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Week 10th - 14th January

Tuesday 11th January


Cube Numbers

Watch the video lesson and then complete the worksheet.




1. Click on the spelling star. Learn how to spell the list of adjectives that end - ent. 

2. Write a sentence for each word on the list. Try and include some sentences that have a relative clause. Click on the 'Grammar and Punctuation' star for ideas.



Define a force.

Describe the effect forces can have on an object.

Name the forces acting on a range of objects.

Work through LESSON 1. Click here to find the lesson..

Wednesday 12th January


Watch the video lesson and then complete the worksheet.


Aut5.9.3 - Multiply by 10

Multiply by 10


Comma worksheet. Place commas correctly in each sentence.


Jazz -pulse and rhythm

We are learning about jazz in our music lessons. Watch the video clip and try singing the song.

Thursday 13th January



Last term, we learnt about continents and oceans. Can you remember how many there are and their names?


Test your knowledge on this interactive game here, here and there's more here.


When introducing our topic on Ancient Greece, we looked at finding countries in Europe. Can you find Greece on a globe or a map of Europe?


The document below has a map of Europe and an activity sheet asking you to list the country names. The first letter is given so have fun and see how many you can remember!

(Don't write on the sheet just yet.)


Here is an interactive game to help you check your knowledge.


Now use an atlas or the web-pages to help you name the countries. Take care with your spelling.



Watch the video lesson and then complete the worksheet.

Aut5.11.1 - Measure perimeter


Read the text about volcanoes around the world and then answer the questions. Remember to punctuate your sentences accurately.

Friday 14th January


Watch the video lesson and then complete the worksheet.



Multiply by 100


Mrs Payne has reviewed a book called Jungle Drop by Abi Elphinstone. Click on the READING STAR and read the review.

Choose a book you have read and enjoyed recently. Write a review. You might like to share it with the class when you return to school.



Draw a picture of one of the characters in the book. Use colours.


 Enjoy listening to Michael Morpurgo read ' Coming Home'.

Michael Morpurgo reading Coming Home | Waitrose

Michael Morpurgo reads his book Coming Home, the story of a courageous robin undertaking an epic journey home to Britain, where a young girl eagerly awaits h...