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Thursday 11th February

Thursday 11th February



Today's lesson is concluding our work on money and we will be looking at giving change.  This is on page 26-29.

Spr3.5.2 - Give change

Maths Extension


Today have a go at this problem..........


You can also go onto MathShed and practice your times-tables and their inverse.

Click here for a link to the website, you log in through Edshed. 




Today I would like you to have a go at our weekly reading comprehension. Today I would like us to think about the late Captain Sir Tom Moore.  He was a wonderful man who did so much good in his life.  Below is a little bit about how we came to know who he was.  I also have some questions on this but they will be on Google Classrooms this week, instead of being in your yellow books.  Click here for the link to the webpage and type in your answers, remember to refer back to the text.  I look forward to seeing what you have written about his incredibly inspirational person.


I would like you to spend some time every day reading your reading book or any book you are enjoying.  It is great to read to others but it is also good to do some independent reading!  Maybe you could send in some book reviews that we could share on our webpage!

REMEMBER, we now have a great website called GetEpic!  It would be wonderful to see you using that as well!


Read Write Inc

In Read Write Inc we are continuing looking at our new unit, this is unit 10 focussing on adding the suffix -ian, it is on page 41-44.  But today I would like you to just work on page 41 and complete the Spelling Zone activity.  Try not to skip ahead to other activities as it is important to do a little bit every day.  Tomorrow we shall be looking at dots and dashes and word changers.

Mindfulness and Art

Today we have another gem from Mrs Millington!  I have scheduled it to appear on GC from Thursday morning!  So click here to go to our GC classroom to see it!



In PE this week have a go at this Cosmic Kids Yoga session!

Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!