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            Welcome to Rosen Class webpage!


       The adults in Rosen Class are:

              Mrs Irving - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

            Miss Heaney - Thursday and Friday

Mrs Legrand

Miss Hallett

Miss McGuigan

Mrs Hughes



17th April 2023

Welcome to the Summer Term in Rosen Class!

Here is what we will be learning about this term

Letter to parents Summer 2023

1st March 2023

Next week we are going to be learning about shape. Have a look at this BBC Bitesize page to get you started.

There are also new tasks set on MyMaths.


As part of Children's mental Health Week take a look at the new resource just released from the BBC. We will be using it in class. Moodboosters. 

PS. Its not just for that week!!

31st January 2023

Don't forget to use your new password to access your tasks on MyMaths. Well done to all those children who have already had a go! We will be adding some more tasks soon...

Attention all parents

This website had a good explanation about Key Stage One SATs which take place in Year 2 in May. Also has lots of ideas for ways to help your child. We can explain more at parents evening, please just ask!

Spring Class Letter

Spring Curriculum

Ideas for helping your child with writing at home

This website has lots of good ideas for helping your child with reading at home       Books Trust


The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is happening 27th - 29th January. To take part follow this link


Tuesday 1st November 2022

We hope you have all had a good half term. Here is a planning overview showing what topics we will be covering in all the subjects this term. Please take some time to discuss it with your child. Thank you.

Monday 19th September will be a National Bank Holiday for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. School will be closed.

The announcement of the Queen’s passing was a very sad day for us all. As a school community, we dedicated our Friday morning assembly to Queen Elizabeth II. We recognised the sadness that many people are feeling at the passing of the Queen but we also celebrated the life of a remarkable person. The Queen has been a constant in all our lives and it was lovely to take a moment to celebrate her amazing life of service.

Teddy bears Picnic 9th September

Pictures to follow of our Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday 9th September. We also watched a video about a very famous bear.

A quick reminder about how Read Write Inc works can be found below.

Here is our class letter which will tell you about all the learning we will be doing this term.


In class today we worked together to come up with ideas for making Rosen Class 'Ready, Respectful, Safe'. Everyone agreed with these words. Please take some time to talk to these rules with your child.


Rosen Class Agreement


   We will:

  • Try our best
  • Stay in the classroom during learning
  • Be kind to each other
  • Walk when we are inside
  • Use our hands and words kindly
  • Share equipment sensibly
  • Help each other
  • Respect each other’s space
  • Follow the listening rules
  • Use the play equipment at playtime instead of playing in the bushes and climbing trees
  • Tell an adult if we have a problem
  • Try our best to make good choices
  • Look after our classroom
  • Wash our hands before eating, after using the toilet and when they are dirty
  • Put our rubbish in the bin or recycling box
  • Look after our friends if they are hurt

We will be adding our class letter later this week which will let you know all the exciting things we have planned this term. In the meantime please can everyone bring in a teddy or some sort of (not enormous!) cuddly toy on Friday 9th Septemeber. Thank you!

September 2022








Everything below this line is from last year but there is lots of interesting stuff so have a look!




Click on the link below and download the new White Rose 1 minute Maths app. It's great for fun activities and maths tasks everyday!

It's Book Week from Monday 28th February- 4th March 2022. We can not wait to see your costumes on Friday 4th March!


Here is our Spring term curriculum letter. This tells you all the things we will be learning this half term.


Hello everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to coming back to school and doing lots of new things! 

Just a quick reminder that the first day back is TUESDSAY 4TH JANUARY 2022 and it will be Forest School first thing!!


Rosen Class Christmas party fun!



Here is a link with lots of great ideas and information about the way we teach phonics. Please take a look.

12.10.21 Forest School fun!

Rosen Class Autumn Curriculum Letter September 2021 PLEASE READ

September 2021

A new school year. Welcome to all our new children. We hope you are looking forward to the new school year as much as we are!

In school we have been talking about our class promise. We sent home a copy to everyone to share at home. Please talk to your child about behaviour and expectations at school.








Everything below this is the Academic Year 2020-2021. Take a look. There may still be some useful items there!

7.7.21 Rosen Class visit to the park

Wednesday 30th June. Rosen Class sports morning


Springwatch is on BBC at the moment. They have live cameras showing birds nests in various locations. Follow this link to have a look. 

Forest School fun!!

Wednesday 19th May is National Numeracy Day. We will be doing some activities in school. Here is a link for some ideas to do at home.


Welcome back! We are really looking forward to starting our new Summer term in class. We hope you had a lovely Easter break and were able to catch up with much missed friends and family in some way.


As in previous terms, please come into school in your Forest School kit (old shoes and clothes and a waterproof coat) and bring your uniform in to change into afterwards on Tuesdays and wear your PE kit to school on Fridays. Thankyou.

Below is a link to a document full of helpful tips and ideas for making the return to school a successful one.

Return to school for all children -

               Monday 8th March - YAHOO!!!

We will add information here about anything you need to know about that day. Also watch out for news in the Blue Beacon. If you have any class specific questions or information we need to know about your child or just any worries please email us on

and we will try and help.

We would like children to bring back their orange books and their maths workbooks (red and green) in the first instance please. We will need to quarantine them for a few days to stay covid safe. We are excited to see all the work everyone has been doing whilst at home.

