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Seriously Impressed!

Seriously Impressed!

This is a new page which we are going to use to celebrate some of the fantastic things which are happening around school and those pupils who have gone over and above in some way.  Check back regularly to see what has been happening.

James in Year 2 has learnt to tell the time!

Great computing work from James in Year 1

Super maths explanations in Maths from Lily in Year 1

This week's Golden Leaf Winners - 12.10.18

Anglo Saxon Helmet


Inspired by his sister's amazing Mayan headdress, Bobby worked hard to create this Anglo Saxon Helmet at home.  He has used coins around the edge to add detail.  Awesome job Bobby!

Mayan Magic!


Daisy has worked incredibly hard at home to create this beautiful Mayan headdress.  It is wonderful!  Well done Daisy!

Wonderful Writing


Ollie Seriously Impressed us with his descriptive writing.  He was 'showing, not telling' different emotions.  Here is an extract of his writing......

William felt panicked:   William frantically rummaged in his drawer, very clumsily in his hurry.  His arms waved violently in the air as he fewl across the room and searched hurriedly under his bed.  When his search under the bed failed, William's eyes widened with a kind of mad frustration. 


John felt scared:  John felt his body go cold and his legs began to shake.  Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and ran down the side of his face.  he tried to steady his trembling hands by gripping more tightly to his rifle.


Well done Ollie! 



Great Progress!


William has Seriously Impressed us with the progress that he has made with his handwriting recently and with his independent reading.  Well done William!

Magical Maths


Mrs Perks was Seriously Impressed by Ida's independent maths this week.  She learned a new concept in the lesson and was able to apply it straight away, all by herself.  Well done Ida - great Magical Maths thinking!

Taking Responsibility for our School!


Maddy, Anna, Ce-Jay, James and Charlie Seriously Impressed us by asking to spend their lunch time clearing up leaves from around the school site.  They did a wonderful job and managed to fill 7 bags full!  Sadly, I feel that a few more may fall before the job is done!  Thank you to them for their hard work and enthusiasm.



Impressive Detail


Well done to Jessica for including some seriously impressive detail in her comprehension answers this week!  Well done!

Awesome Effort


Lenny has really impressed us with his typing skills and by showing us how well he can use the computer to produce some excellent pieces of work.  Well done Lenny!

Double Delight!


Florence has already Seriously Impressed her class teachers twice this term!  The first was for her fantastic reading over the summer and then the second was for her fantastic summer writing!  Well done Florence, keep up the amazing effort!

Fantastic Home-Learning


Skyla has worked really hard at home to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons.  Well done Skyla!

Ready for Reading


Naomi worked SO hard over the summer holidays reading regularly and writing about her reading.  Well done Naomi, it really has helped you to be ready for Year 4.  

Are you Ready, Ready, Ready?


Will and Jess have really impressed us all with the fact that they are always ready!  Whether they are ready for learning, or ready for playtime, ready for swimming or ready for Forest School, you can always rely on them to be ready!

Our Golden Leaf Winners 28.09.18

The Anglo-Saxons are Invading!


Jacob and Poppy have done some fantastic research about the Anglo-Saxons Invading.  Well done to both of you!

Impressive Poetry!


Emily impressed her teachers with her super writing of a poem about a magic show.  Well done Emily!

Impressive Leading of a Group


Miss Heaney was very impressed with Toby on Friday as he led his group so well.  He made sure that they were all working hard and helped anyone who was stuck.  Well done Toby!

Seriously Impressive Writing!

Mrs Perks is seriously impressed because Lydia wrote lots of sentences about the start of Aaron Becker's Quest story.  She even used some full stops and capital letters correctly.  Well done Lydia!

Seriously Impressive Maths Work


Sofia-Maria in Year 1 thought of her own number sequences: counting in 2s from 32 then from 58!  Super maths thinking!

Our Golden Leaf Winners - 21 September

Our Golden Leaf Winners - 7th September.

Mrs Perks has been Seriously Impressed


Mrs Perks is seriously impressed with how well Ned listens in class all of the time.

Mrs Jenkins has been Seriously Impressed


George, Oscar and Sam have shown amazing focus this afternoon - far more than was expected!  Well done boys!

We have been Seriously Impressed with Nahla.


Nahla has worked really hard on her Summer Writing Journal.  We were seriously impressed with her neat hadwriting, her careful spellings and all of the super information which she included.  Well done Nahla - what a great start to Year 1 !