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Useful maths links and videos

National Numeracy Day:  'How Can I Help My Children Love Numbers?' video

Ways to practise your multiplication tables

Places to practise your multiplication tables


Top Marks


Times Tables Rockstars


Collins Busy Ant Maths




Hit the Button




Dorling Kindersley has a free app called 'Ten Minutes a Day Times Tables'.  



Here are some links that might help you learn the 3x and 6x tables. They include some silly songs.


Multiply by 3 (country style)

3x Table with Todd and Ziggy

3x Table Adventure with Professor Doogal

3x Table with Jack Hartmann

3x Table with arrays

Maths Tips and Tricks: 3x Table

3x Table to Moana’s ‘How Far I’ll Go’

BBC Supermovers 3x Table


For the 6x Table or listen to a times table song like Todd and Ziggy or Supermovers.




Telling the time basics         


Digital and analogue time   


The MyMaths apps are great!  Have a look. Start with this one and gradually build your skills with the others.  (You will need your passwords!)

Days In The Month Rap

Learn to Tell Time on a Clock