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Literacy and phonics



We have been working really hard to improve our phonics. The phonics section in Espresso is brilliant. There are videos for each sound and lots of activities.

Click below:

Scraps phonics

Polly's phonics

The class have enjoyed 'Phonics play'. 


Click here for :Top marks have lots of fun games 





There is a list of Year 1 spellings in the Bishop Hull Book of Everything, which children should be able to spell by the end of the year. Which ones can they spell already? Choose 3 to work on at a time. Can they put them into a sentence?


What is a sentence?

We will be working on what a sentence is all year and this is key for your child to grasp. Have they used a capital letter and full stop correctly? There are many fun ways to practise this. Have a look at some of the links below:


Primary resources

Espresso Making a sentence


Handwriting and letter formation

Handwriting is another area that we will be working on throughout the year. Is your child holding their pencil correctly? Are they forming their letters correctly? 

Espresso has a section on 'Handwriting'. Click here.

Do they know all their upper and lower case letters? Click here.



Typing is important as well. We have been using Purple Mash to improve our typing skills. This aids letter recognition too! 2Type

Children had these passwords last year but will be in their BHBof E again. You need to link to our school first.


Read, read and read some more!

Look in your child's Bishops Hull Book of Everything as we have a weekly shared text.

It is always good to re-read these and ask questions to ensure understanding.



Espresso have a list of books, activities and comprehension activities. Click here.

BBC Bitesize have lots. Click here.

Look at a selection on the Booktrust website.