The first few days will be all about settling back in and reminders about how school works. The children will also have Forest School as normal on Tuesday (9th) morning. We will be spending time focussing on wellbeing throughout the first week (and beyond!). 

We still need to be careful about transmission and will be reiterating this message at all times in our Year 2 bubble.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again.



Wednesday 3rd March

Google Meet at 2.15pm see you there!

Log in to your google classroom account, go to the calendar and click on the event at 2.15pm. If you need a few more hints and tips for logging in, you can find more help on the google classroom page on the children tab of our website.


We hope you have had a restful half term and are ready for a new week of home learning (except Monday as it is an INSET day).

12.2.21 Look at all the fab snails, habitats, chinese dragons, great work, origami hats and lanterns! There are also some more photos in the post dated 18.1.21.

Youth Mental Health Ambassador Dr. Alex George gives his five top tops for good mental health and wellbeing, ahead of the February half term holiday.


The Countryside Charity are asking people to choose a clear night between 6-14 February 2021, look up at the constellation of Orion and let them know how many stars you can spot. Check out the link and join in!


Wow! Look at all the fabulous ways everyone at Bishops Hull School expresses themselves. If you sent in a photo or a video and have given permission for them to be shared, can you spot yourself? Thank you Mrs David for putting this together. 




Well, how lovely to see all your smiling faces today! Don't worry if you couldn't make it this time, we will do it again next week when hopefully more people can attend. We will let you know when as soon as we can!




Exciting news!

We are up and running (and learning!) with Google Classroom. There are ‘how to’ documents on the drop down children tab on the main school webpage. But, in a nutshell, you need to type in 'google classroom' to google, click classroom and login - we gave you your child’s login info on a long strip of paper when you picked up their packs on 5th January. If you don't have it anymore please email us on


and we can resend it to you. Have a look around and explore, see if you can find the quiz we have set! 

We are trying to set up a Google Meet for week beginning 1st February. We will let you know more about that when we have worked out how to do it!!! One thing we have found out is that it's better on a laptop. If using an ipad you need iOS 12.0 or later.





Head on over to Bishops Hull TV to see Miss Heaney reading 3 stories! 

18.1.21 Look at all the great home learning that is happening in Rosen Class! We are so proud of you all!








Wednesday 13th January 2021 Parent letter - current information - please read!








                     The links below are signposts for Wellbeing support 
Everything below this line is pre Lockdown 3. There are still, however, lots of good ideas. So if you need some inspiration or have run out of things to do, take a look.


In Maths, at the moment, we are working on money. Lots of children found it very tricky today to work out amounts of money, for example - a £5 note plus two £1 coins plus one 10p coin plus three 2p coins......what is the total? Please could you spend some time with your child working out different amounts of money. Thank you.


Ask your child about their egg-citing morning at Forest School today!! Head over to the Forest School tab and click on the Year 2 star for a write up from Miss Brimble and lots of great photos.


There are lots of lovely photos of the children at Forest School on the Forest School page of the school website. Click on the Year 2 star.


Today we have been thinking about Remembrance. We watched this video.


Wet and soggy Forest School today!


As part of our 'Here we are' work we worked as a class (with Mrs Wedderkop) to produce this poster to display in our classroom. During the session we thought about how we are all equal and that we should treat others with kindness.


Today we were looking at 'Here we are' and thinking about how we treat animals on our planet. We also looked at a video about comparisons in our universe.
In our Literacy session today we looked at facts about scorpions and frogs.

15.9.20. Fun at Forest School today

In class we are enjoying having movement breaks using Supermovers

Rosen Class Letter

This term we will be looking closely at this book from Oliver Jeffers



Oxford Owl are providing free reading books from ages 3-11 years! Click on the link below to register as a parent for free and browse hundreds of e-books.


This is a link to some parent workbooks on the White Rose site. If you are isolating please have a go at some of these.



If you would like to get in touch with Miss Heaney or Mrs Moore please email


Please put Rosen Class in the subject line so we can spot your messages.









Everything below this is historic, we are trying to work out a way to archive it. There may be some things that you find useful! Feel free to take a look!

The Magic of Reading .......

Do check out our ideas for reading in the Summer Holidays. The link is below.
Monday 8th June is World Oceans day. Click here for a short video clip showing how amazing our oceans are. Now look up close by looking at google earth- worlds oceans and here. Espresso has some lovely videos and activities too!

Don't forget to keep letting me know about what you have been up to by emailing school. Please put Rosen Class in the subject line so I can spot your messages. It has been lovely to read them over the past half term






The Wildlife Trust have launched an exciting new nature challenge called '30 days wild' where you can do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month of June: for your health, wellbeing and for the planet. Click here to find more information. Let us know how you get on!

Friday 22nd May

Good morning everyone! How are you?

Today's activities are as follows:-



Please finish the White Rose Activities for the week. The worksheets are attached under Monday's post. Friday's White Rose activity is a family challenge! There are lots of problems to solve, the most suitable for year 2, being questions 1 to 3. Looks like fun and there are certificates to download too!

There is also some new MyMaths set which revises 10x table and using coins.


English - Writing

We hope you have enjoyed creating your space creature and writing some extended noun phrases to go with it. 

