a root word to change its meaning.  The prefixes mis-, dis- and in- are added to words to give them the opposite meaning.  Below are the words we are practising over the next two weeks.


Choose 6 words and write each of them four times.  Write the prefixes in colour to make them stand out.

















Write sentences that use the words misspell and disappear.




Maths: Can I explain how we use our Times Tables Challenge booklets?


This week you have asked if you can practise some of our tests at home so that you can show your family what we have been doing in class.


Remember to explain that you

  • have 2 minutes to answer each test.
  • can use times tables lists or times tables squares to help get the answers right.  This is because they help to get the answers fixed in your brain!
  • write down the time you took if you finish all the questions in less than 2 minutes.
  • don’t say the word “times” when you are saying the facts.  For example, you say, “Four twos are eight,” not “Four times two is eight.”  This is because it saves time.
  • always say the largest factor first so that it cuts down the number of facts we need to learn.  For example, 2x3 is said, “Three twos are 6.”


We will check your answers together in class, but it would be lovely if you could explain to your family how we usually mark our tests by saying the facts together.  It helps us to learn them.


Don’t forget to tell your family how you have got better at the 2x table this week!




Please read at home at least 4 times a week.  If we can see that you have done that, we will give you housepoints!


In our reading corner, there are some blank book review sheets.  It would be great if you could fill one in every time you read a book that you think other people would enjoy!