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Staying Active Whilst Staying At Home!





There are so many activities available that there is something to suit everyone- from dance and yoga to super-competative challenges! Many of the sites listed on this page previously are still live but we have added new suggestions too!

Most the websites mentioned have been linked, so you are just a click away!


Joe Wicks the Body Coach - Joe Wicks to the rescue again! Joe will be doing 3 PE lessons a week during the latest lockdown (choose 'pe lesson' on his site) which you can either follow live or or fit a session in when it suits you- he has hundreds of workouts on his YouTube channel specifically for children, but also tons for adults to do too.  All of the workouts need little space and no equipment and are really easy to follow.


SASP have a vast amount of resources available on their site. Have a browse though these two suggested links. The first one is for individual challenges-pick a sport (7 to choose from) and pick a level (3 levels of difficulty) and see if you can beat your own personal challenge. These are accompanied by videos of how to do the challenges and lead to certificates which you can print off at home!


Click here for SASP challenges. 

 Secondly, SASP have a brilliant 'Be Active At Home' page (select 'Families and Children'option) with a HUGE amount of resources and ideas to try out-definately worth a look!! Click  here.



Netflix now have short videos showing brain brakes, mini dance activities and themed High Intensity Interval Training (HITT- Mrs Fielding loves the Star Wars Jedi workout!!) click on this link: 2021JAN Netflex Home Workouts.pptx - Google Drive


Dance fanaticsin school we love Just Dance Kids on YouTube so why not have a look and find your favourite song? Another favourite is GoNoodle which you can find on YouTube or via the SASP Families and Children page link above.


Sallys - awesome strength workouts. There are Sallys for squats - the easiest, stomach/core which is harder and if any of you can complete Sally arms, you get a gold medal! 

Sally squats:

Sally core:

Sally arms:



Moovlee - there are so many workouts - yoga, meditation and active workouts. Here are a couple of good ones: and 




Cosmic Kids Yoga - There are lots of workouts to choose from and they too have their own YouTube channel. 



Home Circuits - this is a really fun way to keep fit - design your circuit, set up your timer, get some music on and off you go! Here is one that you can do at home: star jumps, press ups, sit ups, sprint on the spot, tricep dips (I use the edge of the sofa), lie on back and do leg raises, jumping squats, plank,  squat with alternate knee raise, punch up in the air (straight up above your head) with alternate arms, crunches. 

You decide on the work/rest balance. Start with 30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest between each exercise, then try 35 seconds work with 25 seconds rest and aim for 40 seconds work and 20 seconds of rest. I write the exercises out on bits of paper so I can re-use them. Enjoy!



 STAY ACTIVE WEBSITE  click here to link to more excellent resources.




Getting Active in School!



Obstacle Races!

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