Today we are going to be writing a description of our character, using our picture and noun phrases. A description gives the reader information about your creature. It might answer some of these questions:-

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

What does it eat?

How does it move?

Where does it live?

What special features does it have?


Your description will be full of statements. These are sentences that give information.


Let's use Mrs Jenkins' picture from Wednesday to have a go at the first few sentences of a description.


The Igglepop is a strange creature from the planet Pop. It has a dome shaped head with three scary, lazer eyes. Two purple, jelly arms wave from its green, spotty body. It has four extendable legs with suction pads for moving about. The Igglepop likes to eat .....


Did you spot the extended noun phrases and how commas have been used when listing the adjectives?


Good luck with writing your Space Creature description. Do continue to send in your work. We love to see your photos and know that you are o.k.



Today is the last of the mapping activities and it's a creative challenge!


Can you create a map with a key of the place where your space creature lives?


Remember that the key is a set of symbols that represents a place on the map. Here is my idea for Pop, where Igglepop lives! 





Have fun creating your map!


Thank you for all your hard work and effort with home learning. We are sure that it has its challenges and some days are better than others. We do not expect you to complete all the tasks, but hope that you will enjoy some of them and that they are helpful in your child's learning journey. As ever please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of more help.

Next week is the half-term holiday, so there will not be any new work until Monday 1st June.

Hope that you all have a lovely half-term!




Wednesday 20th May


Hello everyone!


Here are your activities for today:



Please continue to work through your White Rose activity – Week 5, lesson 3.

Click on the link to watch the video and also to take you to BBC Bitesize for extra activities.  The worksheets are attached below for this week so you can either print out or answer them on paper.





Get mum or dad to test you on last week’s spellings:

Camel, label, jewel, travel, cancel, tunnel


Come, some, put, push, pull, love


How did you do?


Today’s words have the ending that sounds like l spelt al.  Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity.

Now read through these words:









Please learn them ready for next week.


If these words are a bit tricky for you, then please practise these common exception words instead:








Have you all drawn an imaginary space creature?


We would like to you use some extended noun phrases to describe it today.


Look at my example below, (my daughter helped design the alien!):

Quest - Geography:


I hope you have enjoyed drawing some maps of Bishop’s Hull. 

Today, look at the maps below:


What do you notice about the parts of the buildings and the trees you can see? 


Just the tops! 


Have a think about your house and garden, or house and road where you live.  Do you think you could draw an aerial map of it?  Remember to use a key. 


Look at my example to give you an idea:


Tuesday 19th May 

Since we have been able to go out more this week, my family and I have been to Shapwick Nature Reserve, which is near where we live. We were so LUCKY because we saw a family of swans with 8 cygnets. Check out the video on Bishops Hull TV.


You can do some follow up work about the Ugly Duckling here.

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week


Remember to use Tuesdays and Thursdays to catch up on anything from the previous day, or to explore some of the many online games and activities available.  We have included some new websites for you to explore.


Please continue your daily White Rose activities, click on the link here to watch the video and then the worksheets are attached below.


Check My Maths too and see if you've completed all the activities.


Also, take a look at the Premier League Primary Stars website for both maths and spelling activities.


Continue with Espresso's 30 day round the world quiz.  How are you getting on?


How many of you have checked out Rob Biddulph's webpage?  He has made a series of videos showing you how to draw different things.   Click on the link below and do send us any pictures you draw.



Please continue to read every day, there is a website called Harper Collins which has a range of books for you to read and explore.  You will need your mum or dad to register for free and then there are many books to choose from.

Collins Website

Also on this site, you can find songs and maths games, just follow the links.


The Royal Museum of Greenwich has a very exciting section with all sorts of art and craft activities for you to do at home.  Follow the link below:



Mrs Fielding has found a great website with activities to help you and your family be active.  Click on the link below and then enter these log in details:

The user name is :
Password: bishopshul


Monday 18th May


Good morning everybody. Hope you had a lovely weekend? Here are our learning activities for today.


English - Reading Comprehension

Continuing with our space theme, please find below a SATs style Reading Paper. Read the text on each page before answering the questions. Feel free to talk through the answers or record them on paper.

Space Adventure Reading Comprehension

I hope you enjoyed reading about the funny space creatures? Later in the week we will be writing a description of our own imaginary character from outer space! To help you  get ready, can you draw a picture of your imaginary space creature? (Have a good look at Bibbo and the teacher from outer space to give you some inspiration!)



Please continue with the White Rose Maths lessons for week 5 lesson 1. This is a revision lesson about multiplication. There are suggestions for further learning through BBC Bitesize.

The worksheets for the week are attached below.

Quest - Geography


Today we are going to be thinking about the use of symbols and keys with maps.

Click on the map to find out more.




Notice how the key explains what each symbol means. It helps us to understand the map.

Today we would like you to have a go at creating a simple map for the village of Bishop's Hull!

Firstly, you will need to create a key, with symbols for the following places:

- School

- Church

- Village Stores

- Butchers

- War Memorial

- Playing Field


Now have a look at the aerial map below to see if you can spot these places. This image was taken from Google Earth, so you might like to take a look through the street view.


Now we would like you to have a go at drawing your map with symbols for the above listed places. You may like to add some other places too. I think I would start by drawing the main road first!


I've attached the picture below if you would like to print it.


Happy mapping!

