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w/b 1/2/21

Monday 1st February


Hello Everyone!  We hope you are all ok.

Now, this week is going to be a little different.  As a whole school we are going to be taking part in lots of activities linked to a topic called 'Express Yourself'!  If you've got a brother or sister at school too then you will be able to do some of the activities together.

Please follow the days on the class page as normal and we will direct you to another page on the website for the topic and literacy activities for the week.




Our new sound for this week is 'ea'.


Click the link below to take you to this week's Letters and Sounds video:

Letters and Sounds


Practise writing the words on your whiteboard or in your yellow book.

Spellings for this week:










Try and practise your spellings everyday, ready for Friday.



We are continuing with White Rose.  Our next lesson is on counting back.


Watch the video below:




When you have watched the video, complete pages 43, 44 and 45 in your White Rose booklet.


Topic - Express Yourself!


To start our topic week, listen to the story below, recorded by Poppy in Year 6.  Do you like it?  Talk about the characters.  Why are the people sad?  What makes them happy?



Today we are thinking about how we feel.



Click on the link below to take you to the Wellbeing page for today's activities:

The Song for Everyone

Still image for this video

Tuesday 2nd February





Using the ‘ea’ words we started learning yesterday, can you put this sentence in the correct order?  

Write it in your yellow books.  


boat      The      sea       was       the       .       on       





Choose another word from your spelling list and write your own sentence.



Play this game using your dice:


Roll a Sea Monster


First draw a body on a plain piece of paper.  This could be a circle, oval, square - up to you!


Then roll the dice 10 times adding the body part...

1.   an eye

2. a tentacle

3. a tail

4. some scales

5. a mouth

6. a fin

After 10 rolls, what does your sea monster look like?  Maybe you could make another one, will it look the same?


Extra challenge:

Use 2 dice and add them together.  You will need to think of parts of a sea monster to draw if you roll 2-12.


I'd love to see your creatures so do email them in!





Head over to the wellbeing page for today's activity.  Today we will be thinking about healthy ways to express ourselves.  Then you will watch a lovely video of a book called 'The Dot', and complete a fun activity with a dot!

Wednesday 3rd February



Today, watch Mr Thorne's video:


Mr Thorne


Then complete the ‘ea’ activity sheet in your phonics pack. 




Today watch the next White Rose video on finding the difference.





Complete page 46 and 47 in your work booklet.




We hope you are enjoying the different activities this week.

Today we will be thinking about creative things we do to express ourselves.

Click on the link below to take you to today's activities:





Thursday 4th February




Go on the Phonics Play website and choose Phase 5, the 'ea' digraph to play a sorting game.


                                    Picnic on Pluto



Choose two real words and put them into a sentence. Eg sea, tea.

Challenge: Can you make one into a question?

Feel free to have a go at some of the other activities while it is free.





Continue to practise your addition skills by playing Snakes and Ladders to 20 which can be found in your pack. You could play another game that you may have at home like Ludo, Shut the box or cards. They are all fantastic for developing your maths skills!

You could send a picture in to share on our class page!





Explore your Creativity!

Music is also a great way to bring people together. Listen to the story on Bishop’s Hull TV ‘The Song for Everyone’. What did you enjoy about the story?

Music can bring people together in real life watch this video below and see how many people joined in with playing the same piece of music. How many different instruments can you see? Watch to the end and don’t forget to watch the people in the crowd – they express themselves in lots of different ways – what ways can you spot?

What is your favourite song? Which song makes you just want to sing and dance? Find some great songs today and get singing, dancing or both!

Miss Brimble can never resist joining in with this one!

Click below for further information:  

TEAMs meet!

Join us at 1.45 today if you can to say hi to Murphy! Bring your favourite teddy along too! We have missed you so this will be the perfect opportunity to catch up. Just remember to wait quietly as everyone joins us. I may mute you at first but will call a register to give everyone opportunity to say hello and tell us their teddy's name.

Thank you to everyone who joined us today, it was so lovely to see your faces. I think we were all a bit nervous but you all did so well and listened brilliantly. I know it was a long time for you to listen as it was our first session but it will be more interactive next week. 😀 




Friday 5th February




Today is your spelling test!  Get someone at home to test you.  Here are a reminder of your words:










How did you do?





Today watch the next White Rose video on Compare statements (1).

 Complete pages 48 and 49 in your work booklet.


Reading Comprehension


Complete page 5 – What happens next?.


Can you say what you see in each picture? Eg.The boy was feeling tired.

Challenge: You could write these in your yellow book. Maybe pick one scenario to write out.



Pick another story to read or listen to today! We have now read 700 books! Wow!!! What epic readers you all are. Super star readers.



Dress to Express’ Day!

Today we would like you to express yourself by what you wear. Maybe you have a favourite outfit that makes you feel happy when you wear it or a favourite dressing up costume? Perhaps it is just a favourite colour that always makes you feel happy. Whatever it is, today is the day to wear it and feel happy in it.

Head over to the Wellbeing page to find out more. You may even find some very funny photos of people you know!


Click below for further information:  


What a fun week, I hope you've had as much fun as we've had?




We have put together a new pack for you to use after half term. Please could you collect these from the office tomorrow or next Monday if you are able to. Mrs Derbidge will deliver some next week if you can’t. Just let us know when you collect your packs if you need another yellow book too!

Thank you!

Head over to Bishop’s Hull TV to see a video of all the photos that have been sent in. Thank you for all your hard work Mrs David and Miss Brimble! What an amazing week!