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W/b 4/1/21

Tuesday 5th January




What did you have for Christmas? Print out the stocking below or draw on plain paper some of the things you had for Christmas.  Can you label them too?

If you'd like an extra challenge, write a sentence about your favourite present.

What did you have for Christmas?



Click on the link below to take you to a fun ordering activity.  Challenge yourself by choosing numbers over 10 to sequence too.


Topmarks - Caterpillar ordering





Watch the tricky word song below.  Can you pause the video and practise writing the tricky words?


Tricky Word song





Have a look on the Oxford Owl website below to find lots of free online stories suitable for each level.  You will need to create a log in.

Wednesday 6th January




We are going to recap a few of the Phase 4 sounds this week.

The first sound is 'ai', watch the Espresso video and play the sorting activity.



Sorting activity


Log in - student3792

password - t****y (clue - Christmas)



Choose a couple of the counting activities from Espresso.  There are lots of fun games to play.


Espresso - counting activities




Our new topic for this half term is Toys.


Please can you ask either your mum or dad or one of your grandparents about their favourite toy?  We will find out about some more family members next week!


Either print out or write the answers on paper.  You can write the answers together.  Can you think of your own question too?


Toys questionnaire

Thursday 7th January




Watch the video below and write the words, adding the sound buttons like in the video.


er video








Draw and label the toy you found out about yesterday.  Can you find a picture of it on the internet or have you seen a photo of it?





Choose a different activity on Espresso.  Try a missing number activity.


Espresso - counting activities 

Friday 8th January




We are looking at the 'ow' sound today.


Can you sort these words into real and nonsense?  Write them in two groups.


cow     down     clow    frown     flowq     town      chowp     brown      stowd








Find 20 objects at home e.g. pencils, coins, small toys.


Split them into two groups to make a bond to 20.


e.g. 18 + 2 = 20 


If this is too tricky, try bonds to 10.




What is your favourite toy?  


Can you draw it?


Why is it special to you?  Write a sentence or two about it.  Don't forget your lovely handwriting with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.