Bishops Hull Aerial Photo

Saturday 16th May

Hello everyone!

I thought you might like a story for the weekend?  This is a story called 'The word collector' read by Barack and Michelle Obama. Maybe you could collect different groups of words when you next read a story and base your collections on different themes? 

Barack Obama was the President of the USA for 8 years from 2009. If you like their story reading then search online for more stories, read by Michelle - The gruffalo, The very hungry caterpillar, There's a dragon in your book and Miss Maple's seeds.

Friday 15th May

Good morning everyone!

Our activities for today are:-


English - Writing

Today we are going to be writing our space adventure story. Hopefully you have had time to plan and story map your ideas. I thought I would try and share my ideas on Bishops Hull TV! I wonder if they are similar to yours? Do have a look!


 Can you spot any exciting verbs or adjectives that I have used in my story beginning?





I wonder what will happen next?


Now it's your turn to write an exciting story using your story map! Remember to include a beginning, middle and end; and lots of exciting verbs and adjectives.  We would love to read your stories, so do send photos into 


Good luck!



Finish the White Rose lessons for Summer week 4. You will find the work sheets under the Tuesday/ Thursday ideas. If you have already finished, then well done! There is some new revision work that has been set on MyMaths to revise 5x table and money.


Quest - Geography

How did you get on with making your own maps on Wednesday? Today we are going to have a go at making a map of our school! Let's begin by looking at an aerial photograph. (I've also attached photo below if helpful ?)



Can you spot:

- the playground

- tennis court

- reception playground

- copse

- hall

- Tomlinson and Rosen classrooms

- key stage 2 classroom

- Bishops Hull Hill


Now have a go at drawing your own map of the school, using the photo to help you. (Sophie and Sal's map of their school on Espresso might be helpful to look at too.)Try to label the places above that we have asked you to spot. You may even be able to add some more details! 


Happy map making!

Aerial Photo of Bishops Hull School

Wednesday 13th May


Hello everyone, we hope you are having a good week.


Activities for today:


Please continue to work through your White Rose activity – Week 4, lesson 3.

Click on the link to watch the video and also to take you to BBC Bitesize for extra activities.  The worksheets are attached below (Tuesday section) for this week so you can either print out or answer them on paper.



Spellings first!

Get mum or dad to test you on last week’s spellings:


apple, bottle, cuddle, little, purple, rectangle



your, when, what, said, be, why


How did you do?


Today, we would like you to learn words that have the ending that sounds like l spelt -el

Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity.


Now read through these words:








Please learn them ready for next week.


If these words are a bit tricky for you, then please practise these common exception words instead:








How are you getting on with the plan for your own adventure story? 


We would like you to draw a story map of your story today, like we do in school. 


Remember to draw the main parts:

Where does your story begin?  Who is there? What happens next?

Draw arrows to link each picture together.


When you have finished, can you retell it to someone in your family?


Quest - Geography:


This week we have asked you to think about the physical and human features of where we live. 

Click on the link below which will take you to a photograph for you to have a go at labelling the physical and human features. 

How do you know which are physical things and which are human?


An extra activity:

Have a go at making a simple map of your house or garden or short walk near you.  Look at the pictures below to give you some ideas.  How will you label yours?








We will be looking more at map making later in the week.


Happy Wednesday!

Labelling physical and human features

White Rose worksheets for this week

Monday 11th May

Good morning everybody! Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

We are back to our Blue Planet Quest this week. Today's activities are:-


English - Reading Comprehension

Today we are going to read one of the Oxford Owl books 'Red Planet'. Click on the book below to take you to Oxford Owl home learning site. You will need to register if you haven't yet done so, and then you will have free access to a fantastic library of ebooks.



Read the book carefully and then answer the questions below. You could tell the answers to a grown up or record them on some paper.


1. What was the name of the game the children played on the computer? (page 5)

2. Why did Chip not want to go in the rocket? (page 9)

3. When they were in the rocket, what did they need to put on to keep them down on the floor? (page 12)

4. What did the planet look like? (page 15)

5. Why did Floppy begin to float? (page 25)

6. What do you think was the scariest part of the story?


I hope you enjoyed this space adventure story. This week we would like you to use your imagination and write your own space adventure story! You will need to think about:

- the space vehicle

- the imaginary planet that will be explored

- the scary thing that happens

- the creatures that live on the planet!

There is a simple story planning sheet below for you to use and record some ideas, ready for writing this coming Friday. I'm sure you will come up with some creative ideas!

Space Adventure Story Plan


We are continuing our learning with White Rose Home learning. Click here for Week 4 lesson 1 which is all about adding  and subtracting tens.

White Rose has slightly changed its format for home learning and will no longer include the worksheets, so we will attach these below if you wish to use them. There will also be links to BBC bitesize to continue and extend the learning.

Quest - Geography

Over the next two weeks we are going to be thinking about geographical features and mapping

Today we would like you to become familiar with a number of human and physical features that are on the word mats below.

Can you locate any of these features in your locality? Perhaps you could go on a short walk with an adult around your neighbourhood and tick off any of the features you see? If you are unable to get out, then maybe you could talk about the features you remember in your locality or have a look at your home area on Google Earth.


You could also find out about some of these features on Journey to the Coast - Espresso.


Happy learning!

