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Monday 28th March

Monday 28th March


In maths today we are continuing looking at fractions.

Below is the video of today's lesson.  Have a watch and then try the activity linked below.  I have also put in the answers to mark your work when you are finished.

Spr3.11.2 - Unit fractions

Maths Extensions

Attached below is a file of extra reasoning problems.  Have a go at a few of these to help extend your learning of fractions.


For today we are continuing our Somerset Literacy Network plan on 'The Seven Sisters', please find the story linked below.  

Re-read the story 'The Seven Sisters'.

Below is your activity for today, I have also linked the story again.


Gaia, the Earth Mother, turned the seven sisters into trees so that they could stay and dance together for ever.


Folk stories, fairy tales and ancient myths often tell of a person being magically transformed into something else. It might be that they are changed into a creature of some sort, or part of the landscape, or an object in the night sky. Often they are changed as a punishment, but sometimes it is to grant a wish.


Your task is to make a list of stories where a person is turned into something else.

Your list should mention:

The title of the story - the name of the person or object that is changed - what they are changed into - why they were changed.  Make sure to write a good paragraph about each story you find!




I would like you to spend some time every day reading your reading book or any book you are enjoying.  It is great to read to others but it is also good to do some independent reading!  Maybe you could send in some book reviews that we could share on our webpage!



Today we are looking our new unit 22 spellings.  As always they will be updated on the spelling tab on the front of our class webpage.


Today we are going to continue looking at light and dark.  Last week we focussed on reflective surfaces but today we are going to focus on marvellous mirrors!  There is a PowerPoint attached below helping to explain, it also includes some small activities for investigation.  The main activity today will be creating a quiz for someone at home!  Also you will be writing messages to reflect in the mirror.  Have fun!