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Blank spelling sheet

New Spellings for Friday 22nd January 2021


Spelling rule. The o sound spelt a after w and qu. In some words the o sound is spelt with a when it follows w or qu.


Green group

was     want      watch        wallet       squat      squash      quality      quantity


Blue group

was      want     watch         squat           squash        quality


Red group 

was      want     squat    squash


These can be tested on Friday 29th January in line with the English plan

New spellings for Friday 15th January 2021

The j sound

The j sound is always spelt j after a,o and u. J sound spelt g after e, i, y. The j sound is spelt ge at the end of words.

The j sound is often spelt dge at the end of words and after vowel sounds a, e, i, o , or u.


Green group

jar   join    giant    magic    large    charge    badge     bridge


Blue group

jar   join   magic   large    charge    bridge


Red group

jar    magic   large    bridge


These can be tested on Friday 22nd January as part of our English plan.

In Rosen class, spellings are given out on a Friday and then tested the following Friday. We have attached a blank spelling practice sheet for you to use each week. 


The Spelling rule is adding the suffix ing

If a word ends in a short vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u) and a consonant we double the consonant before adding the suffix -ing

New spellings for Friday 8th January 2021 are;


Green group

putting    tripping     knotting        nodding       clapping        shopping

beginning chatting


Blue group

putting    tripping     knotting    nodding     clapping     shopping


Red group 

putting    tripping    knotting     nodding


These can be tested following our English plan on Friday 15th January 2021