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Homelearning for 16th to 23rd July



There is no reading comprehension this week.


I will collect all the BHBOAEs during the week.  I hope you have been reading at home at least four times a week and recording it.  If you have, you will receive housepoints.  Perhaps they will help your house to be this term's winners!




Carry on practising your tables by doing tests on TT Rockstars and Mathshed. We will do one last Soundcheck this week to see how much progress you have made this year!


Also remember to practise your number bonds within 20 so that you can answer questions without using your fingers. Let's try to learn them off by heart by Year 5.


You can use the links on this page to help you.



Learn the -ion spellings that are here.

They are also in your BHBOAE.


Revise the spellings you have had this year here