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Rosen Class Gallery 2021-22

Autumn Term - November/December 2021

It’s been a very mild autumn an start to winter but in the hope it will get colder at some point, we have been reminding ourselves of our fire safety rules and lighting the Kelly Kettle/fire (which normally means hot chocolate if we’re lucky!).                 

As December started, we read ‘We’re Going on an Elf Chase’. Afterwards we went on an elf hunt and found lots of elf pictures to collect. As our Christmas treat, we lit the fire and toasted marshmallows to make s’mores.

You'll see from the photos we didn't enjoy the s'mores at allwink wink laugh!


We read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. We loved looking at all of the leaf pictures. Miss Brimble challenged us to make our own leaf characters and create an adventure for them. Miss Brimble was very impressed with our imaginative characters and thought they were brilliant, we had a lion, rabbit, giraffe, birds to name a few. It was a very windy day and we had to persevere because ‘a leaf man has to go wherever the wind blows!’; we had to catch some of our characters once or twice!

We think you'll agree our characters are very detailed!


We have had another very busy half-term of activities. We stated to notice the seasonal change and did lots of talking about what happens to the trees (and leaves) as winter approaches. Fallen leaves are great fun but they do make school look untidy and it can be slippery on the playground when there are lots of wet leaves, so some of us volunteered to make ‘working teams’ and organised how we would help to clear the playgrounds. This meant of course that we could then make big leaf piles in the copse and have fun playing with and jumping in the collected leaves! We did lots of autumn activities like making leaf angels, leaf trees, leaf sketching, chalking, rubbing and printing.  Willow the Elf joined us for some of our sessions—she particularly likes story time and joining in with our activities! We read ‘Leafy the Pet Leaf’ by Phillip Ardagh. Some of us made our own pet leaves and took them on adventures around the copse!