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Horowitz (Year 6)

Welcome to Horowitz Class


Celebrate and Commemorate


This term we are looking at celebrating and commemorating different events with our main focus being on the 100 year remembrance of the end of WWI and the 40th birthday of the school.

Image result for ww1 centenaryImage result for 40th birthday


We began the term by coming in and talking to children in year 1 about all the different things we celebrate within our own lives and there were lots of different examples including birthdays and weddings and Christmas and Easter. We have now moved on to look at the causes and effects of WWI and how it effected the lives of people both home and abroad.




Christopher Jelley


Today we were lucky as Christopher Jelley came to visit our class and worked with us to create our own inventions and parts of a story. We spent the morning investigating several of his story inventions and then creating our own inventions. We had some great ideas from machines that allow us to walk on the ceiling to 


We then wrote up our own versions of the chapters and put them onto a website so we can share our stories. 


It it was a fantastic day and we were so lucky to have this opportunity. Thanks Mr Jelley!


Beyond the Lines


For Literacy we have been watching the video Beyond the Lines. It is a video that shows two boys caught up in a battle and what they witness however there are strange objects along the way which hint that all is not as it seems.


We have spent some time looking at powerful writer's techniques and how we can engage the reader in our work. There are some fantastic pieces coming from this and we look forward to sharing them on here soon!

CGP Books

Each week we will be sending home some work from our CGP books. It is really important that you work hard and complete the work and then bring it back into school so we can mark it together.


The CGP books are great revision guides for the SATs this year and show you what sort of questions you may be given in the tests.

Don't forget to bring them back in every Monday!


We know this is looming and so here are some suggestions of sites you might like to look at for revision or example questions.


BBC Bitesize

Vocabulary Ninjas (SPAG questions)

TT Rockstars (remember we don't have the apostrophe anymore)


My Maths