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Tuesday 22nd March

Tuesday 22n March


In maths today we are continuing looking at fractions.

Below is the video of today's lesson.  Have a watch and then try the activity linked below.  I have also put in the answers to mark your work when you are finished.

Spr3.10.3 - Recognise a quarter


For today we are continuing our Somerset Literacy Network plan on 'The Seven Sisters', please find the story linked below.  

Re-read the first page of the story 'The Seven Sisters', then continue reading to see how the tale ends.


Have a go at answering the following questions and also writing a story review.  Did you like the story?


  • There are several references to the magical nature of Cothelstone Hill. What are they
  • It is mentioned that the king loved his daughters. Do you think that he behaved in a loving way towards them? Explain why.
  • Who is Gaia in the story? Is she real/imaginary? Visible/invisible? Good/bad? Can you think of a character in another story that is like her?
  • Is this a happy ending? For everyone? Explain your reasons.
  • The Quantocks, Mendips, Blackdowns and Exmoor are all mentioned in the text. Do you know what they refer to?  Can you find them on a map of Somerset?


This is a picture of what is left now of The Seven Sisters 



I would like you to spend some time every day reading your reading book or any book you are enjoying.  It is great to read to others but it is also good to do some independent reading!  Maybe you could send in some book reviews that we could share on our webpage!



Today we are looking our new unit 21 spellings.  As always they will be updated on the spelling tab on the front of our class webpage.


Today we would be having our ICT lesson on the new Chrome Books, but as we cannot be together to do this, I would like you to create an E-safety poster!  Think about all of the advice and ideas we have to keep E-safe.  Remember to use the e safety tab on our school website.  The posters you create can then be brought into school and displayed for others to see and be helped.