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Welcome to Horowitz Class


Welcome Back

It has been lovely to see so many of you back and I know Mrs Payne has enjoyed working with you on her days and it was great to see my groups back on Thursday and Friday.



Changes to Home Learning

As so many of you are back in school one day a week we are going to make some changes to home learning. I will put up work for each week but without the specific days attached to it and those of you who are in can work around the days you are in so you don't have to feel you need to catch up with work on a day you were in school with us. For those of you who are not returning, I will add extension ideas and you can either complete those or finish off work you might not have got a chance to do all week. I would still love to see your work on the learningathome email but please bare with me as I may not be able to respond as promptly as I have done in the past but I will check my emails and respond.



This week on BBC Bitesize they are recapping on ratio and scale factors. I know we covered this not long before lockdown and I've set you some White Rose work since then but as we are moving to BBC Bitesize we will go over it again. All the secondary schools I have spoken to have asked that you keep up your maths practise so that you go to Secondary school with some good recall of key areas.

If you follow the BBC Bitesize daily lessons and then I have added some worksheets below although you may have already seen them.

Again if you want some challenges then check out this page with some NRich maths challenges linked to ratio.


Watch out for a new challenge that has been set for us by Castle School - I will upload it when I get more information.



This week we are going to think about robots and a world in which they might live. This video is called Tabula Rasa which means 'blank slate' and possibly hints at the landscape the robot finds himself in or the idea that he is starting the planet from scratch.


This week I would like you to write a first person story of the robot and his discovery of the plant and his mission to save it.

I would like you to consider these things

  • Does the robot know what this is?
  • How does he know it needs sunlight?
  • What sacrafises does he make for the plant?
  • Why does he do this?
  • What is the flashback at the end?


You can add a bit before or after this video to extend it or explain extra parts. I want you to think about how the robot sees the landscape, what his emotions or feelings may be at different stages; does he know what these feelings or emotions are? How would a robot explain this?




It has been lovely to hear some of your views and ideas about your next big adventure and it is great that you are trying to see the positive in this next step. I will leave these links here for now incase any of you want to have a look at your secondary school transition page.



Bishop Foxes



What I want you to do this week is a bit of a DT project and designing and constructing your own robot linked to our literacy. I want you to think about why your robot has been created and any features it might have as a result of its creation - why is is replacing human jobs?


I would then like you to try and construct a model of your robot - you will need to think about the shapes of the parts of the robots and may need to create 3D nets to help you make them. If you can design a pully style system to help it move that would be wonderful but my focus for this piece is on the design procedure and how would you move from a 2D design on paper to a 3D model. This is a important skill.

Transition - this may help some of you


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Try this challenge. 

Okay - I stumbled across this website and I thought this might be great for some of you as you love challenges and riddles. I tried the Alice in Wonderland one and it was good, I might try another this weekend.

Have a go and see who in your family is the best at answering the riddles.



Mrs Waller, our SENCO, has set up a great page for wellbeing with some great links to sites to help explain this situation to children. If you are interested check out our wellbeing page.

Don't forget to look on the Forest School webpage for forest school type activities you can do in your home and garden.

Lots of them are 'off screen' ideas.




Try SASPs new May challenge find it here. If you are looking for more ideas check out their website.


We have being try Cosmic Yoga in school- some of them are aimed at slightly younger children but it is very good for stretching and there are some really good ones in there..


We have got access to Real PE a fun, interactive programme of PE activities. To log in you will need to use these details

Password: bishopshul

Why not give it a go and try something new!



All across the country and the world, people are displaying rainbows to show others in self isolation that they are thinking of them and spreading happiness. Thanks to Langi’s picture we were inspired to make our own in class. If you are at home why not make your own Rainbow and display it somewhere to show people that you are thinking of them. You can even go on a rainbow walk and see how many you can spot. 

I hope that you are all safe and that we see each other soon. Make sure you look after yourselves and your family and friends. Miss you all. 

🌈 Mrs David 🌈 


Chase the rainbow from Horowitz Class, Mrs Adams, Mrs Legrand and Mrs David

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