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w/b 25/1/21

Monday 25th January

Hello!  How are you all?  We hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy the sunshine! Did any of you see any snow?


Thank you for sending in photos of the things you have been doing at home, it’s so lovely to see all your faces!



Let’s start our week with some wake and shake.  Click the link below:

Wake and Shake





Our new sound for this week is ‘ie’


Watch the Letters and Sounds clip below:


Letters and Sounds


Spellings for this week:








Extra challenge:






We are continuing with White Rose and our learning on subtraction. 


Watch the video below:





When you have watched the video, complete pages 35 and 36 in your White Rose booklet.





Listen to the story ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ from last week.  Do you like the story?


Your activity today is to complete the missing words and phrases in the story.


Write in your yellow book or print out the sheet below.  Remember to try and sound out the words yourself, using your sound mats to help you. 

Complete the story activity



Using a bag or just close your eyes, can you feel an object e.g. a toy and guess what it is made from?  How do you know?


I thought you might enjoy an investigation today.  Have a go at either of these below and let me know how you get on.


Tuesday 26th January





Using the ‘ie’ words we started learning yesterday, can you put this sentence in the correct order?  

Write it in your yellow books.  


tie   Bunting    a     wore    smart    .


A good tip for this activity is to write each part of the sentence on a piece of paper and move into the correct order first, then copy it out!


Choose another word from your spelling list and write your own sentence.




Today we are going to change parts of the story of ‘Lost in the Museum’.

Think about who you would like as the main character. 

Are they going to be in a toy museum or somewhere else?

Where will the toys be hiding?


Have a look at how I have changed the story, and then click on the page below to take you to the activity.





Have you got a cake tin at home?!  Have a go at this activity with your dice:



Some of you have a reasoning pack so pick one of these to do today.  If you would like an extension then use Topmarks Hit the Button and practice bonds to 10 and 20 and doubles.




Click on the link to take you to a yoga activity:





Keeping Healthy – watch the video about eating healthily.


Healthy Eating 

You will need to talk through your ideas and answers with a grown up.



Can you design a healthy meal? Click on the activity below or draw your own healthy meal in your Yellow book.



Wednesday 27th January




Today, watch Mr Thorne's video:


Mr Thorne


Then complete the ‘ie’ activity sheet in your phonics pack. 




Today watch the next White Rose video on finding a part.





Complete pages 37, 38 and 39 in your work booklet.






Today we are going to write our story.

You can choose how to do this! 

Option 1:

Using your plan from yesterday, write a sentence for each part of the story.  Remember to use adjectives to describe your characters, if you can!  Don't forget capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and use your sound mat to help with spellings.


Option 2:

Using your plan from yesterday, draw a picture to show each part of your story and write a caption underneath each one.  You can use the template below if you would like:


If you need more space for your writing you can use your yellow book to write the captions and cut out or draw your pictures.

This activity may take more than one day to complete so spread it out over the rest of the week if needed.  Encourage your child to sound out each word and don't worry if the words are not all spelt correctly.



Do you remember in the Autumn we took a photograph of the tree in the playground?  Can you remember what it looked like?

Have a look at the photo below to remind you.



I’ve taken another photo, look at how it has changed!  Which season are we in now?  What has happened to the leaves?



Do you remember we talked about trees that don’t lose their leaves?  What are they called? 

That's right, evergreen! And trees which do lose their leaves are called deciduous.


Have you got any trees near you which are deciduous and evergreen?


Listen to the song below:

Brainy Songs


Have a go at the activity below or draw a deciduous tree and an evergreen tree in your Yellow book.




We would like as many photos as possible of children doing the things they enjoy for our Mental Health Week next week (February 1st) - what makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing that makes you, you?


Please send all photos or videos to with the subject title EXPRESS YOURSELF - Murphy by Wednesday 3rd February.


Thank you.

Thursday 28th January

 Congratulations Murphy class, you really are ‘Epic’ readers- you have now read 325 books! Mrs Jenkins and I are super proud.

Can we get to 400?



Go on the Phonics Play website and choose Phase 5, the 'ie' digraph to play a sorting game.


                                    Picnic on Pluto



Choose two real words and put them into a sentence. Eg tie, lie.

Challenge: Can you make one into a question?



Continue to practise your subtraction. Find up to 10 objects at home and take some away. Write some of your number sentences in your yellow book. Eg. 8-3 = 5


Now play this subtraction game by clicking here .





It is important to stay safe when online. The internet can be an exciting place to learn and have fun, but sometimes you might see something online that makes you feel worried, scared or sad.

If that happens, tell an adult you trust like a parent or a teacher, and they can help.

Watch the videos on ‘watching videos’ and read about ‘sharing personal information’ on Thinkuknow.

You could design a poster and send it into us to share.



Today we find out about a story in the Old Testament called the creation story.

Watch this video where Jack investigates objects that are ‘God made’ or ‘man made’.   

In your yellow books write the title- ‘Creation’

Draw pictures of the things God created over the 7 days.


Friday 29th January




Today is your spelling test!  Get someone at home to test you.  Here are a reminder of your words:








Extra challenge:




How did you do?





Today watch the next White Rose video on Fact families.





Complete pages 40, 41 and 42 in your work booklet.


Reading Comprehension


Complete page 4 – At the beach.


When you have completed the page, please write some sentences about what you like to do at the beach.  Write these in your yellow book.



Sing along with the two songs this week on Out of the Ark- Just Sing and Make a difference.

Forest School


This weekend is the Big Garden Bird Watch.  Take a look at Miss Brimble's Forest School page for some fun activities to do this weekend.