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w/b 18/1/21

Monday 18th January


Let's start a new week with some wake and shake! These are fun to do every day to get us moving.  Click on the link below:

Wake and Shake





We are continuing with Phase 5 this week.

Our second sound is 'ou'


Click on the link below, which will take you to a Letters and Sounds video. 

Letters and Sounds




These are your spellings for this week, we will have a test on Friday.










Try these for an extra challenge:





If the words are too tricky, just practice one or two and then practice these key words:






Practice writing them on your whiteboard.




We are continuing with White Rose.  Our next lesson is using number bonds.


Watch the video below:




When you have watched the video, complete pages 27 and 28 in your White Rose booklet.

If you would like an extension activity, try Topmarks - Hit the Button - see how quickly you can solve the number bonds, can you beat your score?

First try bonds to 10, then 20.  You can also try doubles and halves.





Click the link to listen to a story called ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’.  After you have listened to the story, pause the video on the inside cover. 


Read through these questions with a grown up and talk about the answers:

  1. Which is your favourite toy?
  2. Which do you think is the oldest?
  3. Are any of them broken?


Bunting is in charge in the museum.  He looks very smart, doesn’t he?  Can you use some adjectives to describe him?


Remember adjectives are describing words.

e.g. stripy suit, long whiskers…


Either print out the picture of Bunting below or write straight into your Yellow book. 



Can you collect 6 different toys? 


Can you sort them into 2 groups?  How? 

Here are some ideas:

  • hard toys and soft toys
  • moveable toys and not moveable


Can you think of some of your own ways to sort? 

Now can you sort them according to what they are made from?

plastic, metal, wooden, fabric


How did you know which group to put them in?  Can you describe the materials with a grown up?


Maybe you could take a photo and send it to us showing us how you have sorted them?



Tuesday 19th January





Using the ‘ou’ words we started learning yesterday, can you put this sentence in the correct order?  

Write it in your yellow books.  


found     My     a      dog    .    stick


A good tip for this activity is to write each part of the sentence on a piece of paper and move into the correct order first, then copy it out!


Choose another word from your spelling list and write your own sentence.




Listen to the story again. 

What toys can you remember seeing?


Write 3 or 4 sentences about what you can see in the museum.

For example:

In the museum I can see a little, wooden train.

I can see….




Today we are going to work on our number.  Using the die you made last week, can you roll it twice and add the numbers together? 

4 + 2 = 6

5 + 4 = 9


For a trickier challenge, try subtracting the smaller number e.g.

5 – 1 = 4

6 – 5 = 1


If you are up for an even trickier challenge, try rolling your dice 3 times and add the numbers together?

Write the number sentences on your whiteboard. 


Then play another dice game from your pack.






Today, listen to the BBC Sounds – Let’s Move and join in with the movements. Today you are using your body to make rhythm.

Please head over to Mrs Fielding’s Get Active page for more fun activities for all the family.




Wednesday 19th January




Today, watch Mr Thorne's video:


Mr Thorne


Then complete the ‘ou’ activity sheet in your phonics pack. 




Today watch the next White Rose video on finding a part.





Complete pages 29, 30 and 31 in your work booklet.


Some of you have an extension booklet in your pack so try one of these during the week too.  They are to help with reasoning skills.




Can you retell the story 'Lost in the Toy Mueseum'?  What key events can you remember?  Play the story again, but mute it and see if you can remember what is happening.

If you can, print out the pictures below and put them in the correct order.  Can you write the time connectives next to each picture:

first, then, next, after that, finally


If you haven't got a printer then can you look at the pictures and number them 1-5 and write the time connectives in your yellow book?

Sequencing activity



In 'Lost in the Museum', the toys play a game of hide and seek.  Could you hide one of your toys and direct someone in your family to find it?  Use the words hotter and colder!  Maybe you could take it in turns.


We sorted toys on Monday, today have a go at the sorting activity below.


Thursday 14th January

Epic reading!

Wow! Murphy class have read over 50 books in a week!

It’s fantastic to see so many of you reading. 

Epic stars of the week are: Benjamin, Esme, Albie, Charlie and Amelia- all read over 10 books each! 

Alfie W and Jaydee have read over 20 each!!! 


Make sure you log in a few times a week using our class code:


 Up-date: We have now read over 150 books! Super reading Murphy class. 



Go on the Phonics Play website and choose the 'ou' digraph to play a game to sort the real and nonsense words.


Dragon's Den




 Play the Dice Addition 4 in a row game in your packs.





We are continuing to practise our typing/keyboard skills. Spend 20 minutes developing your skills. Start another row if you are ready to! 


Click on the link below if you have access to a keyboard:


BBC Dance Mat


If you don't have access to a keyboard, click on the link to Purple Mash (remember your password is in your Bishops Hull Book of Everything)


Purple Mash - 2 type


RE- God

Today children are looking at the Bible and why it is special to Christians.

What is the Bible? Puppet Jack finds out.

What is so special about the Bible?- children -

This interactive video to the Bible is useful too! Click here.


Write out these questions and answer them in your yellow book. Parents could write the title and questions to help you if needed. 

Title- RE-God

What is the Bible?

Why do Christians think it is so important?

Do you have a Bible you can look at at home? Draw a picture of it.


Friday 15th January




Today is your spelling test!  Get someone at home to test you.  Here are a reminder of your words:










 How did you do?





Today watch the next White Rose video on how many left.






Complete pages 32, 33 and 34 in your work booklet.


Reading Comprehension/Science


Reading Comprehension booklet in your pack.  

Complete page 3 - Where do they live?


When you have completed the page, click here to find out more about different habitats eg. polar, woodland.



Have a go at singing this weeks songs on ‘Out of The Ark’

Click here - Join the song and Writing!