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Monday 11th January

Week 2 Spring Term Home Learning


Monday 11th January


This week we are continuing to look at multiplication and division.  We are currently following the White Rose Hub unit.  All the activities and PowerPoints are linked below.


As we all have our White Rose Maths books at home, we can now work from them.  So, instead of attaching a worksheet, I will give you your pages numbers.  I am also still attaching the answer sheet to help you mark them.


Dividing by 4 page 58-61

Aut3.11.5 - Divide by 4

This is "Aut3.11.5 - Divide by 4" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Maths Extension

Today I would like you to go onto MathShed and practice your times tables, particularly focussing on the 3, 4 and 8 tables.


Click here for a link to the website, you log in through Edshed. 

Your username and password should be in the front of your BHBOAE book.  If you cannot remember your username and password, please give me an email on and I shall find it for you!


In literacy we are now going to have a timetable.  A bit like we do in class!


It will look like this - 

Monday - Literacy Unit (at the moment 'The Truth About Trolls')

Tuesday - Literacy Unit

Wednesday - Grammar

Thursday - Reading Comprehension

Friday - Literacy Unit



Today we are continuing to look at, 'The Truth About Trolls'.

Today's task is to read back through the text and then complete the activity on page 10 and 11 - Adverb Add-On Games.  

We have worked quite a bit on adverbs.  Remember, they are words that describe a verb.

For example - quickly, slowly, quietly, swiftly, silently ..... the list goes on!


I would like you to spend some time every day reading your reading book or any book you are enjoying.  It is great to read to others but it is also good to do some independent reading!  Maybe you could send in some book reviews that we could share on our webpage!


In your home learning folder, that you collected from school, is a guided reading question sheet which someone at home can use to help you understand your reading and extend your knowledge!

Read, Write Inc

In Read Write Inc we are continuing looking at our new unit, this is unit 5 focussing on words ending in -ture, it is on page 19 - 22.  But today I would like you to just work on page 21 and complete the log and learn, dictation and four-in-a-row activities.  Tomorrow we shall go onto choose the right word, team teach and jumping orange word activities.  

Do remember to practice for your test on Wednesday.


REMEMBER, you can always go back over previous units and complete and work which you did not quite finish.


This term we are looking at, 'From The Stone Age to The Iron Age'.  Last week I attached a timeline of the events throughout this time period.

For this week we are going to do a project all about cave paintings.  Find attached below a PowerPoint and an ebook page all about this.

People of this time period used these paintings to tell others about their lives and about where they lived.  I would like you to have a go this week at creating your own cave paintings all about your life and your home.  Remember they had 3 main colours to use, try to use only these three colours in your cave paintings.  The colours were charcoal (black), burnt sienna (dark orangey red) and ochre (a mustard yellow colour).  


I would also like you to write an information sheet to go with your painting.  Try to include information about -  Why they are so important to us?  Why they used a limited amount of colours?  Where did the colours come from?  Where have the cave paintings been found?


This project will definitely last for over two days, so you can carry on the information sheet into tomorrow.