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Wednesday 10th February

Wednesday 10th February


We are currently following the White Rose Hub units. 


Subtracting Money page 22-25

Spr3.5.1 - Subtract money

Maths Extension


Today have a go at this problem..........


You can also go onto MathShed and practice your times-tables and their inverse.

Click here for a link to the website, you log in through Edshed. 



On a Wednesday we will be working for our Collins English Workbooks.


Today I would like the white sticker group to work on page 28-29 looking at prefixes and suffixes. Remember to read it carefully to help you understand what the text is saying.  You also get to be the teacher today!


Today I would like the no sticker group to work on page 14-15 on suffixes and if you are feeling like more challenge try page 12-13 on prefixes.  This should also help us with our weekly spellings as we do have suffixes and prefixes most of the time for our spelling patterns.


The second part of today's activity is to practice your handwriting.  Click here for a Google Classroom video for your handwriting.  It will also show you your activity!

Read Write Inc

For your spelling’s today, you are going to do your unit 9 spelling test but this time it will take place through Google Classrooms!  Click here for a link to the page where you can have a go at the test!  Remember to watch the videos of the spelling so that you know which order they are in.  I will then be able to give you some feedback on this!

Then afterwards have a look at our new spellings. 


This week we are now on unit 10 adding the suffix -ian.

They are -








Why not have a go at writing them out as a poster and then hanging the poster somewhere in your house, so that you can keep practicing them!


I would like you to spend some time every day reading your reading book or any book you are enjoying.  It is great to read to others but it is also good to do some independent reading!  Maybe you could send in some book reviews that we could share on our webpage!

REMEMBER, we now have a great website called GetEpic!  It would be wonderful to see you using that as well!



Today we are going to be continuing to look at our work from yesterday on Stonehenge! 


Here is what you need to do - 


Continue to create your own Stonehenge!  This may be a drawing or a model or even made out of food.  However, I would also like you to create a brochure for your creation, advertising visiting Stonehenge.  Why should people visit?  Why is it so important?  What did it use to look like?   Below is a great link to the BBC Bitesize webpage where there is a video which shows how Stonehenge changed over time and it will give you a great basis for creating your own!  


Click here to take you to BBC Bitesize for a video all about Stonehenge.  It also has some other intriguing facts about this creation!