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In class we have been counting up to 20 and back. We have sung some songs to help us. Click on the links below to have a go at home:


Counting up and back


Counting up to 20


Counting song to 20


Counting to 20 song


Can you write the numbers 1-20 correctly?

Remember to check those tricky ones like 2, 5, 7 and 9.


1        2        3          4          5           6         7           8          9           10


11      12      13         14        15         16        17        18         19            20


There are some fantastic maths games to play too!


Ict games- We love lots of these!


Hit the button- Have a go at your number bonds to 10 first and then try to 20. It would be good to practise your doubling and halving as well.





Remember  Espresso has some fantastic number activities too!

Look at the videos and activities on addition and subtraction.


There are lots of dice games that can be played at home to help fluency.

Click here