Friday 8th May


Today is a Bank Holiday to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, so we won't be setting our usual learning activities today.



We hope you will be able to take some time to remember VE Day with your family. Perhaps you have planned a tea party or made some bunting? If you have, then please remember to send in photos for Mr T's Blue Beacon Challenge. There will be lots of programmes on the TV that will give you more information about this historic day.


Also, you may like to find out a bit more about this wonderful man, Captain Tom Moore, who has memories of the first VE Day. He was awarded the Gold Blue Peter badge this week. 





Have a lovely bank holiday!

Wednesday 6th May

Hello!  We hope you are all ok.


Activities for today:


Please continue to work through your White Rose activity – Week 3, lesson 3

You will be continuing your work on number families.



Get mum or dad to test you on last week’s spellings:

Silliness, cheekiness, dizziness, chattiness, happiness, loneliness


Who, when, was, you, me, my


How did you do?


Today, we would like you to learn words which end with the l sound spelt -le

Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity.


Now read through these words:








Please learn them ready for next week.


If these words are a bit tricky for you, then please practise these common exception words instead:










Continuing our learning about VE Day this week, we would like you to plan a tea party for you and your family on Friday.

Can you write an invitation to your family or a favourite teddy, inviting them to join you for a tea party?  Use your neatest handwriting and decorate in red, white and blue.

Here is an idea:



Make bunting to decorate your house, use the templates below to colour or create your own.

There is also a link to make your own paper spitfires.


We would love to see some photos of your celebrations, so please send them in to our new ‘learning at home’ email address.


Happy Wednesday!

Don’t forget to stay safe online whilst at home. Remember you have some good websites in your BHB of E, as well as, on our e safety page on the school website! Try this one:

Click here

to learn more about how to stay safe online and on your mobile.

Monday 4th May


Good Morning everybody! We thought it would be good to have a little break from our 'Blue Planet' Quest this week, whilst we learn about the 75th Anniversary of VE day, which we will be celebrating this Friday 8th May.




Scroll below to find your reading comprehension activity. It will help you to learn about VE day. There are three reading levels to choose from, so choose the best match for your reading level.

Don't worry if you don't have a printer as you can read the the text and questions on a laptop or tablet and either talk about the answers or record them on paper.


Click here for White Rose Maths week 3 home learning. Lesson 1 is revising work that we have done on number families.



Click on the picture below to take you to BBC Bitesize to find out more about the Second World War and VE day?



Also, you can visit the second world war area on Espresso by clicking on the picture below. There are lots of video clips, pictures and games to help you learn.



Can you talk to an adult about the following words? Then write a sentence for each word to show that you understand its meaning.


evacuee           ration book          air raid shelter           

blitz                  gas mask             VE day


Mrs Fielding has asked us to share details of the SASP #May Challenge.

The idea of the challenge is to get people playing fun simple games at home as a family every day throughout May. 


I know that I have put out a lot of resources lately but I really would like to share this challenge as far wide across Somerset as possible. We are looking for families to interact with us and share videos/images of them playing the games and using the hashtag #MayChallenge - I will be giving it a go myself!


The calendar is attached to this email, feel free to share with ALL your family groups, partners and other EYFS settings (or schools of which you have links to them too) share within your own families too?


If you didn't know SASP socials are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram (just search SASP Somerset), you can interact with personal accounts or professional ones, there are no rules to this challenge, give it a go and see if you can tick all 31 days!! Our website also has lots of ideas that you can share out as well - 


Who knows what May has in store for us but let's keep supporting each other. 😊

SASP May Challenge

Friday 1st May .......... Pinch, punch, first of the month!!! Good morning everyone!

Here are our activities for today:-



Today we are going to write a fact-file about Planet Earth and the Solar System. A fact-file is a sheet with information and interesting facts. So, firstly you will need to collect some useful information about the planets. You can do this by re-reading the book we read on Monday. Click on the book to take you to the Oxford Owl site.



You might like to do some of your own research as well.

Next, have a look at the attached fact-file below which will give you an idea of how you can set out your fact-file. 

Now you are ready to create your own! You will be writing statements about the planets. These are sentences that give information. Make sure your sentences begin with capital letters and end with full stops. Good luck!


Please continue with the White Rose Home Lesson for year 2, click here.


If you have finished, then well done! There are two new revision activities set on MyMaths. You will need your personal login details for this.


Quest - Geography

Find out about the different seasonal patterns in the UK and Australia, by clicking on the oxford owl e-book below.




Explore the extra information about the North Pole, South Pole and the Equator. We will be learning more about these places in the future!


Also, don't forget the Make Your World Bigger challenge on Espresso! I think it's day 10!


Happy learning!


Wednesday 29th April


We hope you are all having a lovely week.


Activities for today:


Please continue to work through your White Rose activity - Week 2, lesson 3.

You will be continuing your work on length.



Get mum or dad to test you on last week’s spellings:

Darkness, coldness, goodness, kindness, illness and quietness

How did you do?


Today, we would like you to add the suffix ‘ness’ to words ending in ‘y’.

Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity.


Now read through these words, what has happened to each word before ‘ness’ has been added?








Please learn them ready for next week.

Click on the link below for a game to help you learn any of your spellings:


If these words are a bit tricky for you, then please practise these common exception words instead:










Today, please can you research the four countries of the United Kingdom.

