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w/b 11/1/21

Monday 11th January


Let's start our week with some wake and shake! These are fun to do every day to get us moving.  Click on the link below:

Wake and Shake

There are lots of different ones, just google Wake and Shake go noodle.  Let us know which ones you like best!




We are starting Phase 5 this week.

Our first sound is 'ay'


Click on the link below, which will take you to a Letters and Sounds video. 

Letters and Sounds



These are your spellings for this week, we will have a test on Friday!









Try these for an extra challenge:





Write them on your whiteboard while you're watching the clip or use your yellow book.





We are continuing with White Rose, as we have been in school.  Our next lesson is on comparing number bonds.


Watch the video below:

Comparing number bonds


When you have watched the video, complete page 19 and 20 in your White Rose booklet.





Last week you interviewed someone in your family about their favourite toy.  This week can you interview someone else?  It would be good if it was someone from a different generation e.g. a grandparent.


Use the questions from last week and add some of your own.  Have they still got it?  Can you see a photo of it?

In Murphy Class we have lots of opportunities to be creative and use our construction toys.  Make sure you make time in your day to do this at home too.  We'd love to see anything you make, so why not take a photo and send it to our home learning email address (on our class home page). 


Have you got some Lego at home?  Being as our new topic is 'Toys', this 30 day Lego challenge is perfect!  My children have been enjoying completing them every day too. 

Lego Challenge

Tuesday 12th January





Using the 'ay' words we started learning yesterday, can you put this sentence in the correct order?  

Write it in your yellow books.  


in        We        play        park         the        .


Choose another word from your spelling list and write your own sentence.




On Tuesdays we focus on our writing. 

Choose one of the people you interviewed about their favourite toy. 

Can you make a fact sheet about it?  Have a look at mine below to give you an idea.  You can print out the same template for your own or write in your Yellow Book. 



Remember to use a capital letter at the start of your sentences, full stops at the end and finger spaces between your words!  Use your sound mats to help with sounding out each word.

We would love to see your fact sheets so please email them to us.  We can put some on our webpage to show your classmates too!





Today we are going to work on our number.  

Play Funky Mummy in ICT Games.  Choose a few to play, remember to challenge yourself too!




Watch Moovlee Yoga.  Today we are venturing under the sea!




Have a look on Mrs Fielding's PE page and choose another activity to do too, or go for a walk or bike ride to get your heart beating faster!


Wednesday 13th January




Today, watch Mr Thorne's video:


Mr Thorne


Then complete the 'ay' activity sheet in your phonics pack. 




Today watch the next White Rose video on adding.



Complete pages 21, 22 and 23 in your work booklet.




Now you have found out about two different toys, can you compare them.


What is the same about them?

What is different?  


e.g. what are they made from?  how big are they?


Fill in the sheet below:

Comparing Toys

Thursday 14th January




Go on the Phonics Play website and choose the 'ay' digraph to play a sorting game.


Buried Treasure




Please take advantage of a fantastic reading resource! It is free to download the app and can be used on tablets, phones or computers. There are hundreds of books to read, listen to or simply follow along with. All levels are available too!  We have assigned a collection of books on 'Toys' but you are free to look at as many as you wish!


As a school we expect your child to read at least four times a week but it's better to read everyday to keep those skills sharp. Follow the simple instructions below to set up:

Class Log In Instructions


Your class code:




Have your students open their web browser and 

1. Go to

2. Enter class code SKJ0470

3. Select their name





After opening the Epic app, ask students to:


2. Enter class code SKJ0470

3. Select their name




After opening the Epic app, ask students to:

1. Tap on "Have an account? Sign In," then tap "Students & Educators."

2. Enter class code SKJ0470

3. Select their name


They're all set!

Now your students are ready to explore thousands of books in the Epic library.




Make the dice in your pack!  

Use this dice to play the Gingerbread game in your pack, or one of your choice!



We are practising our typing/keyboard skills.  


Click on the link below if you have access to a keyboard:


BBC Dance Mat


If you don't have access to a keyboard, click on the link to Purple Mash (remember your password is in your Bishops Hull Book of Everything)


Purple Mash - 2 type

Friday 15th January




Today is your spelling test!  Get someone at home to test you.  Here are a reminder of your words:











How did you do?




Today watch the next White Rose video on adding more.






Complete pages 24, 25 and 26 in your work booklet.


Reading Comprehension


You will find a new Reading Comprehension booklet in your pack.  

Complete page 2 - Playtime.


When you have completed the page, please can you write some sentences about what you can see in the picture.  Write these in your yellow book.




Have some fun and sing.

Each week, Out of the Ark Music are releasing two songs for you to sing and enjoy at home. You may be familiar with the first song so sing along. Try to learn the second song.

Click here.