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Hi all,

Week one of home learning is nearly done. Well done everyone on how you are adapting to this new way of learning. I am sure you are all coming up with unique and wonderful ways of learning new skills and knowledge. I hope you are enjoying your class pages. There are lots of different things you can learn from your class pages so make sure you are regularly logging on to learn something new!


To help with your learning I will post a quiz each week for the family to do. Try to record your scores and when we are all back come and tell me your scores. (Thank you to Mr Braund from St George's School for this idea and the quizzes!)


I will also post a Blue Beacon Challenge every week for everyone to do. Now that you are all at home with plenty of time on your hands there is no excuse not to complete the challenge! 


Good luck everyone and enjoy learning together!!


Mr Turner

The Blue Beacon Challenge 

Before you begin the challenges create a Blue Beacon Challenge folder which will be a great way of storing your challenges. We can then share our folders when we all come back together again and celebrate the learning we have done at home!


Friday the 27th March


What fantastic weather!! There are lots of new blossoms and flowers appearing now that the sun is out. Your challenge this week is to draw or photograph or do a sculpture of or write a poem of your favourite flower or blossom. 

Try to be imaginative.

Take your photo from unusual angles

Use materials like tissue paper rather than just drawing

Use clay or recycling materials 


Good luck and enjoy!!


Friday 3rd March 2020


Design an Easter Treasure Hunt


We all love an Easter Treasure Hunt so this week’s challenge is to design one for your family.

What you need to do:

Make up 8 clues for you family to work out. The clues will lead your family step by step to the treasure. Try to make them tricky but not too hard.

At each clue you might want to leave a small prize (or even a small egg). At the last clue hide your treasure.

Hide the clues around your house and garden.

Your family can either search altogether or they could do it individually!

When you have found the treasure hopefully you will be able to share it out and enjoy!

Don't forget to write or paste your clues into your Blue Beacon Journal to show us all when you come back to school.


Good luck and Happy Easter!


Friday 1st May


75th Anniversary of VE day 


The Challenge this week is to make something to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE day. 

You could make some bunting to put on the front of your house or decorate cupcakes to give to family or neighbours or make a flag. Think of a creative way to celebrate this important moment in our history. 

Make sure you send your creations into the Learningat.home email. Please attention them to MR T so I can see them.


Good luck and enjoy the celebrations next Friday.


22nd May

The Challenge this week is to email photos to me showing me all the P.E activities you are doing at home. Then we can put them onto our new Get Active page on the website.

Good luck and enjoy the challenge!