What are their national flowers?

What does their flag look like?

Do the countries have their own anthem or song?

Which country is the biggest?

What is the capital city of each country?

Are there any other interesting facts you have found?  Famous landmarks?  Famous people from there?


Please can you make a fact sheet or information booklet sharing the information you have gathered?  This could be typed or hand written, you could add labelled pictures too.  Don’t forget to think about headings; will you use questions? 

Click on the PowerPoints below to get you started.


Happy Wednesday!

Dots and dashes - adding 'ness'

                                              Learningathome e-mail

Hopefully you have received an email this week about a photo project we are trying to do and how we need your help... we would like a photo of you at home during this lockdown. It could be a photo of you doing some home learning or something a bit funny! We just want to see what you’ve all been up to. We will then put the photos together on a video to share on our Bishops Hull TV and on Social media. If you and your parents are happy to take part then please email a photo to 

Thank you to those of you who have emailed in your photos already. 

Also, if any of you want to email us or send some work in, then you can email us on that address. If you want to email then please put Rosen  in the subject box. 

Monday 27th April


Hello everyone! Hope you are feeling happy and well. Here are today's learning activities.



Today we would like to introduce you to a new learning resource. Oxford Owl have an amazing library of e-books which can be used free of charge. All you need to do is register by clicking on the owl below.   




Once you have registered, please select the book below 'Way-out  Day Out'  which we will use for our reading comprehension. (It is in the 6-7 age range)



Have fun exploring the book and when you are ready, answer the questions below.

1. What is the purpose of a contents page? (Page 2)

2. What is the middle of your solar system? (Page 4)

3. How long is a day on Mercury? (Page 6)

4. Why would you get squashed like a tomato on Venus? (Page 8)

5. What is there to see on planet Mars? (Page 10)


We hope you enjoyed this book? There are lots more for you to read if you are running low on reading books at home. Try the higher reading age if this level is too easy or the lower one if this book is too difficult. We will be using this resource lots more in the future!



Please click here for the white rose lesson, Summer week 2 lesson 1 on comparing lengths.


Quest Geography

We hope you are enjoying learning about our big blue planet?


Today we are going to get a bit closer to home by finding out about the country we live in, the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Firstly, can you find the UK on a globe or world map? Next, click on BBC Bitesize to find out more about the four countries that make the UK.


Challenge - Can you locate the four countries of the UK on a map? There is a map below to use if you would like?


Extra challenge - Continue with the Make Your World Bigger quiz on Espresso.


Happy Learning Everyone!





Friday 24th April       Good Morning Everyone!

Here are our activities for today.



Please listen again to the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. Click on the picture below.





Did you notice how the author asked us to make sure that we look after our planet? After all, there is only one planet Earth!

So, today, we are going to write a list of instructions for looking after planet Earth. (Remember to use bossy verbs, like we did when we wrote instructions on how to make paper snowflakes.) I've made a start. Can you finish the list?




Try to use your neatest joined (if you have been taught in class) or printed writing.



Please continue with the weekly white rose lessons. If you have finished all four lessons for this week, then well done! Here are a few ideas to help you to develop your measuring skills.

You will need a measuring tape.

1. Measure the height of 3 or 4 members in your household. Record each person's height in metres and centimetres e.g. Mum is 1m 52cm

2. Order the heights from shortest to tallest.

3. Write some comparison statements using < and > symbols

e.g. Mum 1m 52cm > Tom 1m 22cm


Also, you can practice your arithmetic with the 10 a day sheet below.


Quest - Geography

I hope you have been able to join the Make Your World Bigger adventure on Espresso? I think it's brilliant!

If you haven't yet, then you can catch up on the first five days by clicking here. (Scroll below to find your password if you need it).

Challenge - Can you locate the places you have visited in the MYWB adventure on a map of the world? There is a map below if would like to use or perhaps use google Earth.

Extra challenge - Can you find and make the flags of these different countries? I remember that some of you are crazy about flags!!


I hope you are all finding fun ways to stay fit and healthy. There are a few inspired ideas in primary pe that involve socks and toilet rolls! Thank you Mrs Fielding!

Wednesday 22nd April


Activities for today:


Please continue to work through your White Rose activity.  You will be measuring today, so if you’ve got a ruler at home then you could do some hands on activities too!  Try and find things that are shorter than 15 cm and longer than 15cm.

What else can you measure?  How long is your foot?  What about your little finger?  Can you order items by length or height?

Also have a look at Espresso – measuring

User name: student 3792

Password: t****y (clue Christmas)



We would like you to do some spellings today!  In school we use Read Write Inc and this week we are adding the suffix ‘ness’ to words.

Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity – can you remember how to do this?! 


Now we are going to add ‘ness’ to some words.  Read through them, can you put them into sentences?  Please learn them, will you get them all correct next week?!









Hopefully you’ve had a look at the World and know the names of the continents and oceans.  Today, we’d like you to find out about day and night and how this happens.

Take a look at BBC Bitesize for a clip and also a quiz about this.  Maybe you could make a fact sheet or poster showing some of the things you’ve learned.


Have fun!

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week


As before the Easter break, we thought on Tuesdays and Thursdays you can catch up on anything from the previous day, or explore some of the many online games and activities available.


Please continue your daily White Rose activities, click on the link here.


