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w/b 8/2/21

Remember that you can collect your new packs from the office today!

Monday 8th February


Hello!  We hope you all enjoyed our Express Yourself week.  Thank you to all those who sent in photos and videos of things you love doing.  If you haven't seen the video yet, then head over to the Bishops Hull TV page.  It is fab!


Let’s start our week with some Superhero wake and shake.  Click the link below:


Wake and Shake





Our new sound for this week is ‘oy’


Watch the Letters and Sounds clip below


Letters and Sounds




Spellings for this week:









Extra challenge:





Can you read these tricky words:

Write them on paper to make flash cards.


people    Mr      Mrs      looked      called 



We are continuing with White Rose.  Our next lesson is on completing statements.


Watch the video below:





When you have watched the video, complete pages 50 and 51 in your White Rose booklet.





Today, I would like you to log in to Epic and find the book ‘Toys 100 years ago’. 

Remember our class log in is SKJ0470

When you have read the book, please can you answer the quiz questions at the end.


Can you also have a go at answering these questions, write the answers in your yellow book:


  1. What were most toys made of?
  2. What were teddy bears stuffed with?
  3. What is tin?  Use the glossary to help you.
  4. What did most girls play with?




If you have some chalk or masking tape, could you make your own hopscotch grid (outside if you are using chalk!) and play with your family?

This was a very popular game during Victorian times.

Tuesday 9th February





Using the ‘oy’ words we started learning yesterday, can you put this sentence in the correct order?  

Write it in your yellow books.  


enjoy    ?    Did     new     the     toy     you      



Choose another word from your spelling list and write your own sentence.




With a grown up, can you make a thaumatrope or a spinning top?  Look at the information below to help you!


Take a photo of what you have made and send it in, we’d love to see it.


If you’d like to, maybe you could make both. 





Play this Lego subtraction game today.


To start with make a tower of 10 or for an extra challenge make a tower of 20 with your lego or other building blocks.



Roll your dice and take the amount away.  Can you write the equation on your whiteboard?

20 – 3 = 17

17 – 4 = 13 ….


Play this game with someone else and see who takes away all their bricks first!






Click on the link for Moovlee and Boogie with Oti today.  You can choose which to do or do both!




Boogie with Oti


And don't forget to look at Mrs Fielding's Get Active page.  She has added some more fun activities, including one to learn how to juggle!


Safer Internet Day


Today is Safer Internet Day.  This half term we are thinking about the information we find on the internet.

Click on the link below to take you to PurpleMash which has a section with activities for Safer Internet Day. Remember your log in details are in your Book of Everything.


You can also watch the videos below with your child:


KS1 Reliability


KS1 Reliability video 2


TEAMS Meeting - Today at 1.45!!


We look forward to seeing lots of you again this week.  Don't forget to have two pieces of paper ready, one with a large green tick and one with a red cross for a game we are going to play!


Thank you!


Thank you to all those who joined our TEAMs meeting this week.  It was lovely to see so many of you!

I'm sorry we seemed to have a few technical issues to begin with and I apologise if I didn't get chance to speak to you all properly.

We look forward to another meeting after half term.

Wednesday 10th February




Today, watch Mr Thorne's video:


Mr Thorne


Then complete the ‘oy’ activity sheet in your phonics pack. 





Today have a go at this subtraction game below:



Then have a look at the BBC Number bonds video


Now complete page 52 in your workbook today and page 53 on Friday as there is quite a lot to cover in one session.  You will then have completed your booklet!  Well done everyone for working so hard!




Hopefully you have all made a paper toy.  Today we would like you to write some instructions to help someone else make one. 

Have a look at mine below to give you an idea. 


You will then have 3 options! 

Template 1 has some missing words for you to fill in next to the photos.

Template 2 has boxes for you to write your own instructions to match the photos.

Template 3 has boxes for you to write instructions and spaces for you to draw or add your own pictures.


If you'd like an extra challenge, then use your yellow book to draw and write your own instructions.


Remember when we write instructions we need to use:

  • time connectives - first, next, then…
  • bossy verbs – put, get, tie…


See if you can spot these in my instructions below.

Mrs Jenkins' instructions



Watch the Magic Grandad clip below to find out some more things about Victorian Toys.


Magic Grandad


First challenge:

Can you draw 2 or 3 of the toys you saw in the clip? 


Second challenge:

Can you label them?


Third challenge:

Can you explain how to play them?



Thursday 11th February


Spend some time reading or listening to a book, this could be on Epic if you wish.

Our class have read more than 800 books!!!!! 




Go on the Phonics Play website and choose Phase 5, the 'oy' digraph to play a sorting game.


                                    Picnic on Pluto



Choose two real words and put them into a sentence. Eg boy, toy.

Challenge: Can you make one into a question?



Play your ‘Addition to 20- School bus ride’ game in your packs.

Now play this addition to 10 or 20 on Hit the Button by clicking here .





We are continuing to practise our typing/keyboard skills. This is an on-going skill and works best if you do it little and often. 20 minutes each session is plenty. It's good to practise typing your name too! Remember a capital letter!


Click on the link below if you have access to a keyboard:


BBC Dance Mat


If you don't have access to a keyboard, click on the link to Purple Mash (remember your password is in your Bishops Hull Book of Everything)


Purple Mash - 2 type



Write the date and this title in your yellow book- Christians believe that God expects humans to care for His world because it belongs to God.

Listen to this song – What’s it worth, planet earth?

Now write ‘I listened to the song ‘What’s it worth planet earth’. We can help look after our earth by….. List a few examples .Eg.

  • Recycling

Or you could do this as a poster in your yellow book.


Friday 12th February




Today is your spelling test!  Get someone at home to test you.  Here are a reminder of your words:










How did you do?



 Today finish the number bonds table on P52 and 53. Then you could have another play on Hit the button or Maths shed is great for number bonds too! Your Maths shed passwords are in your Bishop’s Hull Book of Everything. Practise number bonds to 10 or try to 20 if you are confident.


 Reading Comprehension


Complete pages 6 and 7 – Finish the group and What is for dinner.


Can you talk about what is happening in each picture on P7?

Challenge: Write a sentence for each picture in your yellow book.


Sing along with the two songs this week in Out of the Ark

Joyful and Coordination Funk.


Have a fantastic half term Murphy class. We hope to see you all soon!