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Welcome back to the second half of the Summer term. We have slightly changed our format and you will find the learning activities for this coming week by clicking on the star below.

Don't forget to keep letting us know about what you have been up to by emailing school. Please put Tomlinson Class in the subject line so we can spot your messages. It has been lovely to read them over the past half term






The Wildlife Trust have launched an exciting new nature challenge called '30 days wild' where 

you can do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month of June: for your health, wellbeing

and for the planet. Click here to find more information. Let us know how you get on!


Parents you will find that a new page has been added to our website. It is all about wellbeing. Here is the link to our Wellbeing Page.

Lily's Space Adventure Story

Hello everyone!

I thought you might like a story for the weekend?  This is a story called 'The word collector' read by Barack and Michelle Obama. Maybe you could collect different groups of words when you next read a story and base your collections on different themes? 

Barack Obama was the President of the USA for 8 years from 2009. If you like their story reading then search online for more stories, read by Michelle - The gruffalo, The very hungry caterpillar, There's a dragon in your book and Miss Maple's seeds.

Don’t forget to stay safe online whilst at home. Remember you have some good websites in your BHB of E, as well as, on our e safety page on the school website! Try this one:

Click here

to learn more about how to stay safe online and on your mobile.


Click the link below to take you to a new 'Get Active' page with lots of ideas for P.E. and staying active, in and around the home.


Don't forget to look on the Forest School webpage for forest school type activities you can do in your home and garden.

Lots of them are 'off screen' ideas.

Here are some activities to do at home:


Daily reading and record in your Bishop's Hull Book of Everything (BHBoE), remember you can read your school book, your past reading texts, comics, magazines, story books to a younger sibling!


Maths Shed and Spelling Shed (the password is in your BHBoE), the children are used to using these in school.


You have your Maths SATs practice paper to work through and highlight any challenging areas to work on.  


Remember to keep up some practical activities such as cooking, bird watching, playing dice games, board games.





Monday 8th June is World Oceans day. Click here for a short video clip showing how amazing our oceans are. Now look up close by looking at google earth- oceans and here Espresso has some lovely videos and activities too! 

Welcome to Tomlinson Class!

Have you read any of Jill Tomlinson's books?

Our new Quest for the Spring term is:

'Wonderfully Made'


Over the next few weeks we will be looking at bridges.  How many bridges can you think of?  What are they made from?  Have you walked over any?  Or walked under any?


Who was Brunel?  We will be finding out all about him soon!

Entry Point - The children enjoyed bringing in special or interesting objects from home to share with each other. It was lovely to have man made and natural items. It prompted lots of discussions.




Our Quest for the Autumn term is

'Royalty and Rebels'


What do you know about our Royal family?


Year 5 shared stories with Year 2 as part of our book week. The children really enjoyed listening to the stories.

We dodged the showers for an Autumn walk today! We found lots of signs of autumn.

Royalty and Rebel Dress up Day!


 * Use the espresso site at home to watch clips and find out about carnivals *

       Your pupil username is student3792

       Your password clue is Christmas.


Click here for ideas to help you stay safe when using the internet.

Enjoy lots of activities and extend your learning by visiting Purple Mash.

Purple Mash is an ever growing online creative space especially for learners aged 3 - 11. This award winning site is filled with hundreds of fun educational activities in the form of projects, games, apps and tools. Being hosted online, you can access Purple Mash and your saved online files wherever you are and whenever you wish.

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