The BBC have launched a brand new Bitesize show for Primary schools which you can find online, but it is also on the Red Button.  It starts at 9am, so take a look!  Throughout the programme it suggests online activities on the BBC Bitesize website too.


Also, take a look at the Premier League Primary Stars website for both maths and spelling activities.


There are some great activities on Miss Brimble's Forest school page, don't forget to have a look.


Miss Jennings has put two great links on our page too, one for PE and one for Espresso's 30 day round the world quiz.  Who has had a go already?!

Scroll down to find the links!


Please continue to read every day, whether books, magazines, recipe books or online stories.

Monday 20th April

Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you had a lovely break and didn't eat too many Easter Eggs!  

Here are our learning activities for today.


This term our Quest is ‘Blue Planet’, so to get us thinking about the planet we live on, click on the lovely book below.




Can you answer the reading comprehension questions below? You might need to listen to the story again and pause where appropriate.

  1. What are the two parts that make planet Earth?
  2. What creatures did you see living in the sea?
  3. What are the three important things humans must do?
  4. What animals did you spot?
  5. How many people live on planet Earth?
  6. What should you do if you want to know something?

Find out what inspired Oliver Jeffers to write this book by clicking here.



This term we would encourage you to follow all the lessons on White Rose Home Learning. The videos are excellent and there is a worksheet to help too. Today's lesson is about finding three quarters of a shape or an amount. This lesson is at the higher end of year 2 work, so most children will need support. Click here for the lesson - Summer term week 1 - lesson 1


Quest - Geography

Look below to find out how you can travel to 30 exciting places and find out more about our Blue Planet. (I'm definitely going to do this!)


Can you also find out the names of the seven continents and five oceans of the world? If you have an atlas at home this might be useful or you could ask an adult to help you use Google Earth. There is a map labelling activity below.


Summer Term - Our new quest this term is  ‘Blue Planet


This links beautifully to lots of Science, Geography and Art. There is a lovely link to our topic on Espresso where you can have a go at a 30 day quiz that explores the world. There are 30 short videos and a question linked to each one. Have a go as a family as it’s great for all ages.


Click below for the discovery education link. Remember that this is Espresso so you all have the same log in : student3792

Password is a link to Christmas!



Remember to keep active, there are lots of fabulous free resources out there:


Now, via the  Stay Active landing page parents are downloading fun resources to keep their children healthy, happy and learning at home - in the garden or at the kitchen table. You can find resources to support your children achieve through:

  • Physical activity
  • Health and Wellbeing activity
  • Lifeskills activity


Parents you will find that a new page has been added to our website. It is all about wellbeing. Here is the link to our Wellbeing Page.

Do remember they can't cancel the Spring

Friday 3rd April

Your activities for today!



Please practise your arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplication and division).

Click here to play the game 'hit the button'. There are lots of different levels of challenge. Start with the easier ones first as this will help your confidence to grow.

Also there is a 10 a day sheet below.



Did you like the picture above? It is by a famous British Artist, David Hockney. Click here to find out what he's been doing in France over the past couple of weeks. Scroll through his delightful art work.


Choose your favourite picture and write a description of it. (It might be helpful to imagine that the person reading your writing can not see the picture.) Remember to use lots of adjectives.


Quest - Art

Choose one of David Hockney's pictures to re-create, using some of your art materials.


Create your own spring-inspired work of Art. Maybe there are some lovely trees or plants you can see from your window or out in your garden?

Enjoy being creative!

10 a day

Wednesday 1st April

Happy April Fool’s Day!


Activities for today:


Miss Jennings has set you a challenge on My Maths this week, investigating 2D and 3D shapes.  It’s great to see some of you have had a go at previous activities, let’s see how many of you can take part this week!  Your username and password was given out at parents evening and hopefully went into you BHBoE.

Also, have a go at 3D shape snap on Espresso

Log in: student3792    Password: (clue Christmas)  t****y



Hopefully you have enjoyed writing your own acrostic poems this week. 

For today’s challenge, have a look at this reading comprehension activity:


Listen to the story, then answer the questions below:



  1. While you are watching this film, can you spot any clues to other Julia Donaldson book characters?
  2. Look up what ‘indignant’ means.
  3. How did the author describe Sir Percy Pilkington, the knight?
  4. Can you write down any rhyming words you have heard in this story?
  5. Can you think of another word for ‘crook’?
  6. What other kind of dish did the crocodile try to eat?
  7. Which is your favourite character and why?
  8. What is your favourite book – draw a picture of it.


 Look at the list of Common Exception Words in your BHBoE, choose 5 and write a funny sentence using each one.



Have fun making a pop up Easter card, I’ve attached a link to give you an idea or make one of your own. 

Pop Up Card

There is also a link to a fun Easter paper craft, so you can take your pick or have a go at both!

ABC Mouse Easter activity (sorry about the American accent)


Have fun!

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week


There are some great online games and activities to help with Maths and Literacy.


We follow White Rose at school for maths and they have now made a home learning section which has daily clips and also printable worksheets for you to do.  Take a look! White Rose


Also, take a look at the Premier League Primary Stars website for both maths and spelling activities.



Remember to keep fit- we’ve been doing the Joe Wicks daily PE session which is free on YouTube. It goes live at 9am but you can do this anytime you want. Fantastic for all the family.


