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Horowitz (Year 6)

Welcome to Horowitz Class




Girls vs Boys


From 6th January until 31st January. 


Please note it will only collect scores from 9am until 8pm, any games you play before or after this will not add to your team's scores. 


UPDATE - Girls have taken the lead - it's getting very competitive in school!

Google Classrooms


It is important you are looking at the feedback that I am sending you and responding if needed. 

Also, when you do the reading comprehension I go back and change your marks as the computer doesn't get them all right - these new marks are also on your Google Classroom profile. 

Please check the new guide in the block below titled 'Checking your work and responding to feedback'.

Another week and more home learning.


It was great to see so many of you on Googe Meet on Friday it was lovely to see your faces again and also nice to meet so many of your pets. I look forward to this Friday to see you again and hopefully some more of you will be able to join in. It will be a quiz on Friday so you will need a pen or pencil and some paper.

This week more of the work will be up on GC for you to complete on there - I have found it a great way to be able to see your work and I have enjoyed seeing what you have been up to.


If you are not on Google Classrooms it would be great to see some of your work so if you complete something you are proud of and want to share it then please ask your parents nicely if they will email it to


Thursday -

  • Literacy - Finish your poem. For those who have their is a short story challenge for you today.
  • Maths - Last of the decimals White Rose Work and then some word problems.
  • Grammar - Expanded Noun Phrases
  • Reading Comprehension - A one-off piece on Google Classrooms.
  • Reading - Spend some time reading either your own book or exploring EPIC - loads in class are really loving Epic and finding new books.
  • Topic - RE - The Story of the Lost Sheep.


Take care of yourselves and keep working hard and hopefully we'll be together soon.


Mrs David

Class Joke of the Day


In class, the children were telling some jokes - some were quite funny, some were less so - and they would like to see a joke of the day section on the webpage to keep us laughing through all of this. 


What type of bear has no teeth?


A gummy bear. 



Do you have concerns or worries and you don't know what to do? 


It is always good to talk to someone and in school we have people who can listen and talk to you and I know many of you have support at home with parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters or aunts and uncles. There is a new website that has been developed for 8-11 year olds which can offer you some support and advice too. Ollee is a new online chatbot that can help you with concerns or worries and offer you some advice. It covers a whole range of topics about family, friends, school and many more. 


Parents - you can also register and it can help you if you are looking for the best advice and support to give your child. 





In year 6 it is important that the children get into a good routine of completing their homework and bringing it back in so they are used to it by the time they move onto Secondary school. 


In our class we use the CGP books and we have bought each child a maths and grammar book for homework to be completed in. We will set a few pages in each book every Monday and it will be due back in on a Monday. The children are responsible for marking their own work as we go through it on a Monday. 


If your child is stuck with their homework they can of course discuss it with you and you can provide some help and support or they can come in and speak to either myself or Mrs Adams about it (ideally before the Monday it is due in). 

Try this challenge. 

Okay - I stumbled across this website and I thought this might be great for some of you as you love challenges and riddles. I tried the Alice in Wonderland one and it was good, I might try another this weekend.

Have a go and see who in your family is the best at answering the riddles.



Mrs Waller, our SENCO, has set up a great page for wellbeing with some great links to sites to help explain this situation to children. If you are interested check out our wellbeing page.

Don't forget to look on the Forest School webpage for forest school type activities you can do in your home and garden.

Lots of them are 'off screen' ideas.