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At this time of year we would usualy look forward to our transition afternoon and getting to know each other better. Hopefully you have all recieved a letter from me and an All About Me booklet - I look forward to recieving your booklets so I can read them over the summer holidays and get to know you all a bit before we start back in September.


Some of you may have questions about life in year six and so I have asked some of the current year sixes to help answer them. If you have any different questions or worries then you can always email me at the email address and I will get back to you.


 In the mean time, have a great summer holiday and keep working on your reading, writing and maths and I look forward to seeing you all properly in September.

Is the work in year six really hard?


One of the year sixes responded to say...


I understand your concern because I was worried too but I soon realised that Mrs David would never ask you to do the work she's set unless she had taught it to you first. Every adult in the room is there to make sure that you understand and will always help you. So don't worry about it, you'll adapt just as quickly as you did in year 5.


What I would say is that all the adults in the room are always there to help you and if you are stuck then just put your hand up and ask, we won't bite! The work in year 6 builds on what you have learnt in year 5 so please don't worry about it at all as we will help you.

Is the homework hard and what happens if I don't understand it or forget the homework?


One of the year sixes responded to say...


I worried about the work in year six and the homework but there are lots of people who can help you. You can ask your mum, dad, older brother or sister, a friend or Mrs David or Mrs Adams. The homework is based on work you have done in class so you should be able to answer some of it but if you are stuck then you just have to ask.

If you forget your homework Mrs David will remind you that it needs to be in on time next time and if you just forget to do it she may get you to do it in your break time but it is to help you as the work is important revision.


What I would say is that the homework is set on a Monday and due in the following Monday so you have plenty of time to complete it and it is usually best not to leave it until the last night to try and do it. You will get set two pieces of homework one maths and one grammar and we have our own CGP books to do the work in. Do not worry as we will expain it all to you clearly and there is always an adult in the class who can help you so you just need to ask and we will explain it.

Is it scary being a year six and the oldest in the school?


One of the year sixes responded to say...


It is great fun being a year six as you get so many great things. You can sit on the benches in the hall and you get to put yourself forward for House Captain or Vice. Then there is Escot to look forward to as well. It isn't scary at all as you get respected for being the oldest and you are trusted to do more and take on more jobs which can be a lot of fun. I have loved being in year six and I know you will love it to.


What I will say is that I love teaching year six and there are so many great opportunities for you all. In year six we have lots and lots of laughs and giggles and although we work hard we also know how to have fun. You will enjoy the different opportunities and Escot is AMAZING!

Now the year sixes this year obviously missed out on SATs and Escot so they couldn't answer this for you so I will talk about these.



I know that many of you worry about SATs as they are not something you have ever had to think about before but please, please do not ever worry about SATs. You have in fact completed them before when you were in year two but you probably don't remember them as they were so painless.

The SATs take place in May over 4 mornings. Now this might seem like a lot but if you put it into the whole time you are in year six or even your whole time in school then 4 mornings isn't very long really is it? Every morning before the tests we have a breakfast together which is usually toast and hot chocolate whilst we sit and chat to our friends. Then on the Friday we get a fun day to celebrate.

Throughout the year we do lots of work on the tests and practise them so that you know what they will look like in May but please never worry; as one year 6 said "SATs seem hard but once you go in the first time - it's gonna feel simple."



The first thing and really the only thing you need to know about Escot is that it is AMAZING! I love Escot - absolutely love everything about it. You stay in yurts (big tents with bunk beds in), you get to see the wolves and the otters (I love the otters) and you get to do so many fantastic activities you will never get bored.

Some people worry about being away from home for so long but we keep you so busy and you do so many amazing things there that you soon find the time whizzing past and before you know it we are back on the bus heading for home. You are spending the week with your friends and they will all be there to support you as well as your teachers and TAs and Mr Turner.

Escot is a long way off but if you feel you are getting worried about it and want to talk about it then please talk to Mrs Adams or myself as we have both been to Escot and both love it.