Spend some time singing too because it’s brilliant for your mental health-

They have a different song to sing 5 days a week.


Also, take a look at Miss Brimble's Forest School page.

We miss you!

Still image for this video

Spring Acrostic Poem

Monday 30th March


Can you remember the Spring acrostic poem that you finished on Friday?  See mine above!

Today we would like you to have a go at writing your own Spring Acrostic poem! Click here for some spring pictures to give you some inspiration!



Sorting 3d shapes in different ways, according to their properties, such as faces, edges and vertices.


Find some of your own 3d shapes. Can you sort them in different ways?

Here are some ideas to help:

-shapes with curved faces, shapes without curved faces

-shapes with 6 faces, shapes that do not have 6 faces

-shapes with 8 vertices, shapes that do not have 8 vertices.


R. E.

In R.E. we have been learning about what Christians believe about Easter. We have been focusing on the events of Holy Week and have already heard the story of Palm Sunday and the Last Supper.

Can you find out a bit more about the events of Holy Week and the Easter story?

A children’s Bible might help if you have one or click here for the story on Espresso.

Activity – Write a sentence to match each picture on the Holy Week picture sheet below.


Holy Week Pictures

Don't forget to look on the Forest School webpage for forest school type activities you can do in your home and garden.

Lots of them are 'off screen' ideas.

Friday 27th March

Good morning Rosen class. Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine.


English - poetry

Can you finish my Spring acrostic poem? Try to include some similes and adjectives.


Sunshine as yellow as daffodils

Pink blossom like candyfloss


Insects ………

New lambs…….



Now copy out the finished poem in your neatest writing (joined if you can). I wish I could see your poems! 


Maths – 3d shapes

Find some 3d shapes (cones, cubes, cuboids, spheres, pyramids, cylinders, triangular prisms)

Have a good look at each one. Can you identify:

 - the number of faces and their shapes (Faces can be flat or curved.)

 -the number of edges (where faces meet)

- the number of vertices (the points where edges meet)


Make a table like the one below to record the number of faces, edges and vertices each shape has:-




As the weather is nice, continue to look for signs of spring in your garden or during your outside exercise time with your family, if this is part of your routine (please remember social distancing).

Can you name any animals or plants that you see? Looking under stones and logs can be interesting, but remember to carefully put back after, as these are part of the animal’s home.

Wednesday 25th March


Activities for today:


3D shapes – watch the Espresso clip about shapes around us:

Can you go on a shape hunt around your home?

Make a table to show your findings

Have a go at the 3D shape games on Espresso too, follow the link to the Activities page

Log in: student3792    Password: (clue Christmas)  t****y



Can you think of adjectives and similes to match some animals of your choice?

For example

Fluffy rabbits, with tails like cotton wool

Sleepy ladybirds, as red as a post box



While the sun is shining, can you collect different shades of green and make a collage?  Use grass, leaves, collage materials, paper, whatever you can find!


Have fun!

Monday 23rd March

Good morning Rosen class!

If you are in year 1 please look on Donaldson class page for your year 1 activities.

If you are a year 2 continue below.

  1. English - Spring Poetry

Please read the attached poem below ‘Coming out of hibernation’ by Pie Corbett.

Talk about the poem with an adult.

What are you favourite words of phrases?

Can you spot a simile (Their wings folded like old umbrellas)?

Make a picture of the poem.


2. Maths - Repeating Patterns with 2d and 3d shapes


Click here for White Rose Work sheet


Be creative - you can make lots of repeating patterns with art materials and constructions toys like duplo, lego and knex!


3. Quest - Science

Go out in your garden or for a walk (with an adult!) and look for signs of spring! Record some of your observations (labelled drawings, writing, photos etc).


Have fun and if you need more to do, scroll down below to find other ideas!

Add block

A poem from Miss Heaney


The time we spring cleaned the world

Still image for this video

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week


Spend some time filling in the reading, maths and Spring booklets that you have. When doing the maths, find one area that you struggle with and do some more practise on this. Remember to use the list of websites that you have to help you with this, eg. Espresso, MyMaths.


Remember to keep fit- we’ve been doing the Jo Wicks daily PE session which is free on YouTube. It goes live at 9am but you can do this anytime you want. Fantastic for all the family.


Spend some time singing too because it’s brilliant for your mental health-

They have a different song to sing 5 days a week.

Here are some activities to do at home:


Daily reading and record in your Bishop's Hull Book of Everything (BHBoE), remember you can read your school book, your past reading texts, comics, magazines, story books to a younger sibling!


Maths Shed and Spelling Shed (the password is in your BHBoE), the children are used to using these in school.


You have your Maths SATs practice paper to work through and highlight any challenging areas to work on.  An Easter revision booklet will be coming home soon too.


Remember to keep up some practical activities such as cooking, bird watching, playing dice games, board games.


Daily activities to follow, as and when!



The children have been enjoying Traction Man stories in class over the past few weeks.  Click on the link to hear the author reading one of the stories: 

Welcome to Rosen Class webpage!

Our quest this term is 'Royalty and Rebels'. Our entry point is Friday 13th September when you can bring in a royal or rebel item or dress up as a royal or rebel.

Royalty and Rebels entry point

Year 5 came to share stories for book week. We loved listening to them read aloud.